Hey Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus- What’s Going On?

As Ghandi once said: “First they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win.” I’d have to add something in-between the ‘fight’ and the ‘win’ moments- “then they expose themselves.” And, it looks like we are right at that point.

Judy Rebick with some girl I'd like to meet!

It all began with my appearing at Occupy Toronto, about 15 minutes after I arrived at the Action Committee meeting. Wilsun Tsu flashed his Blackberry towards Dave Vasey, and the look on his face was one I’ll not forget for a long time. This was the moment when I was pretty certain that the conspiracy theorists were right- Occupy is an ‘Inside Job’. Or, at least, people are participating at Occupy without full disclosure…

I’ll get to the details more over the next couple of days. But, first, I need to share with you some of today’s latest news- because, for the umpteenth time over the past 48 hours, the people who are trying to hijack Occupy Toronto have exposed themselves. And, this one is as juicy as débutante ball in Central Florida!

I have been suspicious about Krystalline Kraus since before I arrived in Toronto. Shortly after I filed my complaint about the malpractice of an employee at Vancouver Coastal Health she sent me a message asking some very specific questions that were rather inappropriate considering the circumstances. Further proof of my addition to Ghandi’s quote…

I didn’t pay much attention to her though- just made sure I knew to watch out for her, and anyone else at Rabble.ca. Curiously, at right around the same time I noticed that Judy Rebick started following me on Twitter! At the time, I had no idea that Judy was the leader of Rable, but I did know that she has publicly spoken out against the Black Bloc. So, I thought I’d try asking her for some help.

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Curiously, Judy made no attempt to question my thoughts about the Council of Canadians– that was strange! I’m not certain about their involvement, but do know they have refused to provide help. Judy’s answer was puzzling- does she not read the news?

So, I took another shot at explaining to Judy what happened. After all, she has spoken out against the Black Bloc, and she started following me on Twitter- wouldn’t she be interested to see justice?

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Okay, that should get her attention! Now that I’ve told her Ian Hanomansing has been on the case she’s certain to respond!

What? Wake-up lady! What sort of intrepid Black Bloc ninja hunter are you? Didn’t you hear that HandsomeMan-ing is on the case? One more try…

At this point I went to bed, hoping to wake-up with news that Judy would be in the mood to help save our movement.

Say What? Did I sleep to long and it is April 1st? Haven’t you heard that Macdonald Stainsby, a man who writes for Rabble.ca is rumoured (in two separate places) to be the person who threw the pie at Eby after the Olympics? So, I was disappointed once more- but, equally curious why Judy wouldn’t care about such an important issue…

Perhaps I should have said “Decolonize”?

These days, I have more interesting stories flying at me than I can shake a stick at. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to keep up with them. One particularly fascinating story I’m working on about Occupy Toronto brings-back a feeling of deja vous from a pivital incident at Occupy Vancouver. Both camps had incidents with Sacred Fires! And, curiously, they both included First Nations people with connections to David Eby, Harsha Walia, and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside!

While researching this story, I came across a few examples of Krystalline Kraus slandering men in a very similar way to how I was slandered in Vancouver. Deja vous squared! Take a look at this piece of Krystalline’s writing:

Harrison Helkrow is a well known indigenous “activist” in Canada with Red Power United and Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity, and has a large following with those groups on Facebook. However, he is also known for his incredibly abusive behaviour. He has threatened violence against other activists, uses homophobic slurs and denigrates women and even abused his own partner (made worse by his involvement with SBS, a group dedicated to missing and murdered Native women). He’s also accused a respected warrior and community organizer of being a child molester. Most shocking he has even named other Native activists to CSIS. He has since been reported to Facebook for this threats, but continues his harassment and abuse of other activists under the name “Native Rights.”

Wow!This is worse than the slander that was thrown at me! I checked with a couple of people who have connections to Harrison and, apparently, he isn’t quite the monster Krystalline makes him out to be. It seems like there is an agenda here…

Then, this morning, a friend and ally sends me this screenshot:

Yet again, wow! Not only is Rob Chamberland (the president of a local CUPE chapter) trying to take me down, but it appears he is now cooperating with Krystalline! It appears that I have some powerful enemies! What could be so important that all of these people would risk compromising themselves to restrict my access to Occupy Toronto? Am I right about the connection to George Szoros and the TIDES Foundation?

So, I have a question for you both, Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus- what the hell is going on here?

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