Kevin Annett Announces Fake Court Date!

Kevin Annett, defrocked priest & con-artist

Kevin Annett, defrocked priest & con-artist


Well, it seems that notable con-artist Kevin Annett is back up to his old tricks! Annett put-out an official sounding press release on July 1st announcing he will be taking the Canadian government, the Pope, PM Harper, and “big pharma” to court at a hearing in Toronto on July 9th! My friends, can you smell the bullshit from where you are?

Here, have a look at this gem:


There’s so much wrong with this document that I don’t have the time to cover it all- so, let’s keep it simple. Here’s a copy of the Toronto federal court docket for July 9th:



Can you see what’s missing? Yep, not a single mention of Kevin Annett, the ITCSS, or this newly made-up organization he’s using called the Association of Citizen Prosecutors. This is clearly a con.

Next, let’s discuss their definition of the word ‘ex-parte’- because these guys got that one totally wrong. The true meaning of the phrase, in Canadian law, is a decision is made by a judge without having all parties present in the courtroom. It does not mean that opposing parties are barred access to the court filings. The only court where that happens would be labelled a kangaroo court.

If you have given money to these monkeys you are being defrauded. I strongly recommend that you file a complaint with your local police force- these guys are making a fool out of you…
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    • Occultpie Myass on July 3, 2012 at 03:46
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    Holy crap!!!! That is beyond insane! Good job on exposing this con artist.

    1. Thanks! And, you are right- this is entirely insane…

  1. Morning Greg,

    It is beyond insane. Annett put out another article that he swears it is not for money. Oh he obtained a real job??? However that article has implications that are quite interesting from the perspective of what Annett says he stands for in his self appointment of being the savior of Indians.

    New info on Annett’s pals.

    1. Jason J Bowman is a hemp/cannibis lover, his founded organization just this year operates out of a house. How surprising. I cannot find any references where this bloke has ever tried a case.

    It appears that they are not just hijacking history but possibly the fact that Mr. Wrzesnewsky from the Etobicoke riding’s lawyers have until July 4th to submit documents in court. Interesting that Annett and Bowman say that they will be filing a motion on the same date. Then I heard that Bowman was on his wall, imploring that people show up there, so it may be more of an effort to get some stolen mainstream media photo ops.

    2. It was shared with me that Kevin Annett’s London Headquarters is run out of a Flat in London by someone that goes by the name of Cornelius who claims he is a researcher for Kevin Annett’s one man ITCCS organization. Annett of course goes by different titles, ” Acting Secretary, Secretary, President of the ITCCS”.

    3. Annett’s supporters are trying to claim he single handily brought this awareness, all not true.Stolen history and stories.

    4. Annett and his supporters were trying to threatens anyone that speaks against them including Irish survivors with court action. Hanne Anderson was on an Irish support group trying to threaten a person that expressed that they had difficulties with Annett’s stories.

    5. A person in the professional field of science shared with me which I posted on FB that what Kevin said about the bones is not true and gave the following professional explanation (. Although Annett already came out in his June 5th article and said that the bones were animal possible mixed with human).

    Here is what a professional person had to say about Annett’s lies and fabrications of the bones. I do have permission to post this from the person.

    I am a scientist and a researcher for one of the largest pediatric research facilities in the world (you can see all of this from my Facebook) and I know about research methods and designs. There is NO way what he is saying about these bones are true – you would have to suspend belief.

    As a scientist, there are certain protocols. The biggest being that you engage in hypothesis testing, and expect either outcome to be valid. So, you would a) catalog and carefully bag and tag the items found and b) send to lab for testing. Under NO circumstances do you touch these items with bare hands, carry in a pocket or wave around! Further, you can’t make an announcement without tests. Actually, there is normally an association with a university, grant funding and a research TEAM. He knows this. His bachelors is in anthropology.

    6. Marcia Lane admitted that she doesn’t always read Kevin Annett’s articles, in fact she wasn’t aware what Annett had posted on June 5th about the bones. on a group that we are both on and that she insisted that she drag me into her defense of another one of Annett’s pathetic flunkies John Deegan. It appears that Marcia blindly defends Annett and his pathetic coherts like Deegan. It does explain some of her responses in her defense of Annett now that we know she doesn’t always read his articles.

    7.Johh Deegan out of Ireland is Annett’s twin, Annett is self appointed Indian savior and hijacks the history, John Deegan is the same only he hijacks Irelands history. Like Annett Deegan has not job and relies on donations.

    Irish survivors have come out against Deegan who threatened one Irish victim/survivor that is disabled…. to give up his birth certificate and bus pass. The person has Deegan on tape and he has witnesses to this latest threat.

    According to Irish survivors John Deegan hijacked their history and like Annett abuses and bullies the Survivors while trying to take over complete history from the Survivors.( and again I am able to repost with permission from this person.,as well)

    My response as posted on FB to Kevin Annett’s and his flunkies…. threats to those that speak out against their ruse and con artist marathons.

    If I were Kevin Annett and his supporters I would rethink trying to threaten anyone. Although it would be fun to have Annett explain his publications.

    The legal reality is that everyone has the legal right to speak, weigh in and talk about Annett’s articles, videos, announcements, any way they like.

    1. Annett not only blogs, he insists that his articles, publications, videos are passed around.

    2. He has made some serious allegations against some high profile figures out there and has indeed slandered others including survivors.

    3. His own publications would work against him in a court of law.

    4. I for one would love to see what a court of law thought of those sample affidavits in which survivors have stated as per links I provided above that he did not have permission, he stole those stories and he scanned signatures on those affidavits. I pretty confident an expert would be able to support the survivors claims against Annett.

    5. Annett bolsters himself NOT efforts himself with overblown self appointed, what he thinks is important titles.

    6. Most importantly he would to contend with the Survivors Statements themselves against him and what he did to them, i.e stealing their stories etc….

    Annett and his supporters think they can threaten people, they want to go to court, because others dare to question, oppose Annett’s lies, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh please pursue it I am begging Annett to try it. It would be the stupidest thing he could do, believe me.

    That’s all I have for now and thanks genuine for also keeping up with this and making sure that people that could be conned by Annett and his group of flunkies has a place to review contrary statements and opinions before they get suckered in and give Annett and any other money in donations.

    P.S so far Annett or Bowman does not show up on any court lists, I have been checking every day when the lists are updated and intend to do so right up until July 9th, as I stated on FB.

    Have a nice day

    1. Wow- that’s a lot of information. Thanks for sharing!

      It is clear now, beyond a doubt, that Annett is a cancer. This man needs to be stopped now.

  2. One other thing the Queen cannot be brought to trial, so when Kevin Annett and Bowman advertise this, its BS. OOPS

    just for a note to the legal eagles of Annett’s farm team And Bowman’s Hemp/Cannibis team. You mention in your own articles that you want to try and bring the Queen of England Elizabeth II the Head of state/Crown to court. The Queen cannot be brought to trial.

    The Crown Proceedings Act 1947 allows civil lawsuits against the Crown in its public capacity (that is, lawsuits against the government), but not lawsuits against the monarch personally.

    The Crown is not bound by laws passed in Parliament.The Queen is technically the head of all organs of government – the executive (power to dismiss it, though never used) – the legislature (power to dissolve parliament, used on advice of Prime Minister) and the important one – the Judiciary.

    All public prosecutions are brought in her name, I.E)queen) Vs whoever. All police forces pledge allegiance to her.The queen cannot be a witness or be the accused in a court, since it presents the anomaly of her prosecuting herself. Queen is present in all courts and acts as the prosecuting authority in most criminal cases, either directly or indirectly: she cannot therefore sue or prosecute herself or judge her own case. The explanation most commonly offered in texts on Crown immunity is that “the Queen can do no wrong”, and therefore cannot be held liable for breaches of contract or in tort).

    1. Another really good point here! When will people realize that not only is Kevin Annett a liar, but he is a bad one at that…

  3. Oh last thing according to sources Kevin Annett has at best 2-3 people that support him in Ireland. That is it. ( So much for all of Ireland as one of his friends announced, not according to Irish Survivors themselves is Annett supported by them)

    As well as there is someone by the name of Carolann R along with John Deegan duped the Irish Survivors into thinking she was bedridden with Cancer and yet they have a picture and a picture they sent to me…. of this same person looking fine and well walking with Deegan. I don’t have the full story on that one yet, but it seems that Deegan and Carolann used this for his gain and it doesn’t appear to be true. Again I don’t have the full story on that one yet.

    • Notfooled on July 3, 2012 at 16:36
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    This is the most ridiculous document I have ever seen. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone would circulate such a document unless the person was entirely mental. “Secret motion papers” is hardly a legal term. There is no such thing as a secret motion paper. Before you file a motion, you have to file a lawsuit. The motion(s) follow(s) the lawsuit. Is there an actual lawsuit filed? As far as the ex-parte goes – when you file a motion, the other party answers the motion. There is no ex-parte motion. It doesn’t exist. A judge may in some rare cases see one party or the other on an ex-parte basis, but certainly not a motion. Is there a financial pitch behind this madness?

    1. There is, indeed, a financial pitch behind this. Annett is asking people to send cheques to his dad’s trailer park in North Florida. Basically, he’s a con artist…

    • JohnAnon on June 3, 2014 at 18:10
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    Ill admit.. at first Kevin had me going.. I almost wanted to believe it was true in order to see some justice done to the church itself. However, thats where the real con begins.

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