Letter to The CEO Of Vancouver Coastal Health About Cop Watch’s Attacks On Me

Dr. David Ostrow- CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health

Trying to keep up-to-date on the shenanigans of Vancouver Cop Watch (VCW), I checked out their Facebook a couple of hours ago- and, wow, was I ever surprised to see what they had posted! It seems that I found evidence of a crime- an employee of Aldergrove Neighborhood Services made an illegal criminal record check against me. I have notified the Langley RCMP about this, and have registered an official complaint with her boss.

Lynn Marois

But, I also found something much more disturbing- an issue that every resident of Vancouver needs to be aware of. First, Ann Livingston tried to frame my criticism of VCW as being sexist. This is hardly the behaviour people would expect from someone who takes over $200K per year from Vancouver Coastal Health.

But, also, another registered nurse, Bonnie Fournier (who is connected to the Pickton case) has laid-out a plan to have me detained for a mental health investigation! I’ve heard of ‘car 87’ being used for such attacks before, but never did I imagine to see someone actually write about it on Facebook!

Bonnie Fournier

Below is my letter to Dr David Ostrow, the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health- asking for him to put a full investigation into the matter. I will now be contacting members of the Vancouver media. The people of this city need to understand the type of corruption they are facing in the DTES…


cc: BC College Of Registered Nurses, Langley RCMP, Vancouver Police Department, BC Ministry of Health

Dear Dr. Ostrow,

I’ve written you about a past incident when an employee of Vancouver Coastal Health had misused her position in your organization to accuse me of being ‘mentally ill and dangerous’ as part of a political attack. Well, unfortunately, it appears I am under a similar attack by two registered nurses with connections to your organization.

I cannot tell you how dismayed I am by this situation. VCH has a very serious problem on their hands…

A few days ago I began writing some articles about an organization called Vancouver Cop Watch (VCW). One of the leaders of VCW is Ann Livingston, the director of the VCH funded Vancouver Area Network Of Drug Users (VANDU).  VCW has a long history of harassing members of the Vancouver Police Department on the streets, and posting derogatory information about them online.

After I wrote this story, VCW began to get a lot of attention in the media- culminating with an interview on the Bill Good show on CKNW radio a couple of days ago. During this interview, VCW told a number of mistruths to the public, and Ann Livingston criticised the police for making attempts to stop people with substance abuse issues from walking into traffic. This was rather disappointing to me, as I am aware that a number of people have been hurt and/or died because of the issue.

I wrote another article about this situation yesterday, where I identified that VCW was given assistance misrepresenting themselves to the public by a notorious anarchist, and public nuisance, who has a reputation for interrupting proceedings at Vancouver’s City Hall.

What came out of that today was beyond my imagination of what could happen- and, is indicative that VCH has a serious challenge on your hands. Ann Livingston, and a nurse named Bonnie Fournier were involved in some very serious threats against me. Additionally, an employee of Aldergrove Neighborhood Services claimed to have made an illegal criminal records check against me. (they have been notified about this situation). Here are the postings:

As you can see, they made serious allegations about me- indicating that I am potentially dangerous to women in a public forum. I am astounded that Ann, who takes 100’s of thousands of dollars of funding from VCH, would be so irresponsible. But, later in the thread, things get much worse:

I’ve never met, nor heard of Bonnie Fournier before- but, on discovering that she is a registered nurse who works in the DTES, I am seriously disturbed to see what that she is suggesting to misuse public services to commit an act of political psychiatry against me. I’ve heard people complain this has occurred in the past, but never took it seriously until now. How many people has this happened to in the past?

I need VCH to take immediate action on this issue- this is too serious to be let to continue. I believe that there needs to be a full investigation into the threats against me- and into whether similar actions have been taken against others. It seems to me that the people of Vancouver have a serious problem on their hands.

I will shortly be contacting the media about this situation, as it is too important to not let the people know what is happening with VCH and your related people/organizations. Thank you for your attention to this matter, I look forward to your response.

-Greg Renouf

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