Hate Mail From Chelseaflook! (a.k.a. PottyMouth)

One thing I am quickly learning about Toronto is that there are a lot of people in this city who need their mouths washed-out with soap! Or, at least, amongst people who I find visiting my blog…

In this case, our vocabulary-challenged guest is Taylor Flook (a.k.a. Taylor Chelsea). The quality of her attack is on-par with that crazy guy from CUPE who keeps showing up in the most unexpected places!

PottyMouth (a.k.a Officer Bubblett)

Let’s have a look at her hate mail first- then I’ll continue with my response to this heapin’ spoonful of radical environmentalist style lovin’: (click to expand)

Dear Cheseaflook,

I get it, you were jealous of the crazy guy from CUPE and wanted your own moment in the spotlight! Or, perhaps you thought you’d impress me with your ability to pack more ad-hominem attacks in to a single paragraph than a flock of angry union executives? What gives?

The tone of what you wrote is uncomfortably aggressive and domineering- not to mention judgemental! By comparison, my writing comes across like Wordsworth!

Your input on Harrison’s character is very welcome- so far, the audience is 5-to-2 for thinking he isn’t as bad as Krystalline says he is. Personally, I haven’t a clue- but anyone who Krystalline holds a burning fire of hate about is quite possibly a pretty good fellow! At least, this is how the pattern has worked for me up until now. Let’s wait and see what others in the audience have to say. Because, unlike you and KK I generally avoid making blind judgement about others…

Considering we’ve never met, you make some rather harsh accusations about my character- don’tya think? I never got into much trouble when I was a kid (luckily, hacking wasn’t illegal at the time), and I wouldn’t make a very good cop- we pacifists always seem to fail at the aptitude tests…

But, it seems you are rather cozy with the police I’d have to say! You’re even on a first-name basis!


Say, one of my fans who wrote last night seemed like a perfect match for Officer Bubbles– any chance you can hook her up with him?

There’s a funny thing about all that negativity and conflict you are mentioning- I came to Occupy Toronto without an ounce of it.  Ask anyone, until your ex-boyfriend Dave Vasey decided I was persona-non-grata, nobody at OT would have imagined I’d draw such heat! It is strange how people associated with Soros György always seem to be filled with anger, isn’t it?

Anger appears to be the name of the game for your crowd- that, and a hair-trigger rush to judgement based on only a few seconds experience with another person. Like the time you were quoted discussing your feelings on Dave’s arrest after he was out cop-baiting during the G-20:

“I am someone who did say ‘The police are here to protect you. They’re here to look out and make sure nothing happens to you,’“ she said. “But after today I’m very much changed in that opinion. I’m starting to believe some of the things I hear about police intimidation. It makes me feel like we are living in a police state.”

I’ve got a recommendation to help with your problem here- give Soros a call and ask if he can put you up at Hollyhock for a little while. After spending a month wandering across the beaches and through the 2nd-growth forests of Cortes Island you’ll feel like a new person! And you’ll love the lack of cops!

Or, perhaps not…  ;-)

Earth First!

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  1. KUdos to the lady for speaking up, she sure knows what’s going on in the community and unlike Greg, doesn’t jump the gun in defending dangerous people like Harrison. I think Greg and Harrison are in the same boat and enjoy putting women down, looking for shortlived fame and glory but start crying foul when a woman speaks up.

    1. Okay, I’ll take the bait. How is gender relevant here? I treated PottyMouth no differently than I did the Crazy Guy From CUPE. Can you please explain?

  2. Don’t worry Greg, your name will be circulated in the activist community, I wouldn’t work with you either. I heard you were banished in the West Coast, just like Harrison has been banished in Toronto. Hmmm, You two should work together, Same shit disturbers..similar tactics.

    1. Back to what I said in the other thread- can I recommend an anger management course?

  3. Anger Management? Can I suggest an “A**hole face his truth” course? Gender is relevant, because of the history of conflict thats been going on, with Harrison and Greg, between the activist community, has to do with threat and intimidation from men to women. This is all based on facts, not specifically trying to make it a gender issue. I dont care if you call me potty mouth either…we try give you facts, you wont publish em. Either way, you’re in denial and denial of the truth.

    1. This is the last of your comments I will approve if you continue to make abusive ad-hominem attacks. Gender is not related, nor is race, age, or anything else. I would respond the same way to a transgender spotted eel. If you genuinely believe otherwise, please explain without going off-the-rails.

      Otherwise, good luck, and please move on. Because, your use of gender as a tool for oppressing my opinion only cheapens the issue of gender politics. And, in cases where gender discrimination it is a reality, people will get hurt as a result…

  4. The depth of your narcissism disturbs me. This blog is nothing but an attempt to validate yourself with the attention you think you are entitled to- but unfortunately, will only receive through damaging controversy.

    If you knew ANYTHING about gender and history, you’d check yourself before you called a woman ‘hysterical’. You appear to be woefully lacking in both humility and critical education- a dangerous combination in someone with the self-righteousness of an ‘activist’.

    Why do you write this blog? What are you looking for? What exactly is it that you need? Revenge?

    Perhaps less time spent self-indulging in bitterness and more time spent accepting the imperfections of those around you would bring you some peace.

    1. The word hysterical hasn’t been written even once- so, not sure what you are talking about. What is the purpose of your writing, making up falsities, and attacking me?

    2. I still haven’t heard back from you- so, guessing you are done with your self-reflection pointed towards me. I was listening to you reciting some of your poetry. Quite nice, definitely better than the Vogon variety.

      That said, I should point-out, if you know ANYTHING about indigenous people and history, you’d check yourself before you use the phrase “first nations”. You appear to be woefully lacking in both humility and critical education- a dangerous combination in someone with the self-righteousness of a ‘poet’.

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