Who Is This Guy, and Who Does He work for?

Quite an interesting thread from Occupy BC page on Facebook...

I’ve had my doubts about Chris for a while now- he has been involved in several incidents where people were summarily ‘banished’ from Occupy Vancouver. (Curiously, this list is now larger that those who still work with OV…)

There is a curious coincidence between Chris’ name, and the name of a quite famous BC NDP member Ian Waddell (but, a connection hasn’t been established yet, can you help?) Ian was a member of a group they call the Kingsway Mafia, a notably aggressive group of NDP members who operate in East Vancouver.

Always with the red scarf...

So, some questions for you all:

1.) Is there a relation between Chris Waddell and Ian Waddell?

2.) Does Chris have any relationship with CSIS?

3.) What is the relation between Occupy Vancouver and the Kingsway Mafia?

4.) What is David Eby’s connection to the Kingsway Mafia?

I’ve been suspicious of Chris Waddell for a while now- as I am with any of the people involved with ‘banishing’ people for asking questions. (for example, Sarah Behuler, the banishment queen) Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me (with guaranteed confidentiality) at: [email protected]

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    • Junoitsasecret on January 28, 2012 at 20:26
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    Interesting thread? Ha!

    I think you might be with CSIS…

    1. And I suspect you may be a terrorist! I’ll tell my superiors at CSIS to add you to the no-fly list. :-p

  1. Greg, what does the comment about S. Behuler mean? She was banished? Or did some banishing? Please clarify for those of us who are out of loop.

    1. Sarah has been actively involved in the banishing- she also likes to use the word ‘monster’ to describe people who she doesn’t like. She seemed so nice at first- but, in time, she has become rather cold-hearted to people. One has to wonder what her motivations are…

      p.s. I have just changed the wording to make this more clear.

    • James on January 29, 2012 at 09:08
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    I know Ian. Have known him for yrs. Unless Chris has married Ian, there is probably no relation. As for Ian, real piece of work that guy.

    1. Thanks for the input- we’ll have to see if there is any relation, stay tuned!

      And, Chris is a real piece of work too! He has been calling for many people to be ‘banished’ from Occupy Vancouver for simply asking questions. He is also part of the inner ‘cabal’ of people who have taken OV for their own. So, if they are both ‘a piece of work’ then perhaps there is at least a genetic connection? lol

    • James on January 29, 2012 at 09:32
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    Honestly, with all due respect, I think you all may be reading to much into this. Sarah, Chris and even Ruth are all working for one person, themselves. Granted, we all do to a certain extent, but let’s be honest, Occupy (if is actually accomplishes anything) has the ability to do some great stuff. Great stuff for people trying to launch a career in politics, PR, journalism. Great stuff for outside groups who want someone to do the “dirty work” while they stand back and watch. But we have discussed this before.
    Actually, as far a Chris goes, I am not sure if he is really really sophisticated or really really unsophisticated.

    1. The problem here is one of transparency- which is a fundamental part of the Occupy movement, but somehow has been forgotten by Occupy Vancouver. By not being transparent these people are opening themselves to question for why they aren’t transparent.

      Make sense?

    • James on January 29, 2012 at 15:36
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    So if I wanted to delete my comments, how would I do that? I ask because there is an argument right now about comments that were taken off here.

    1. Not sure how you could, but I can if you wish.

      The only comments I changed were ad-hominem attacks on my character that had no explanation or basis in fact. I normally wouldn’t do something like that, and won’t in the future. Apologies if this offended you. In the future, I’ll just delete them.

    • James on January 29, 2012 at 16:15
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    Actually, I think it best you leave them up. Otherwise it may lead to what is going on in one of the FB pages right now. Let your detractors show their true colours.
    If however, they post something that could cause serious harm, ie threats or libel. Delete, copy, (actually other way around) then note it on your blog.
    At least, that is what I would suggest.

    1. Thanks for understand, the changed comments have now been deleted. Where is all this conversation happen,on the moderated page?

    • James on January 29, 2012 at 16:30
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    No, the conversation that you are involved in. (BC?)

  2. Wow! So little we hear when we are not actively involved with Occupy.
    The whole idea of “Banishing” seems contrary to the spirit of Occupy, which from its inception was “Inclusive”…Therefore, anyone who promotes banishment of a person or group should be suspect. Divide and conquer is a time tested strategy and one must suspect that is being used in this instance.
    I wonder how these people have gained the credibility and power to effect these, “banishments”? I suppose it rises from a loss of momentum and manpower within Occupy.
    To have any chance of surviving the coming storm we need to pull together even tighter and to bring ever more people to commitment.

  3. A word of advice from a source I don’t normally use, for Occupy: “give your freinds lots of room, but Hold your enemies close”, so you know where the bastards are….:)
    Don’t try to “banish” the dividers.

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