Still Not Convinced Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Are Lying? (I’ve got more…)

Benedict XVI – The Teflon Pope!

I’m happy with the results of my work yesterday. More and more people are being turned-on to the fact that Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman are con artists. It feels good to help people this way, and I’d like to give a special thank you to all of the people who have reached out and sent messages about appreciating my stories. I love you all.

Despite the fact I have presented incontrovertible evidence that these two are lying, there are a few hangers-on who still believe in what these guys are saying. So, for you, I am publishing more evidence that their claims are false. I have a lot more evidence too, but will share it with you in stages. I understand how difficult it can be to free oneself from the lies of a skilled con-artist.

I’ve been researching the previous court case Annett claimed to have filed. This case was also against the Canadian government and the Pope- but, not ‘big pharma’. On a funny note, one has to laugh at the ‘big pharma’ claim- you can’t sue an industry in court, but you actually have to issue named defendants. I guess they didn’t teach this to Bowman at Harvard!

Well, that last case was a dismal failure- it got thrown out of court quicker than Kevin’s dad deposits the cheques that are mailed to his trailer park! I’ll write more about the case soon (I have all of the documents). But, for now, let me share one of the most important documents- a letter from the Pope’s lawyer.

Annett & Bowman’s claim that they have a court date to sue the Pope is a complete fraud. As you can see from the letter, it is as impossible to sue the Pope as it is to sue the Queen! You see, the Pope has diplomatic immunity, as stated in the Canadian State Immunity Act 1985-c-s18.

If you have given money to Kevin Annett, you have the opportunity to file a criminal complaint against him. And, if you have mailed him money to the US, Annett is subject to being charged for Mail Fraud. I’m sure you feel a bit cheated by now- can I ask that you help protect others from being defrauded in the future and that you file a complaint?

Here’s a copy of the letter the Pope’s lawyers sent in response to the last fraudulent law suit. It backs-up the fact that these guys are lying through their teeth. More to come soon!


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