Heart Attack: A tale of Olympian ninjas…

One of the more controversial moments during the Olympics was an incident known inside the ‘professional protester’ circles as “Heart Attack”. You’ve all heard of this incident- a bunch of malcontents wearing ninja costumes smashed the windows of the Hudson Bay Company on Georgia Street.

There is something almost poetic about their choice of victim. The Bay was the tool used by the British monarchy to rape & pillage the original inhabitants of our country.  And the “Anarchist Intelligentsia” have adopted a pro First Nations stance. This is made clear by the incident I mention in the letter I wrote the day after OV’s first planning meeting: Yellow card.

It was also somewhat ironic that The Bay was owned by an American company, NRDC Equity Partners, who were also the owners of Lord & Taylor. So, if they were after the Monarchy, they were a day late and a dollar short. That said, violent ninjas have never been accused of being too intelligent…

Or, are they?

If there is one thing that most people can agree on about Heart Attack, it is that it marked the official peak of anti-Olympic protests. The violence, and ninja costumes, made for very bad PR. The result was that it was acceptable to send police stormtroopers to eradicate the Olympic tent city.

I spoke last night with a couple of the ninjas who had attended Heart Attack. In retrospect, they understood the result of the shenanigans and hooliganism attacking an American retail company. Do you?

More to come…

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