A Letter to the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health re: Attacks by Lauren Gill

Yep, we've got another Eby'esque 'cop hater' here!

Dear Dr. Ostrow,

I am writing in reference to the behavior of one of your employees- Lauren Gill, who has misused her position as a mental health professional to attack me for political means…

I met Lauren at Occupy Vancouver, and generally had good relations with her- I had even endorsed her campaign for city council in last year’s municipal election. Unfortunately, she seems to have taken issue with my campaign to keep OV as intended- a nonviolent movement.

Since October, I have been working to keep people from exercising ‘Black Bloc‘ tactics at OV. Black Bloc involves wearing balaclavas, black clothing, carrying black flags and enacting both property damage, and direct violence against the police. If you are familiar with the event where people did this at the Hudson Bay during the olympics, than you have seen what a Black Block action entails. Basically, it is unrestrained anger and rage taken out on the public.

Some people at OV have been publicly promoting the use of Black Bloc tactics at Occupy Vancouver events. I have been the most vocal opponent of these tactics, and have taken a great number of personal attacks for taking this stance. I have had ad-hominem attacks thrown at me- calling me everything from a racist, to sexist, and mentally ill.

I moved to Cortes Island in January, it was my intention to get far away from this abuse. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful- before I arrived here, Lauren had written a letter to a number of people on the island telling them I was ‘dangerous and mentally ill’, amongst other slander. Her standing and position working at Coastal Health helped give great credibility to her attacks- Lauren could have no doubt this would happen. (btw, I am healthy and have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, nor have I ever exercised violence in my lifetime- I am a notable pacifist.)

Lauren’s letter, and other personal attacks, have had a significant impact on my life in this new place. It has taken me a month to overcome its impact. Luckily, Cortesians are reasonable people, and have seen I am a normal person with a valid issue I am pursuing.

I have hesitated to write this letter to you as I was hoping the attacks on me would die-down, but they haven’t. Considering Lauren’s position at Coastal Health, and how she took advantage of these qualifications to give standing to her attack, it is my feeling that it would be irresponsible of me not to write and notify you of this issue- because, it is most certain, that other people risk being similarly attacked by Lauren in the future.

I ask only for a letter of apology from Lauren- with that, I will not consider pressing charges against her. As your employer, and considering Lauren used her position at Coastal Health to give credibility to her attack, I ask for your help encouraging Lauren to make the right decision.

I am available to speak on the phone anytime- please feel free to call at: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Greg Renouf

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