A Twitter Conversation About Violence…

So, I’m on Twitter, trying to catch-up with what is going on in the world, and I am accosted by a tweet from Harsha Walia- this time, she was trying to include a reporter from the Globe & Mail:

Oh no, I think I need a lawyer! Harsha is going to sue me for asking her a question! So, I told her I wasn’t afraid to a question about herr position on violence after she took a pro-violence stance on Youtube. Her response was quite funny:

Wait, Harsha is a lawyer! Why does this statement remind me of being in elementary school?

Then she came through with a defense for the day the people came prancing into OV wearing ninja costumes:

I had call her on this one, as I knew it wasn’t true:

Then, a brave soul jumped-in to ask Harsha to answer the question on her position on violence at OV:

So, I jumped-in and asked her a very specific question about her stand on violence:

I guess she missed my blog entry on advice from Ian Hanomansing:

Then, finally, Harsha makes a statement on violence!

And it is so incredibly ambiguous that it would have made Bill Clinton blush! So, I asked once more:

And then — crickets chirping — we still haven’t got a straightforward answer on Harsha’s stand on violence…

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

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