Vancouver Casseroles Leftovers Gone Wild! (Featuring Cop Watch!)

Last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march was another gong show. It looks like only about a dozen people showed up- there were more police than demonstrators. One could call it another ‘leftovers’ march- but, with so few people, perhaps they should just be called scraps?

When I read Vancouver Cop Watch’s take of what happened it sounded like something really bad happened again. That said, one cannot take these people seriously- they have a serious problem with David Ebyesque grandstanding. What VCW explained to be an “unprecedented” “unconcealed attempt to criminalize dissent” was anything but. What are these people’s agenda?

The good news is that they didn’t get as scrappy as the event at Vancouver’s City Hall last week. There was no physical violence, and no old men got punched in the face. That said, their behaviour was still rather poor- they put shame on the Casseroles movement.

The police were incredibly polite- despite having people chanting and swearing at them. Most of this was done by a small group of 3-4 anarcho-primitivists dressed on ninja costumes. Chris Hedges was right when he called these people a cancer, they do nothing but add shame to the events they attend.

As the crowd blocked both sides of Burrard Street (a major artery, and route to one of Vancouver’s hospitals) the police gently asked them to only take one side of the street. The Casseroles scraps refused to move, the police asked politely a second time, the scraps ignored them and were then arrested.

The video was filmed by Cameron Bode, who decided to get all angry and abusive with Officer Vogue. That’s a shame, he’s a rather nice guy who doesn’t deserve this type of crap.


Watching the video, the police don’t demonstrate even a minute amount of anger. That said, the demonstrators most certainly did. Once more, this is evidence of how VCW’s reports are simply not to be trusted. They kill their own credibility every time they post something online. This is a real shame- because, their (official) mission is a good one, it is only their execution that is bad.

That said, this is assuming that their official mission is their true purpose. The more I see VCW put out there, the more it appears their real mission is to divide the police and the people- just like Harsha Walia’s Black Bloc, and David Eby’s cop-hating at the BC Civil Liberties Association. No wonder he volunteers as their lawyer!

Just as I had finished this story I found some more information on Facebook. What a surprise! It looks like it was Lauren Gill who posted the misinformation on the VCW Facebook page. Lauren really seems to have an axe to grind, and doesn’t seem to mind perverting the truth to grind it.

Why is it that so many roads radical lead to Vancouver Coastal Health?

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    • James on June 27, 2012 at 09:16
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    These people really need to stop speaking in their own defense, it is making it too easy for the prosecutors. As for the comment “we always take to the streets”, well that is akin to saying “We always do 150km/hr in a 100 zone”. Yup, and today they decided to take the time to bust you for it. Suck it up, buttercup. If getting arrested for breaking the law is the worst thing that happens in your revolution, consider yourself lucky. And if you really thought that things couldn’t get that bad in your revolution, well maybe you should spend more time in your nice warm library sipping your latte, and staying clear of life, because you are going to get steamrolled, and it will hurt you a lot more than someone who has actually had some life experience, with the bruises and scars to match.

  1. that lady in the black, with the red skirt thing, she appears to be from the middle east or india or something, black hair brown eyes, short… she looks familiar I think I’ve seen her in Victoria a few times. I took a snapshot of her and am adding her to the name that shill contest, if anybody has a name lol.

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