Are Black Bloc Tactics Terrorism?

Are terrorists marching through downtown Vancouver?

I’ve been doing some reading on the history of the Black Bloc the past few days- fascinating stuff. And, each day, it becomes more apparent that the Black Bloc is a serious menace for more cities than Vancouver. This menace is going Global, fast- will write more about this in the future…

For today, I want to only propose a question for everyone: Are Black Bloc tactics quantifiable as Terrorism?

Bill Blair, Chief of the Toronto Police Department said this last year- check out this article from CTV. According to this article in the McGill Daily, Trotsky & the Marxists called these tactics Individual Terrorism. And, according to this survey by Ipsos-Reed, 80% of Canada’s 99% believe it should be illegal to protest while  covering one’s face with a mask!

Then there’s Patrick Ross- here’s a quote from his article on Black Bloc terrorism:

“As Harsha Walia of No One is Illegal points out, the Black Bloc tactic is not as marginal among the far-left as many would prefer we believe. Organizers of actions such as the “2010 Heart Attack” anti-Olympic rally communicate with the Black Bloc about their participation in these activities, and even seem to know who the Black Bloc are.

Most damningly, Walia explains that the far-left uses the terrorist activities of the Black Bloc — and that’s very much what the Black Bloc’s activities are — as cover in order to divert scrutiny from non-violent protest tactics.”

I’d really like to solicit your opinions- from people who have been involved with Occupy Vancouver, and equally from those who haven’t. If 80% of Canadians disagree with a tactic- does this not quantify that the people directing Occupy Vancouver who are ignoring the presence of Black Bloc are working against the 99%?

And, doesn’t this mean that it is time for Gregor Robertson and Chief Chu to speak out about this situation? Or, does this need to be escalated to the RCMP?

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