MediaWatch: Solid Evidence That The Vancouver Media Co-Op Are Lying Hacks… (Feat. Ann Livingston!)

If you read the article I posted on last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march you will find this video amusing. Notice how it says that last week’s marchers were “unexpectedly” put into custody. This is such a complete lie! As the video I posted yesterday clearly proves, the police gave ample warning to the demonstrators to stay on one side of the street, and they were completely polite about it…

Someone asked me on Facebook yesterday why I didn’t make any mention of the article on Media Co-Op that one of the women who was arrested was asked to take her clothes-off in front of male officers. Well, I believe you know the answer now- because I don’t trust anything that comes from Media Co-Op. And, neither should you- they are as far from being respectful journalists as the people at The Enquirer.

Here’s yesterday’s video for a comparison:

So you can imagine what I think of Ann Livingston’s (the head of VANDU) credibility when she promotes articles from this pro-violence rag…

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    • Brotherwolf1 on June 28, 2012 at 22:34
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    Media Co-op is, in my opinion just the publicity arm of anarchists to , in some convoluted way, try and justify the actions of violence and criminality and put some spin on it to try and make them appear as if these actions are for the betterment of the public. I remember many years ago, during the cold war, when the Soviet Union ran a news paper called Pravda. this was the official news paper out of the official news agency TASS , as I recall, where all news that was released , came from this sole source. ( feel free to correct me if I have this fact stated incorrectly ) This was also the propaganda arm of the communist party. So too are ” news sites ” like rabble and media co-op. They don’t state facts, rather, they twist stories to reflect a very one sided view of the world. These ” reporters ” which in of itself an insult to actual real journalists who have real credibility and experience , who write for these organizations are also usually very much involved with the very groups they portray as being heroic so they are starting off with a total lack of objectivity and neutrality. They vilify those who actually accomplish things without the use of anarchism and violence and canonize those who use anarchy, violence and oppression to further thier own causes and agendas.

    The perfect example of this was a very recent conviction and sentencing of violent anarchist Alex Hundert. He committed a wide range of crimes , had a long history with organizations that advocated and used violence also exclusively as the sole means of protest, but these same so called journalists forgot to include a few facts along the way, such as the actual damage and destruction they caused as a result . Indeed , these same so called journalists advocated and support these very actions themselves. Lets call a spade a spade, people like Alex Hundert and others just like him are nothing but low life neanderthals who are aimless, lack motivation, blame their own their own deficiancies on others while refusing to take personal responsibility for their own actions. In other words, they use the old standby: why take responsibility for my actions when it so much easier to blame someone else . These people have , and never will, amount to anything because they refuse to face the reality and gravity of their actions.

    News agencies such as the afore mentioned are part of the problem as they do nothing to stop these actions. …

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