A Message From Butch Cassidy- Shut your traps!

We had a coincidental visitor over the past week- Robert Redford had been filming something next to the VAG, and he stepped over to share a message with us. His message was simple: Can you guys shut up for the next hour and a half so I can film something here?

Now, if you check out Wikipedia’s entry on Mr. Redford’s Political Activity you’ll read the following:

“Redford is politically liberal, and has supported environmentalism, Native American rights, and the arts…..has been a vocal critic of Barack Obama for his lack of follow through on environmental policies. He wrote, “One reason I supported President Obama is because he said we must protect clean air, water and lands. But what good is it to say the right thing unless you act on it?” 

Wow! That’s quite the resume! So, what the hell happened? Why didn’t he ask for a Mic Check, wave over the media, and make a statement backing the Occupy movement? Why didn’t he use his star power to give power to the people?

Why?  Because he was filming a commercial enterprise on behalf of the propaganda arm of the 1%! That’s why!

Robert Redford, you are a hack- Butch Cassidy would have bitch-slapped you if he was watching! More evidence that the Hollywood intelligentsia  are a complete waste of our movement’s time.

From now on, when I think of Mr. Redford, I will call him : “The Horses’ Ass Whisperer”

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  1. Who did Redford actually talk to about being quiet for an hour and a half, and was he rude or polite or what? Seems like a reasonable request to me, but I don’t know, and you have not stated the exact circumstances.

    1. It was a reasonable request- but, not the first thing I’d expect an ‘activist’ movie star to say when engaging with us. He was apparently polite about it. But, still, is he kidding?

      But, he knows how much power he holds, and neglected to share any of it with OV- even after we were quiet for him. So, I cannot have respect for the man after that. He is apparatchik for the 1%…

  2. No.

    Occupy Vancouver is never going to win if it starts using the gatekeeping techniques of the 1% like “You must approach through the proper channels or we will simply dismiss you as a hooligan.”

    You must be more open-minded than this. And if you ask my advice, ANYTHING that shuts up that DJ or the interminable woman who is ALWAYS on the mic is a good thing.

  3. I agree with shutting up the DJ- but, I disagree for criticizing Mr Redford for not doing more to get involved. We’ve had plenty of celebrities come through OV, the first was Donald Sutherland- you’ve probably seen the picture of him holding his hand up in the air at a GA signaling at “yes”.

    But, this man (who is apparently filming a story on The Weathermen) only told us to keep our noise down. And, from what I’ve been told, he didn’t even step into the camp.

    This is most certainly not gatekeeping! The gate was open, he refused to cross the threshold and walk in! And, it has been a few days now, he’s had the chance…

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