Letter To A Con Artist (Kevin Annett of course…)

Kevin Annett (defrocked priest) with Barry Weisleder (defrocked NDP’er) in May, 2011

Dear Kevin,

Your letter says a lot- both by what you do say, and by what you omit. Probably more by what you omit…

First, that you would quote PT Barnum is so incredibly perfect. “There’s a fool born every minute” said Barnum- without this truth, you never would have got very far, would you Kevin? How else could you have convinced people to send cheques to your dad’s trailer park in North Florida!

We’ve met before Kevin, only briefly, at Occupy Vancouver. I was the person who was working to convince people there that it would be best to resist your harebrained scheme to ‘occupy the churches’. I was successfully able to convince people that it would be a damaging thing to do. Most people in British Columbia feel deep regret about what happened in the residential schools- invading their churches would only create negative feelings with them.

I’m glad I was successful at arguing my case…

Why have I put so much time into researching you Kevin? Because I have an inherent dislike of con-artists. Particularly those who trade off of other people’s pain. When I heard about what you had been up-to at the Six Nations reserve, I felt I had no choice but to expose you for the fraud that you are.

I’m glad I’ve been successful at this…

I’ll get into the details of your family’s water business/stock swindle in a future article Kevin. I’m aware of the hostile takeover that occurred after the company’s bank accounts ran dry. Why did I bring this into the conversation? Because, your father was involved in that company, just as he is involved in your current swindle- this makes the story very relevant.


I have no idea why you brought your sex life into the story Kevin- feeling a little bit insecure are you? I’m aware of the time you brought a prostitute into Co-Op Radio, and have communicated with a couple of people who are are aware of this case- but, I didn’t bring this up, as I thought it was a bit tasteless to do so. Even more tasteless is your bragging about your sexual prowess and how long you can last with a marginalized sex worker.

Have you no shame?

As I said, your letter says just as much by what you do say as by what you don’t. Are you trying to avoid your lies that I’ve exposed? Let me remind you of them:
1.) It is impossible to sue the Queen or the Pope- yet, you say that you are doing just that. Can you please explain?

2.) If you are accepting money from people, why don’t you have a registered charity? It is a crime to accept money the way you say you are.

3.) Tell us about the bones Kevin. Was it not a crime to dig into a gravesite like that? Why didn’t you have DNA tests made?

4.) The Six Nations elders have denounced you, and retracted your Mohawk name. Why is that Kevin?

5.) You have been defrocked by the United Church. Why do you still use the title ‘Reverend’? Is that not fraudulent?

6.) Your use of the phrase ‘ex-parte’ is wrong, this does not mean that a court case is secret. So, can you please explain why you are not listed on the court’s docket?

7.) You claim to be living in poverty, yet you live in a house that has been assessed by the City of Nanaimo as being valued at over $200,000. Can you please explain this discrepancy?
Kevin, the number one way to identify a con-artist is that they try to deflect when they have been asked difficult questions. Your entire letter is a giant exercise in deflection. If you are telling the truth, then why don’t you answer these questions? Because you can’t?

Lastly, if I am lying about you, may I suggest that you file a case against me in court? After all, if you can sue the government, the Pope, the Queen, and (to quote Mr. Bowman) the King of Farouk, you can most certainly sue me. By not taking this action you are only exposing yourself Kevin.

As long as you keep-up with this fraud, I will be watching and writing about you Kevin. The gig is up for you, Bowman, and the others involved in this fraud. I’ve had over a dozen people approach me today, including members of the mainstream media- you have been exposed, and there is nowhere to hide now.




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  1. This fool kevin annett is the exact reason why one of my friends are pissed at me right now. He believes this man and I don’t buy shit because the story behind this guy plays musical fuckin chairs and is not very coherent. First he has the analysis and is sitting on it, then the elders have it cuz he can’t bring bones home. WTF. Now as we all know groups like occupy and WAC fundraise the same way and are not registered charities, however, we do not go around telling people that it is charity (although I’ve heard occupy call it that a few times). And finally, I wanted to point out that this guy does not want to deal with you he would much rather ignore you and pretend that you don’t exist rather than answer your questions, plus he doesn’t have fast answers he is really slow to give any when asked the tough questions. I don’t trust him. My friend might but the very fact that he is “using” occupy and not addressing the obvious issues with occupy is completely two-faced and hypocritical. I’d like to see this guy rise up to the challenges you’ve issued and I’ve encouraged, however, this guy is shifty there’s no freaking way a con artist like him would take the opportunity to vindicate himself. He might have my friend convinced, but I won’t stop calling bullshit on this guy till he produces evidence and stops blaming other things — he has been at it for decades and can’t even produce 1 photo of the bones (because pictures of bones can still be evidence). What sort of fucking investigator doesn’t snap photos and keep records?

  2. Hmmm. Frankly, when a man says he didn’t have sex with a prostitute, I tend to take his word for it. That’s about as much as I take Kevin Annett’s word on.

    1. I don’t believe him. It was caught on video tape- crack pipe and all. And, I have communicated with people who were at the radio station at the time- they have confirmed…

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