Results Are In: The International Socialist’s Kevin Annett IS A Con-Artist! (and Native uprising is coming?)

“You should not honor men more than truth.” ~Plato

I took a lot of abuse from people after suggesting Kevin Annett is a con-artist. I had people sending me hate mail, abusive messages on Facebook, and an article or two written about me. I won’t hold their actions against the people who attacked me for writing the truth. Tempers can get flared when one’s reality is challenged…

Kevin ‘runs’ the grandiosely named “International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church And State”. After a bit of research, it turned-out that his tribunal was a mailing address at his father’s house at a trailer park in North Florida. It was on this “organization’s” website that he posted his admission of guilt a couple of days ago.

That said, being the schmuck that Kevin is, he didn’t make any attempt to repent for his sins…

Kevin Annett;s bones- beef, pork, or mutton?

Here’s an exert from the article where Annett, in a weasel like fashion, admits that the bones in his pocket weren’t human like he told everyone:

“…the ITCCS teams sunk two small test digs which revealed positive evidence of burials. These included remains of clothing and buttons positively identified as coming from school uniforms, as well as bone samples which turned out to be primarily animal mixed with probable human remains of small children.”

Now, as I found out back in February, and explained to you in my first article on this subject, it costs $450 USD to get a DNA test for human bones, and the results are guaranteed in seven days “or your money back”. Kevin says he has been able to positively identify the animal bones, but the human ones are “probable”.

Kevin’s so transparent in his attempt to cheat his way out of lying that I don’t even know he is bothering. If that isn’t clearly the behaviour of someone with psychopathic tendencies (some Marxist tendencies too!) then this next quote most certainly is:

“The very success of this dig, and its kindling of similar independent excavations at two other former residential schools during 2012, has sparked a counter-attack by the government of Canada and the Anglican Church which has caused the Brantford inquiry to be put on temporary hold.”

The good news is that is seems that some of the people in the Brantford community are standing-up to Annett’s buffoonery:

“Early in 2012 after the test digs had uncovered the first bone samples, a government-funded operative named Jan Longboat recruited and paid one of the tribal members who had authorized the ITCCS inquiry, Frank Miller, to begin criticizing the inquiry and calling for the expulsion of ITCCS field worker Kevin Annett from the Mohawk community.

Miller successfully factionalized the original group of authorizing Mohawks by stoking fear and spreading state-sponsored smears about Kevin Annett in the community, despite Kevin having been adopted into the Mohawk Nation and given a name.”

And, as expected, he pulled one of his favourite tricks- labelling someone who disagreed with him as a “government-funded operative”. I expected that though, he’s even used that sort of language for me. It is sad though to see how he leans on the crutch of having conned another community into giving him a Mohawk name. And, the division he is talking about is created by himself.

So, despite the fact he has now discredited himself, it appears that Annett refuses to stop proceeding with his deception. This is unfortunate, as he is taking money from, and raising the expectations of a lot of people. This is deeply shameful behaviour- Annett must be stopped.

If you have given money or resources to this man, you have the power to stop him- simply file a fraud complaint with the police. And, if you paid him by cheque or a money order, you have very strong evidence towards getting him convicted. It is simple really- if you ask someone for money based on the premise of a lie, you are a criminal.

As I mentioned in my early articles on Annett- he is not only a member of the International Socialists, but he has had an incredible amount of assistance from them in perpetrating his fraud. People like Winnie Ng at Ryerson university, or Judy Rebick and who not only promoted the fraud but actually charged people up to $200 for the privilege of listening to his pitch! If you donated money because of their promotion, I recommend that you mention this when you are fling your case.

And, what a surprise! It looks like Sakura Saunders is also deeply involved…

As I wrote in my story about the May Day parade, the International Socialists are using this fraud as the basis for agitating potentially violent uprisings with indigenous groups across the country. I published another story earlier this week that further indicates there is a real possibility this could occur on June 21st. These are dangerous times we live in.

Let’s hope First Nations communities now see through this ruse and decide to stand-down now. Otherwise, a lot of people may get hurt. If you are still intent on an uprising- why not have one against the man who deceived you?

A good way to get back your honour back would be to immediately revoke Kevin Annett’s Mohawk name- the man doesn’t deserve to have it. Or, at the minimum, perhaps you could change it to something more appropriate- Walking Eagle would work…


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