Breaking News: Bert Easterbrook, Hero of the Stanley Cop Riot Arrested at Port Demonstration- says he was innocent!

Bert Easterbrook, hero of the Stanley Cup Riot that started at a Waves Coffee shop, and that Harsha Walia denied was connected to the #BlackBloc has just disclosed he was one of the people arrested at the port demonstration today! Bert is involved with Occupy Vancouver, but the port action was called-off by OV a few hours earlier.

Vancouver’s SunVinceTai published a story about Bert on June 17th that labelled him A hero among the rotten rioting pack! That’s quite the compliment!

Bert is a writer for Cannabis Culture magazine, and Facebook friends with Dana Larsen– a former candidate for the Pot Party and leadership candidate for the NDP who was ousted because of his background in horticulture.

This happened only one week since Mayor Plasticman made the announcement he would support pot legalization!

At the last convention, there was speculation from Alex Tsakumis that Eby could have spent time “in the Larsen hospitality suite with the windows shut and a wet towel under the door…

“Captain Sweep” and Former City Council Candidate Lauren Gill

Is this what Mayor Gregor means when he says he want’s Vancouver to be the world’s “greenest city?” Or, is that as a reference to the green-coloured sleeping mats that Michael Geller has been quoted cost the city $2,800 per month per-mat!

And, how did this story get linked to so many damn politicians…

Occupy Wall Street! (I love this pic!)

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