YELLOW CARD: Undemocratic Behaviour?

A serious problem has been resonating in my head since yesterday. I’ve tried to ignore, but it is affecting my ability to sleep…

First, a disclaimer. I have nothing but respect for the people I’m about to criticise – agreeing to facilitate this meeting was a heroic act.

We began our meeting with the agreement we would stick to logistics and planning- not policy.

I was in awe how well we kept to this decision (a major achievement!) Then, right at the finish line, we were led astray with a potentially divisive policy decision – to acknowledge we were standing on land that does not belong to us.

I have some strong views on this issue. It’s my opinion that humanity will never achieve peace until we stop blaming and holding each other liable for the misdeeds of our great grandfather’s. So, it is time to stop blaming each other and to find a way to move on…

I never thought I’d speak in this context- but, I’m left feeling I’ve been oppressed. I’m not angry, only concerned we may have failed here.

The question was thrown at us without warning, there was no opportunity to debate, and I was afraid to speak out- without time to explain my position, I feared being labelled a racist, or that people would mispercieve my intentions.

I’m curious to hear other people’s perception about this incident. Am I over reacting? Did others see the same? If so, how do we avoid such situations in the future?


(Posted on Occupy Vancouver Facebook page on October 9)

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