Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place (Dare you walk down her path?)

The path to the edge of a cliff. (Taken at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC)

I had a chance meeting with someone on the ferry a couple of days ago. He was friends with Ashlee, the girl who tragically died at Occupy Vancouver. He confirmed his belief that the incident was not connected to Occupy- but part of her personal experience. I could see how he was touched by her memory, and how avoidable it could have been…

The previous day I tried to warn the VFD, Mayor Gregor Robertson, and INSITE– they all ignored my pleas for help. I just ran across the blog entry of someone who watched my messages on Twitter. Even from afar, she could see something was significantly wrong…

Death isn’t the only type of casualty one could experience at Occupy Vancouver. There is also the viciousness of slander that get’s lobbed across real-life and the cybersphere. Personally, I’ve had my named dragged through the mud, lies of all shapes & sizes, and ‘precautionary’ emails were mailed to several people on Cortes Island before I arrived- warning I was ‘dangerous’ and ‘mentally ill’.

Luckily, my housemates have confirmed that none of this is true. I’m a rather gentle soul really- and I am perhaps the greatest proponent for peacefulness at Occupy Vancouver.  The only people who think these things about me are people who are trying to stop me from asking questions, or people who have signed-on blindly without having done any analysis.

One person I’m uncertain about his position is Stephen Collis, a tenured professor at SFU. Stephen, like you’d expect of a university professor, decided one day to take a vicious personal attack on my character on Twitter. The problem is he doesn’t even know me. Then, yesterday, Sarah Behuler tweets an article by stephen saying that everything at Occupy Vancouver is hunky-dory. ‘No violence here’. Well, except towards those who have been rejected.

They did the same to Rob Gordon today. Sarah told him that his experiences working at the DTES are ‘insignificant’. (diligently, he’s one of the few truly ‘good guys’ I’ve met- outside of his having signed a letter stating lies about me) There is an insane amount of rage coming out of OV’s core group these days- who knows who will get hurt next.

But, there is one thing I can say for certain at this point in history. Occupy Vancouver is a dangerous place to be right now. One step in the wrong direction and a person could be at risk of becoming the next case of #OVROADKILL. Put simply, Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place to be at the moment.

There are three employees of the Council of Canadians who have taken prominent roles within Occupy Vancouver. They were similarly involved with the fiasco at the Olympics that resulted in the Heart Attack debacle that Harsha Walia used sexist & racist comments to stop negative feedback from Derrick O’keefe.

I spoke to Garry Neil at the CoC today- he said that they do not take responsibility for what their staff do in their spare time. He also said that he told Bob Ages he must make it clear that his participation with Occupy Vancouver is not at all related to his work at the CoC. This, despite the fact that the CoC endorsed what happened at the Olympics…

I was recommended to speak with a couple of other organizations by Mr. Neil- and I will be calling them during this week. They have had experiences at places like Montebello, and at the G20 in Toronto- and have been working on issues related to black bloc tactics. So, time will tell…

Until then, I’m totally open to taking suggestions from other people in the community. I’d welcome input from people experienced with OV, and equally from outsiders. Feel free to write a comment here, or write me personally- [email protected]

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    • James on January 17, 2012 at 03:55
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    I love that Robs work is “insignificant”. As someone who has done a lot of “in depth and personal research” into addiction and life in the DTES, I have often been told by the academics that my experiences, both in the life and in climbing out of the life have no value in debates regarding In-Site. Once I was even told that by someone who had just spent a month “being homeless” as research for some UBC thesis….

    1. Why do the people working in the DTES compete for ‘cred’ so hard? The efforts towards exclusion seem Herculean at times…

        • James on January 17, 2012 at 11:58
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        I was once associated with two UBC outreach programs centred around the DTES. The admin of one was my friend, and he once described the other as “putting all their energy into increasing the wattage of their own halos”. Seemed very true, at least with them.
        You have to be honest in this world and there is lot to be gained from helping the downtrodden/suffering. And sometimes, as a fringe benefit, people actually get helped too. But I guess that just makes me a cynic. But at least I am a cynic with hands calloused from actually doing some of the work that needs to be done. I will take those callouses over awards any day.

        1. James, r u on Tzitter?
          Follow me SVP.

  1. Here’s a question- how does a hater like Stephen Collis end-up as a tenured professor at SFU? Has the quality of education there really declined so far?

    1. Apparently.

      The proof is that IT department at SFU has decreed that there be no free wifi due to “security issues” i.e. they are too paranoid and demand WPA security despite it being crackable using the spare GPU of an appropriate video card, usually a top of the line NVidia, within a year.

      But it is possible with a quadcore CPU and nVidia GPU to cut the cracking time to under 30 days.

      Returning to your question, if SFU is that paranoid about computer security, then it explains Collis and also the ban on smoking on campus. You cannot smoke anywhere because any spot is within 20 feet of a door or intake vent.

      Another reason for their paranoia is because about 20 years ago, some posh kid bribed a hacker to break into a dead prof’s account. The hacker ditched him and he got busted but went under the radar, probably due to Daddy paying off SFU.

      • Gravy Train on May 22, 2012 at 01:06
      • Reply

      Arts “education” is now wholly politicized. About the only holdout in the University where you can find any critical mass of people who’re able to think, rather than emote doubleplusgoodamsoc, is in Philosophy Departments, where, if they’re anglo-american, the schlock that passes for “philosophy” or “critical theory” everywhere else in the humanities isn’t even allowed onto the syllabuses because it is _not_ philosophy. Not only that, but in many places where this “critical theory” reigns supreme, you have professors actively rewarding irrationality.

      Like many racist, homophobic, imperialist, ratiocentrists, I grew up thinking that Aristotle’s notion of non-contradiction was rather non-controversial. I mean, I’d seen the proof where if you allow A and ~A, you can prove Winston Churchill is a carrot, and he is obviously not a carrot, so premises like A and ~A are clearly very dangerous, if one wants formal systems to be useful. It took until University for me to be exposed, by an “Art History” professor, to the idea that my belief was simply wrong, and a product of my “masculine acculturation.”

      And what is to be done? There’s one Logic Professor, if that, for every dozen sociology/literature/womens studies professors. And what do you think sells, logic courses that are hard to pass or litcrit/cultural theory courses where you get an easy 82 for simply repeating the politicized dogma spouted by the professor?

      Our education system is in crisis—the thing you outline above (graft, likely everyone involved in the application/approval has a Uni degree) is one symptom; the militant cultural marxists at OV another. After all, their schtick is that they all just happened to reasonably come to the same lock-step system of beliefs (because it is true, you know!) but anyone familiar with the modern K-12 system and its Big Brother (ha ha ha) the University knows that these OV kids were programmed to be this way. And that’s why there’s so much focus on censure/ostracization from the handlers at OV. They know that they’re operating on people who’re not rational, who’re merely suggestible with good memory. So if you’re there, Greg, giving them truth, it’ll make it that much harder for the progressive cult to exercise its hypnotic control.

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