Harsha Walia’s No One Is Illegal Continues To Try and Discredit Me! (Featuring Roseanne Barr & OccupyPolice!)

No One Is To Question (Harsha)

So, rather than clarify her stand on Violence– Harsha has sicked her minions at No One Is Illegal to try and get people to wipe out my Twitter account. It seems I wrote over 100 messages yesterday. But it also says a lie that I had nobody reply to me today. I had some very productive replies- from people who steadfastly supported me. Some important…

I’ll start with my talk with @Occupy_Police– one of the most well respected Occupy movements. And, they feature the people who we will need to win this evolution- the police! (Yes ninjas, I am talking to the pigs. They are nice people!)

Next came @therealRoseanneBarr who I ended up asking to referee after someone tried to ask for me to be thrown out of Occupy Vancouver because I was being “racist & sexist” by making a @billClinton joke replacing @monica with @HarshaWalia. It was a fun bit of provocative folly.

Roseanne was the first big star to come talk at OWS– I remember it well, was watching their livestream when she showed-up. It was truly inspiring. When the conversation got serious, and turned to the subject of violence- the answer became clear:

Oh, and she said it was okay to make a Clinton joke!

So, Occupy Vancouver- please don’t throw me out because I broke the Politically Correct Style Book, okay? If you did that before we resolved the issue of violence, it would kill your credibility. Hollywood celebs are always right! (actually, Roseanne has said some amazing things on the subject of Occupy.)

And to those of you on the fence- I leave you one question: If this conversation I’ve been trying to close-off with Harsha is irrelevant- why are so many people putting great effort to stop her from having to say it? And why has not one person quantified their allegations before they started attacking?

Is this some kind of a cult? All about loving the leader? You are much more intelligent than that people- come on, respect yourselves!

Oh yeah, and is this in response to my letter to Eby? Because, before yesterday, these fanatics were a lot further than they are today. You can’t possibly think he’d want that- would you? Don’t you think he will get angry at you for that?

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