Eye of the Hurricane

I’ve been taking late night visits to Occupy Vancouver 1.0’s camp at the Vancouver Art Gallery(VAG). People have more time to talk at night, so it is a good time to get into more substantial conversations.

Each time I go to the VAG I find something to be different- and today was no exception. Most of the tarps have been removed, a second dome is finished, the fire was not burning. and the demographics have changed beyond recognition.

There was an addict that came to the medical tent while I was speaking with one of the volunteers there. He came for some latex gloves- promised he was walking around the corner, with a buddy, to go shoot up. So, still enabling, but at least they aren’t alone in a tent…

The quiet reminded me of being in the eye of a hurricane- a short reprieve before the next stage of the storm arrives. If only people at the camp could have got their act together before it was too late.

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