How Cults Work- Or, does any of this look familiar?

The vast majority of people who have got involved at Occupy Vancouver are good folk- people who care enough about the problems in out world that they were motivated to go out and do something about it. To them- I applaud you.

However, there are faction(s) in the group that appear to operate outside the bounds of logic. They steadfastly refuse critical thought, and viciously attack those who exercise it. Yet, they equally steadfastly refuse to denounce the use of violence or property destruction in relation to our movement. Say what?

Someone once shared this video with us on the Occupy Vancouver Facebook page (that I was able to re-launch). Of course, you wouldn’t be able to confirm this- because, a decision was taken outside of the GA to wipe it out, eliminating 7 weeks of our organization’s history. It was the equivalent of burning the Library of Congress because .01% of the content is subversive.


Regardless, have a look at the video, it has an eerie similarity to the people who operate in the faction(s). And, if you are/part of OV, and you see things that remind you of your experience- the comments section is here waiting for your input…

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