Why The Occupy Movement Should Be Concerned About George Soros…

It never ceases to amaze me how often I hear people inside of the Occupy movement defending George Soros- truly, it blows my mind. This happened to me twice this week- first, on Wednesday, when @OccupyBayStreet told me “it won’t make you popular to be criticise people for being funded by Soros”, and another time today when Mathew Kagis (seal clubber) wrote that I was ‘paranoid’ for discussing Soros.  Say What?

Considering all of the (unexpected) kick-back over my writing about Soros, I’ve decided to clarify my position by explaining why I believe the Occupy Movement should be concerned about him:

1.) Soros György is the poster boy for the 1%
Soros is one of the richest men on the planet. Personally, I believe that Occupy should call ourselves the movement of the 100%. But, until we officially make this change Soros is, by definition, a target of the Occupy movement. (as he should be) 

2.) Soros György is a banker!
One of the core foundations of the Occupy movement is that we are here to fix the corrosiveness of our banking system- is it not? Considering this Soros is, by definition, a target.

3.) Soros György is a Speculator!
Soros participates in one of the most corrosive parts of the banking industry– he is a currency speculator. This means that he makes money as a banker not by making investments, but by gambling on the value of a country’s currency. This has had seriously detrimental effects on the economies of many countries- I’ll get into this in a moment…

4.) Soros György Is a Short-Seller!
Short selling is THE most corrosive part of the banking industry. What it means is that, rather than betting on the success of something, Soros bets on its failure! In the case of currency trading, this means that, for example, if Soros short-sells the Canadian dollar, he is betting that its value will decrease. This is highly problematic, something I will explain in a moment…

Soros with his ex-girlfriend- a Brazilian soap opera starlet

5.) Soros May Be An Abusive Sexist!
There is infinitely more evidence that Soros is a sexist than there is about anyone I’ve heard about at the Occupy Movement! His 31-year-old girlfriend recently filed a lawsuit against the 81-year-old Billionaire claiming that he has emotionally tortured, harassed & abused her. This happened shortly after he dumped her for his nurse! Sounds rather piggish to me…

6.) Soros Has Not Declared His Intentions With the TIDES Foundation
One of the reasons people in the left spend so much time standing-up for Soros is because he donates 1000’s of dollars to lefty charities & foundations. The problem is that he hasn’t announced his intentions with this money- and, there are many reasons to believe they may not be pure. We’ll get to that in a moment…

7.) Soros Owns Many Gold Mines! (Including lots of Barrick Gold)
The left have a lot of problems with Barrick Gold. Occupy Toronto have even run demonstrations about this company! Well, Soros is a major shareholder! This links into what I was saying in reason #6, about Soros’ undeclared intentions. Could it be possible he is manipulating the left with his investments?

8.) Soros Is a Major Investor in the Oil Industry!
This guy has his fingers in lots of pies- many of them are the antithesis of what Occupy stands for.  Did you know that he profited from the veto on the Keystone XL pipeline? So, another reference to reason #6 here- we cannot trust a billionaire with undeclared intentions…

9.) Soros Has Created & Profited On the Collapse of many Economies!
Long before I heard about Soros investments in Lefty causes I knew about the damage he caused through his short-selling of currencies. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, & the United Kingdom have all been victim of his high-profile manipulation of their currencies- crashing their economies.

10.) Soros Is A Convicted Felon!
In 2002, Soros was convicted in France for the charge of insider trading. How can someone who was convicted of such a breach of trust?

I could write many more reasons why we should be concerned about Soros- his interests in the Salmon industry (and support against fish farms), the allegations that he is a Nazi collaborator (may not be true), or a number of other conflict-of-interest issues. But, it is sunny outside, and I want to go out and see some of my fellow occupiers. So, for now, I’ll leave it at this.

For those of you who wish to disagree with me, please say something more than “you’re being paranoid” or “you’re a conservative lackey”- because, both are far from the truth. Rather, come back at me with an intelligent argument where I am wrong on these issues, and provide some details. No more ad-hominem ad-nauseum please…

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