A Letter To Sakura Saunders- You Disgust Me!

Sakura Saunders (top right) and other members of Occupy Toronto’s Activistocrats…

Dear Sakura,

I’ve been disappointed with you since you first started telling lies about me– but, that I can handle. I understand how people inside of your cult can’t help yourselves when you have been criticised. But, it was sad to see how you and your friends killed the soul of Occupy Toronto

I was more disappointed when I learned how people like you and Judy Rebick lent support to con artist Kevin Annett. His lies have caused a lot of pain to the people of the Six Nations community- it was totally unfair to have helped him propagate these lies.

And, I was thoroughly disappointed how you called a man a racist yesterday because his views differed from yours on the subject of immigration. But, we all know that wasn’t the whole story. You tried to label him this way because he was swimming against the stream of how you want to pervert Occupy Toronto. This is your standard modus operandi when it comes to dealing with dissent…

But, after your actions today, I am thoroughly disgusted by you Sakura- you are a sick and demented person…

What was it that made me feel this way? Here, have a look:

You weren’t there when Angela got beat-up by the police. In fact, to my knowledge, you never showed-up to support the people who were camping behind Osgoode Hall after I helped them secure a space there. I’ve heard from others that you have talked-down to and about those who were there. So, what gives you the right to try and capitalize off of their pain?

Beyond that, in this comment, you are cheapening the concept of discrimination by trying to use it as a political weapon. Ultimately, this sort of ignorance will result having real cases ignored- people get desensitised when they see stuff like this.

You should feel deeply ashamed of yourself Sakura…

Your behaviour has been the antithesis of the Occupy movement. You are a dark, sick, dangerous person Sakura. If Occupy Toronto has truly reached its sell-by date, it is because of people like you.

Get help.


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  1. notice her effort to find some sort of card to play? As if this is a “transgendered” issue. :( Whatever excuse best serves them they will use it.

    1. Behaviour like this cheapens the work of the 100’s of thousands of people who have spent their lives fighting against discrimination.

      It makes me want to puke…

    • Occultpie Myass on July 5, 2012 at 01:17
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    This is a common tactic that they use and is a great example of the oppurtunistic and manipulative behaviour that Sakura and her fellow “activists” posess. They are out to make a name for themselves and to exploit people and situations as they see fit.

    Hey Sakura, did you ever even bother asking Angela if it is okay to speak about her gender identity or if she would even want to make this “framed as a trans woman issue”? These people think that they are gods and that they know best. They are very sick individuals who hunger for and seek out fame.

    1. Great question- I’ll write Angela now and ask her…

      1. yes. We did ask, and Angela totally agreed that it was a transgender issue as well. Also, I (Sakura) visited the Osgoode encampment before Angela was beaten (alice was there and thanked me for coming), and afterwards, and when they were at Riverside Park. This blog is complete lies.

        1. What happened to Angela had nothing to do with her being transgender. Everything happened in a split second, the police were reacting to a situation- this was not a gender and/or sexuality issue. I doubt they would have time to make the decision based on gender- they were fighting with multiple people. It was a shit show.

          • F*#%$ Rich Brats on September 5, 2012 at 09:53
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          Interesting, Sakura, why is it then, that you insist on speaking for other people? Why do you think that you know what is best for people who are marginalized? What gives you the authority or the real life lived experience to be the self proclaimed spokesperson? You take on a very priveleged and entitled role seeking to make yourself of utmost importance while feeding your insatiable ego. You also have the gall to ask for donations from people, for example a new tablet (super expensive) when you already are well off and come from a wealthy family. Lay back on your vacations and then buy yourself luxury items instead of trying to manipulate others to give you cash. The fake smile that you wear plastered to your face as you make your speeches of grandeur makes me nacious. Please get over yourself as you are doing more damage than you could ever realize. Take a huge step back and give your unearned power to the people!

          1. Yes, indeed, check your Activistocrat privilege Sakura…

          2. @richbrats: I actually try to speak as little for people as possible, and instead raise funds so that community representatives can speak for and represent their communities in Canada, where the mining companies that impact them are based. I organize a conference every year –with a group of volunteers – that prides itself on having directly impacted communities represented, as opposed to NGO representatives. I also live off less than 12,000 a year, and me and my husband live at his parents house to avoid having to pay rent. Getting to spend as much time as I do volunteering is a privilege, I know, but I also make sacrifices to maintain this lifestyle. I also benefit from a large community of people that think that my work is worthwhile and support me, and give me money so that I am able to have community members fly to Canada and represent themselves to the media and to the companies directly. sincerely, sakura

            1. Nobody asked you how much money you make. The question is where does your organization’s money come from- for both NoII and Protest Barrick. If you can’t be transparent about the forces behind your organizations, how do you expect people to embrace them? (I said people, sheeple maybe…)

            • smarter than you'll ever be on September 6, 2012 at 11:52
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            Sakura, so then, you ARE claiming these gifts of money on your tax return right? Look call a spade a spade and admit it, your a professional protestor, a hired gun if you will for whom ever will pay your freight. Like most professional protestors, you have likely accomplished little to nothing in your life and do what you do now because you are pissed of at seeing everyone around you have something to show for what they EARNED while you , being a spoiled little rich kid who wanted everything handed to you, accomplished nothing. Now, you are simply getting back at those who refused to fall prey to your lack of ambition.

          • F*#%$ Rich Brats on September 5, 2012 at 10:16
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          Oh and one more thing Sakura your statement on facebook that the author of this post so genorously provided via screenshot clearly reveals that you had not been given consensus from Angela to make this issue about what you decided to exploit it as. It is all about “I, I, I” You are a complete liar Sakura, as soon as you all could no longer get any use out of those who were arrested that day, you all dropped them and their issues like a hot potato. As a matter of fact, they were almost completely isolated and ignored when they were at Osgood and later when they camped elsewhere. In fact, when you and your cronies decided to make the meetings non-concensus and completely change the “rules” with no input from others, you explicitly excluded those very people from your meetings and they were completely betrayed and abandoned. I can’t believe the deciet that continues on.

          1. Didn’t the unions pay for Sakura and friends to stay at the Sheraton?

            • brotherwolf1 on September 6, 2012 at 11:55
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            Greg, yes, the unions gave her and her fa-schill-itators a decent few weeks , all expenses paid. Nothing like being two faced and saying on one hand how you support those in need while staying at a three hundred dollar a night hotel and not have an expense to pay for.

    • Brotherwolf1 on July 5, 2012 at 12:20
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    … Wow, where to start.

    It appears to me that Ms. Saunders needs to know where SHE stands on issues before she make accusations about the stance of others. Case in point. She loves to protest Barrak Gold, yet, she is a shareholder in that same company. Now , this may make sense to hold shares to gain access to their meetings, receive newsletters and company profiles. However, if she was to act on her own premiss that corporations were this hugely evil entity that must be eliminated, she , by her own premiss would not want anything to do with any corporation. She loves her MAC computer, she loves to travel as she can clearly afford it, she love her designer cloths, but claims to hate corporations, Sakura, unless you flap your arms really hard and fast, my guess is that you use corporations like airlines to jet set around the world.

    With respects to her comments about person being racists, Well, just look at the source and one can see fairly quickly how fast her claimed facts go down the proverbial toilet. She is nothing but a self serving , self centered angry young lady who is full of herself and has no concept of reality, Why should she, She had everything handed to her. She claims to fight discrimination, yet she is a key oppressor of those who even think about opposing her twisted views . She supports criminality and those who perpetuate these crimes such as Alex Hundert, holding people like him up to hero status , yet, they get to fester in prison fro crimes they committed. Sorry but my hero’s are not convicted criminals Sakura.

    Sakura loves to play the race card, as it suits her agenda yet, has clearly no concept of the damage she does when she lowers herself to this level.

    Lastly, I love how she loves to post her little ” warning ” posts about others, yet, has no ability , or desire to offer so much as an atom of proof to support her claims . She is, sadly, a very sad case . I really hope will one day find some happiness in her life as clearly, she appears to lack this at this stage of her life. I think that if she put as much time and energy into doing something productive and positive, she can make a HUGE difference and have real ability to evoke positive , meaningful change. She is quick smart but fails to utilize her gift of intelligence.

    1. Sakura is a sick individual indeed. She plays by ‘union rules’- meaning, she will do whatever it takes to try and discredit those who disagree with her. Fortunately, this is becoming obvious to people now. Let’s hope that the remaining people of Occupy Toronto finally ask her to stop…

    2. frank aka brotherwolf is just upset because I did offer proof to fellow occupiers that he can’t be trusted as an ally for Immigrant rights actions. The background is that he was asking for information about a secret action that was to take place at an MP’s office. I simply posted a screenshot of another post by Frank where he was saying that if immigrants didn’t like it here, they could just go home (basically arguing against them demanding rights in Canada.) This comment by Frank, I thought, was relevant to him being trusted with sensitive information about an migrant rights action. A no brainer really. This entire blog is filled with lies meant to undermine organizers involved with Occupy Toronto, specifically those with enough respect to hold influence. I hope that no one believes what is said here. they offer no proof. also, for the record… I don’t buy new clothing as a rule, I traveled last year on my honeymoon, which I turned into a work-trip to visit Barrick mines in Tanzania, and I only own one share of Barrick Gold so that I can give impacted-communities the means to get into their meetings.

      1. Correction Sakura. You were offering ‘proof’ that Frank can’t be trusted as an ally for “Occupy”, not only for newcomer rights. Your closeness to newcomers makes me uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be better if they had the time to examine the full perspective of Canadian politics before they got hard-sold on an ideology?

        Or, are newcomers first-come-first-serve for political movements? You wouldn’t want that, would you?

        1. i just wanted to respond to say that i mis-wrote in my original post when I said that this blog only attacked influential people at Occupy. I meant to say that it attacked influential people at Occupy who dared to openly advocate that Greg be barred from meetings. It is pure revenge, even though we had legitimate reasons to ban him, as agreed to by over 90% of the GA (and I note that he was banned before the GA switched locations!). Someone had to step up and give the reasons though, and I was one of those people. Everything else, the stuff about protestbarrick being funded by soros, the stuff about me not caring about the continual occupiers, the stuff about me being maoist (?!), the stuff about me having any connection to George Soros… that’s all lies and misrepresentations. With Brotherwolf… I never said that he should be banned.. just that he shouldn’t be trusted for actions involving migrant justice or Indigenous sovereignty, because I had seen him write things that indicated he did not support these things. But it is obvious to me that some of the writing you find in the comments section is a result of that. That’s the truth.. and I just hope that the readers can see it for what it is.

          1. Sakura. Can you please explain these ‘valid’ reasons for me being barred from a radically inclusive organization? When your inner circle started working towards getting me thrown out, I’d not done a single thing to offend anyone here. In fact, I was contributing positive ideas that people liked.

            As for writing about people who don’t agree with me? Well, I have to disagree with you Sakura. I write about people who acted badly- I have been chronicling their foibles in the hope that future movements can understand what not to do. Your assumption is misguided.

            I’m sure you remember this GA you are talking about- you gave a lovely hate speech during it. I’ve captured it here, and outlined the places where you weren’t telling the truth. Can you please respond to that too?


            Now, I’ve never said that you are connected to Soros- I said that you’ve worked for some Soros funded organizations. Please don’t twist words, much appreciated.

            Once more, you didn’t imply that Brotherwolf shouldn’t be trusted for ‘migrant justice or indigenous sovereignty’. You said that Occupiers shouldn’t trust him- I have the screenshots and can post them on a new article if you would like. Regardless, what you said was preposterous. Brotherwolf is a man who can be trusted entirely- I’d trust him with my life (and have more than once).

            And, as for indigenous sovereignty, I’d recommend you are someone who can’t be trusted. Regardless of if you follow Maoism, Taoism, Bagism, Shagism, Dragism or Madism- the indigenous people don’t you need to sell them an ideology. You are the person who was chanting out socialist logos from a May Day parade trailer with red flags flying on it – right? The same goes for newcomers- they don’t need you to sell them your ‘isms’…

            Besides that- weren’t you promoting Kevin Annett? If you cared about indigenous people, wouldn’t you be atoning for that mistake right now by helping to get the word out about him? If you aren’t, why aren’t you?

            Perhaps had you spent a little less time trying to exclude people, and more time trying to include them, things wouldn’t have worked out the way that they did. Think about it Sakura, you’ve got a brain on your shoulders…

          2. ok. the valid reasons are that you have a history of harassing organizers (sending over a thousands direct messages to Harsha, for example), even to the point of calling employers, potential employers, parole officers, higher ups, and the police on activists. You dig the internet looking for embarrassing things to publicize about anyone who dares to oppose you. By doing this, you create a space where people feel uncomfortable. Take me for example, I stand up to you at a meeting, and I get vague and repeated attacks on my character for it. You lie directly about many things (my father, my employment, my political ideology, etc.), but more than that.. you make vague character assessments (i’m sick, i disgust you, etc.) which show up on google searches linked to my name. I have considered many times a libel suit, in fact.

            I actually agree with you that it is more effective to organize without wearing your political ideology on your shoulder, which is what I do. The Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, which I founded, is a group that is comprised of folks from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom don’t even have a particular ideology that they would call their own. I suppose more than anything I identify as a human rights activist, though even that term I have issues with.

            Anyways.. I certainly would not have gone to GAs anymore if you were to be there. You are a bully, on and offline, and I am happy to limit my interactions with you. I hope for your own sake that you reflect on how your actions and behaviour causes you to be excluded from spaces. You undermine yourself when you act this way; you are only hurting yourself.

            sincerely, sakura

          3. Oh Sakura, you are so misguided. Nobody ever sent 1000’s of messages to Harsha Walia. She and I had an interaction on Facebook (about 16 messages), and we did have interactions on Twitter a couple of times- but, you have fallen to the mercy of the rumour mill it seems.

            I’ve never called anyone’s potential employer- please tell me who said this and when if you wish me to take your allegation seriously. Yes, I’ve called the police and a parole officer- but, only after being assaulted. And, after a mental health worker wrote to 20 people on Cortes Island with lies about my being dangerous and violent, I did contact the head of the Health Authority. I felt that was an obligation, to make sure other people don’t face the same in the future. The health authority apologized, and I’ll bet that is the last time that person misuses their authority.

            Now, you have never stood-up to me in a meeting, because we’ve never been at a meeting together Sakura. So, not sure what you are talking about here. You said the same when you lied to people at the GA when you worked to get me excluded from Occupy Toronto. Watch the video, it says it all. The problem is that, at that point, we had never met, nor been in the same space. That you continue to ignore the details, and continue to say the same lies says a whole lot about your character Sakura.

            I propose you are the bully…

            I probably will be taking you to court, when I have the time. I have my hands full putting together my case against Alex Hundert. Perhaps if you can apologise for your lies, I may decide against it. It’s all up to you…

            Oh, and what are you going to do to atone for Annett? If you love the indigenous people, do you think you would throw-in a hand and start warning them?

            • brotherwolf1 on September 7, 2012 at 09:05
            • Reply

            Sakura, you may wish to be very careful in what you say. For your information , there was a volleyball tournament across the street at the convention center i was at when i saw you. I have more of an interest in bubonic plague than i have in you . but then, silly me for forgetting that you have no actual interest in facts. You Sakura are a manipulative little liar, plain and simple, as are all of those who ran occupy. you make claims and grandiose statements and accusations about people who ask questions you are afraid to answer for fear of being exposed , and when those levy these accusations against question you and demand proof , you resort to your old standby bag of lies and fabrications.

            With respects to what i say about immigration issues , I FIRMLY stand by my position that if those who come here and don’t like it, yes, they can get on the next flight out and leave. You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about when it comes to immigration issues, whereas , i have a GREAT DEAL of experience in this area.

            1. As an immigrant, and as someone who has immigrated to a few countries, I agree with you BrotherWolf. There’s a certain amount of responsibility one must take to adapt to the culture of the country you have moved to.

              Sure, it’s okay for immigrants to contribute to making gradual social change. But, with the exception of a very few circumstances, it is every newcomer’s responsibility to adjust to the culture they have joined.

        • F*#%$ Rich Brats on September 5, 2012 at 10:09
        • Reply

        Here we go with Sakura’s gigantic ego again! “This entire blog is filled with lies meant to undermine organizers involved with Occupy Toronto, specifically those with enough respect to hold influence.” REALLY? Let’s take a closer look at those who took control of Occupy Toronto and followed their own agenda and claimed to know what was best for those who really are marginalized. Ready let’s go! Upper to upper middle class, university educated, mostly White and mostly male, immature and inexperienced adult-children proclaimed that they knew what was best. They systematically worked to exclude those who they did not deem to be of importance or of use in their inner circle. They worked very hard and were very successful in silencing those who asked questions and did not obey. They did this by spreading false lies against individuals such as: they are undercover police, they are being paid by conservative groups to disrupt, and/or they are racist/sexist/homophobic or any other ism to cast them in a bad light. Meanwhile they continually ignored issues of disability and purposely made meetings inacssesible and held meetings when people who have to work to survive could not attend. They would then turn around and invalidate those who were unable to attend by claiming that they did not care enough to show up. Again this shows a complete lack of understanding of the lived realities of those of us who are marginalized. They bullied those they did not want there even going as far as threatening and using violence against those who for example, asked questions about where the donation money went etc. There is so much more that happened but I don’t have time to write an essay in regard to the wrongs that were committed by this group, including Sakura, that morphed into the pigs of Animal Farm. It was a great example of how ego and greed overtake alltruism.

        It is very easy to influence others who are sleeping outside in the cold with little to eat, little to stay warm and have sleep deprivation. Especially, when those who have taken the power away go home everynight to their warm and cozy homes and show up for the GA’s in large numbers to sway the crowds wearing clothes I could never afford and having full bellies. Cult leaders use the deprevation tactic all the time. Sakura, you disgust me.

        1. Perhaps now that the Reverend Moon has passed away there’s a place for Sakura at the Unification Church? I’m sure she’d enjoy the irony of being as divisive there as she was at Occupy Toronto…

  2. Sakura you phony bitch, why don’t you just get it over with and f##k him?

    • F*#%$ Rich Brats on September 6, 2012 at 02:04
    • Reply

    I understand what is going on with Sakura, she is desperatly trying to do damage control because when she googled her name her nefarious actions came to light. Once again this is all about Sakura and how she can spin and twist things in an attempt to cover up for her corruption. Instead of taking ownership for her actions she instead lies about the reality of what she and her group have done and continue to do.

    She has pretty much admitted that she has the luxury of living off of mommy and daddy and has the ability to con people in the community to support her lavish lifestyle. I am embarassed for her because clearly she has no shame whatsoever. If, and that’s a big if, you really do live off of 1200 a year that is only because you are pampered and fully supported by other people who have to get up everyday and slug away at an actual job. And I saw the clothing you wore when you would spew your bullshit at Occupy Toronto and not only where you wearing the latest fashions but you were wearing some expensive pieces. You also had the appearance of a lady who lunches, meaning you were well fed, well rested, and like your personal life sly enough to dissapear when the real work has begun.

    As far as your claim of libel Sakura, if I were you, I would be extremely cautious of persuing Greg. The difference between what he posts and the absolute filthy lies that you and the rest of your slimy friends have written about him and others is that he actually backs up his claims with hard evidence. You on the other hand only repeat vicious gossip that you have heard through the grape vine. When asked for actual proof you and your Occupy buddies claim that you do not have to and then go to the obligitory behaviour of bullying those who are able to critically think and do not just take your word for it. Oh and we can’t forget the old tired and true tactic of claiming the person is some type of ism. Be careful because some of us who fell victim to your bully tactics as well as the bullying of your cohorts have consulted with lawyers about the libel that has been spread about us by you and just might be pushed to sue you for all that you are worth, which we all know is a huge chunk of change.

    Your dear friend Krystalline has a huge reputation for that type of evil nonesense and you are complicit in your support for her. Hey Sakura, ask yourself this and it is a rhetorical question for you to reflect upon, because I know you won’t be truthful on here (can’t spoil your carefully crafted image) Has Krystalline actually showed you the supposed messages she claimed to have gotten that were of a sexual harrasing nature. I know she has not. In fact you probably already know that she has made up countless lies just as you have here and have done throughout Occupy.

    You have been called out and instead of owning your mistakes you use your pretty university language to try to save face and diffuse the situation. Well, guess what? Some of us see you and we know who you really are and what you really stand for. And now just as you have maliciously done to others, your name is forever associated with negativity. Only in your case there are facts and proof to back it up, something that you have never been able to produce when spreading your evil libel. In fact there are those of us who have dillegently saved and recorded information about the missapropriation of the monies donated in good faith to Occupy that were so squandered on beer, drugs, rich peoples rent, spending money for union paid trips, 800 dollar locks for the break and enter (who the hell pays that much money for a lock anyways), ordering pizza and then restricting those who were living in the encampment from accessing the food. How much did you pocket Sakura? Stealing donations is the lowest of the low, especially when considering that many people who have nothing scraped what little they had together to contribute to what they believed was a legitamite cause. You really are disgusting and a wonderful con woman.

    Grow the hell up little girl and stop playing in your fantasy world where you are the star who knows how to fix everyone if only they would obey your every whim. You are not the saviour for the oppressed, Sakura, and you have helped to systimatically destroy what Occupy could have been by imposing your upper class values and power position to demean and silence those who should have had much say and been at the forefront of this movement. For we have actually lived it and we didn’t just read about poverty etc. in some overpriced university textbook in some theory class.

    • brotherwolf1 on September 6, 2012 at 09:21
    • Reply

    Sakura, I don’t where you get the idea that I as one example am opposed to immigrant issues, considering the fact that my family came to Canada from another country ( I was , however, born here ) . What i do have are some opinions on what i have seen from direct first hand EXPERIENCE in these matters., in fact Sakura, more experience than you have in total lived experience.

    However, Sakura, an observation if I may….. this past Sunday as you were on route to the Pakistani event by the CBC building, you will recall that we passed each other as you were walking south. Sakura, i have seen a lot of people appear as if engrossed in deep thought, however, what i saw in you, was a feeling of being utterly alone . I saw you as you were holding your signs and while your physical being was there, your heart and mind certainly where not. I think Sakura that you protest for the sake of protesting as this is your job , and a seemingly well paid one . You live in some fantasy world filled with fairies and easter bunnies but Sakura, you have absolutely no concept of reality , or even what reality is. You love to make accusations yet offer not even a smidgeon of proof to support even one letter of what you spew out as your brand of hate. then when you are confronted, you cry the race card, the racist card , the oppression card and a plethora of other cards you are so well trained by your little rukus society bunch of malcontents.

    When you are ready to live in the real world, come and see me , as well , those of us who you so readily attack with your lies and bullshit. You may find that I / we are not these monsters you make us out to be.

    • brotherwolf1 on September 6, 2012 at 09:43
    • Reply

    To F*#%$ Rich Brats , you asked how much they pocketed.

    The union paid several of the key persons who organized Occupy to go to NYC , gave them two grand in cash as well as all expenses paid including travel and hotel. I have the photographs of Dave Vasey, Lana Brit ( aka Lana Goldberg ) and Bryan batty there.

    Further, the OFL also paid for several of the same key persons to stay at the Sheridan Hotel to be in close proximity to occupy during the time they had the park . Even noticed how the occupy heads and fa-schill-itators were always clean, wore nice cloths ( usually designer cloths ) and were never at the park at night ? Oh they were there when it was in their best interest to be there .

    Ever wonder where these same fa-schill-itators were during the eviction ? Yuppers, in their nice warm hotel rooms ( although, Taylor Chelsea was there for some of the eviction )

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