Vancouver’s Election Funding is a Disappointment (To say the least!)

I’ve met four of the mayoral candidates now. This may blow your mind, but Darrell Zimmerman is the best conversationalist. Yes, I am talking about the ‘guy with the lobster’!

My first interaction with the Saxman  was one of annoyance. It was the 15th, I was up on stage talking about taking Corporate Money out of Politics, and there he was with a lobster and a saxaphone. To top things off, the guy in-line behind me was in an Alien suit.  It really felt like Mars…

But, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with the Saxman over the past few weeks, and he always has something valuable to add to the conversation. This is the beauty of the Agora- people who would normally not meet end up in deep philosophical debates. It’s beautiful.

Tonight, Saxman told me that he has filed a formal complaint on the issue of Election Fraud. I haven’t seen the papers, but this idea certainly intrigues me.  I’ve been fascinated with Vancouver’s municipal campaign financing since I first read The SunVince’s BC Municipal Election Donation Database.  Folks, it is a mess- our major candidates are captive to the Developers.

Tomorrow Occupy Vancouver hold’s a planning meeting for the Calling Municipal Elections Candidates Out for Being Bought! If you are also disgusted by what you know of Vancouver campaign financing, please come join us- time to out the rats!

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