Liars, Damned Liars & Sakura Saunders…

Sakura Saunders- Liar of the week!

Today I start the first of a series of articles called “Liars, Damned Liars &…” where I will be chronicling stories of people who have issues with being honest. As anyone who has been near them can attest- lefty politics can be dirty and downright nasty as it gets. If Richard Nixon was alive to watch what has been happening in the Occupy movement he would most certainly blush after listening to the stories…

Each of these articles are intended as a direct challenge to the people who are profiled. Put simply, don’t even bother trying to discredit me- if you don’t like what I am writing then take me to court! That said, if you are feeling regret for your actions, I’ll offer you a deal. Write an apology to the people who you have been hurting, and I will take the article down. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Today’s article is about Sakura Saunders. The first article I wrote about Sakura was on the day after she she started slandering me at the first hijacked General Assembly at Occupy Toronto. I’d never met, talked with, been in near proximity to, or wrote about her before that moment. The first article I wrote about Sakura was a couple of hours after she made a collection of false allegations against me on the livestream.

What’s up with that Sakura? For a ‘social justice’ activist you sure are anti-social and unjust…

I had, however, written an article about ProtestBarrick.Net, and it appears that Sakura wasn’t at all happy about this. I didn’t mention her name though, or discuss anything about her. The only connection in this article is that the information on ProtestBarrick’s connection to the TIDES Foundation was based on information she told to two separate sources of mine.

As I said in my introduction- lefty politics can get dirty and downright nasty…

I’d heard her name, and read a couple of things about her-  So, you can imagine my surprise when I tuned-into the livestream and heard her saying all kinds of bad things about me!

Here’s a video of Sakura’s shameless attack:

Sakura tells more lies in this video than you’d see at the average NDP or Conservative party convention. Let me break them down and explain where she is wrong:
Lie #1: “I’ve recently become one of the people who has been targeted by Greg”

Well, this one is easy to respond to- I’d never written about Sakura before this moment. As I explained, I did question the funding of ProtestBarrick, but there was no mention about any individuals in this article. So, basically, it can be said that the first words out of Sakura’s mouth were untrue.

Exaggeration #1: “He called the police, and their employers”

The only time I’ve called the police in relation to activists was in reaction to being physically assaulted at the University of Toronto by one Alex Hundert’s Black Bloc thugs. So, there’s an ounce of truth here, but it is totally out of context. I’ve never called anyone’s employer- I wrote a letter once, but it was related to another personal attack on me by Lauren Gill who misused her position with Vancouver Coastal Heath to try and discredit me.

I’ll label this an ‘exaggeration’ because it is more a twisting and re-framing of the truth than a lie. Still, it is rather Nixonian…

Lie #2: “He takes pictures of me, at protests- posting them to his blog”

This is a complete fabrication. To my knowledge, I’d never been in proximity to Sakura before she said this- so, how could I have been taking pictures of her? And, if you search my blog, I’d never posted any pictures of Sakura before she said this.

I will ask a question here though. What would have been wrong with my taking pictures at a pubic event? It would have been perfectly legal to do so- and, many people post pictures of the crowds at activist events. It appears to me, and other people I’ve shared the video with, that she is trying to demonize me for doing something 100’s of other people do on a regular basis. Really classy Sakura!

Lie #3: “Saying I’m Black Bloc, even when I’m clearly not wearing a mask”

Look, another blatant lie! The fact is that I have NEVER said that Sakura is Black Bloc, nor have I insinuated that in any way. I hadn’t even considered her to be involved with Bloc activities until now. And what does she mean ‘even when I’m clearly not wearing a mask”? What is this in reference to? I’d never published any pictures of her!

I have, however, just done some research to see if there is any connection between Sakura and the Black Bloc- the evidence is circumstantial, but it does lead me to wonder. First, there’s this article about Sakura’s anarchist-styled wedding. Using Google, I found many mentions of Sakura in the Black Bloc friendly media, including several in the Media Co-Op, and an interview on AW@L radio (a Black Bloc group led by Alex Hundert).

The most damning piece of evidence I’ve found is an article Sakura wrote in Balaclava- a magazine for & by the Black Bloc. You can see, just above her name, a picture of people dressed in Black Bloc masks! Once again, this is circumstantial- but, considering I’ve never made a statement on Sakura being involved with the bloc, I think the lady doth protest too much. (pun intended)

Lie #4: “He also has attacked my activist campaign…writing completely 100% false information”

My bullshit meter goes into red any time someone says a phrase like “completely 100%”- your’s should too. First, there is the word ‘also’, considering I’d only written one thing that is even slightly connected to Sakura at that moment, ‘also’ is a fabrication.

Next, I wrote many things in that article that are well-known to be true. First, it is proven that the TIDES Foundation provides a tax-receipt service to Canadian charities- that’s true. It was also true that George Soros owned a large amount of Barrick Gold at the time- that said, he has divested much of that now. And, the information I wrote about ProtestBarrick using TIDES service came from two separate sources who told me they heard that directly from Sakura. Sakura could disprove this by making her organizations balance sheet more transparent, but she refuses to do that for some reason.

Lie #5: “Designed to…divide my volunteer activist campaign”

Wrong. I was writing about this issue because I’m deeply concerned with George Soros’ influence over Canadian activist movements– not because I wanted to divide ProtestBarrick’s campaign. I joined the Occupy movement partially because I’m concerned about the amount of power the 1% have over the 99%. Somehow this doesn’t seem to be an issue for Sakura…

Lie #6: “This is just one example of how this man is intentionally seeking to undermine movements for social justice”

My only intention in my writing is to bring truth & honesty to social & environmental movements. To argue that, by exposing activist’s lies, I am trying to undermine these movements is absurd. The real fact here is that people who are lying on-behalf of activist movements are the people who are discrediting them! Every lie they tell invalidates at least one of their truths- probably more.

As an ethicist, I find this to be very important. My motivation is to help activist movements improve themselves and become more powerful- once the lying stops. Hey, Sakura, can you handle that Pinocchio? Or, is honesty too much to ask of social activists?

Lie #5: “He also attacks anyone who happens to be around me regardless of the fact that he doesn’t know them”

This one is an example of Sakura’s deep level of arrogance- no wonder people at Occupy Toronto refer to her as on of the Activistocrats. Let them eat organic, vegan, locally-sourced cake!

The fact is that, as I’ve said, I had never met, not had any interaction, with Sakura when she said this. It is quite ironic really, she’s attacking me based on exactly what she is doing herself. I’ll write this off to the fact that she was in a feeding-frenzy of hate. Lefty activists get this way sometimes- like rabid piranhas…

Exaggeration #2: “I feel unsafe being in the same space as him!”

Yes, Sakura, I’m sure you are afraid of being exposed- very afraid. When you are as full of lies as you are, one has a lot to be scared of. That said, there’s not a single example -in my lifetime- where someone had a reason to feel unsafe being in the same space as me. I’m non-violent, remember!

You are cheapening the concept of safe-space Sakura. Tacky, at best…



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