The Final Evidence That Kevin Annett Is A Con Artist! (Jason Bowman Too…)

Jason Bowman- Annett’s new partner in crime…

I wrote yesterday about Kevin Annett’s announcement that he was going to file a court case against the Queen, Harper, and ‘big pharma’. Well, if you had any doubt if they were lying after reading my last article, all of that doubt should be gone now. Not only are these guys liars- they are bad liars…

Kevin Annett didn’t show-up for the press conference, he was back in British Columbia. But, a new character appeared today- Jason Bowman. This guy is as nutty as Kevin is, so the day was still entertaining. I didn’t get a great picture of it, but if you look closely you can see he was wearing a feather sticking out of his hair. What’s up with that?

The meeting was mostly a lot of gobbledygook- lots of big words and phrases being thrown around by someone who didn’t understand the meaning of them.  The key one was the word ex-parte. I covered this yesterday- ex-parte means that a court case can be held without one of the parties in the court room. Bowman tried to tell us that it meant that the court case is secret and all details are kept secret from the accused!

I explained to him how this is totally wrong- the only court where this would be allowed to happen would be a kangaroo court! But, this was essential to their con- by saying the case was ‘top secret’ they could explain why one can’t find their case listed on the docket.

Ticket from the office of the clerk of the court


I went to the clerk of the court after the press conference and asked them if this was true. The guy behind the counter started to laugh out loud! As I already knew, Bowman was lying when he said he had filed a secret court case. Bowman was also lying when he said he had filed a case today that would be heard in the next week. The clerk said- “at the Toronto court, he must be kidding!” Apparently, it takes a long time to get your case heard in this city…

Bowman also said that he was challenging the defendants under Admiralty Law. Is this monkey kidding me? The clerk also confirmed that they don’t try cases of admiralty law. Bowman and Annett are bad liars- plain and simple.

Here’s a video I captured at the event today that shows what an idiot this guy is:

So, the verdict is in- Kevin Annett is, unquestionably, a lying con artist. His friend Jason Bowman is too. If you have given either of these guys money, it is time for you to report them to the police…

And, a special message to the people of Occupy Toronto- don’t forget that Sakura Saunders & Judy Rebick actually worked with and promoted this man. You need to wonder what their motives are…


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    • mollymcevil on July 4, 2012 at 22:01
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    And even if he did go to Harvard law school.. that’s American law.. totally different animal than Canadian law.

    1. Good point!

  1. Annett certainly talks a good mission. And he certainly had 11 sets of people – including me – fooled in 11 different locations around the world when he led the “serving a summons on the pope” schmaltz on the 10 Oct. 2010, when these sets of people served summonses on the pope wherever they were – but what of any end result? I note nothing whatsoever has happened as a result of this supposed mission – and the paedophilia continues within the RC church via the priests therein the same as it ever did = an older expose of a paedo priest::

    1. I’m familiar with the other filing, and I have all of the court documents. Will be posting a story with the details on that soon…

  2. Good Morning everybody.

    Good point, that he says he went to Harvard American law vs Canadian law. Either way Bowman is an idiot and I was unimpressed with the feather sticking out of his head. He does not have an ounce of First Nations North American Indian Blood in him. Bowman is still lying, he posted that it wall went well and that he filed court papers. A secret court case, it is only secret because they are borrowing a room to hold a mock trial, in which the named defendants will not be entitled illegally I may add to attend their own certain prosecution. Thank-you Greg for taking the time,and if Brotherwolf was there by you attending, it really sheds even more light to the fact that Kevin Annett is a Con Artist, Liar, Cheat, Thief and Fraud and apparently Jason J Bowman is made up of the same cloth. People need to know this about Annett before they give him money. Bowman threw up his site very recently to try to hoodwink people.

    My one and only question Greg, is who interviewed you.

    1. One of the other people there commented on the fact that Bowman wasn’t First Nations. She said she was disturbed to see this whole thing was run by white people. I agree.

      The person who interviewed me was someone I hadn’t met before. She said she had some some freelance for She was on-the-fence about Annett when I met her- luckily, as you can see in the video, she quickly understood the truth…

    • Noeline Villebrun on July 5, 2012 at 17:59
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    Can you answer my question! Who made you an authority on aboriginal issues Greg! What makes you say kevin is a Con Artist! Who will speak up for all the dead children and relatives that I lost during the residential school era! I am a survivor and the Canadian Government and the Queen is in denial of what they did to the children of Canada. Obviously, you are helping to hide the truth from the world by creating controversy. Who will speak for the many children who were beaten or starved to death and treated like dogs. Some were made to crawl in the priests toilet where they shit so they have to retrieve things they dropped in the outhouses! Explain these lies to the people who told them and call them liars! I dont know what mission you are on but obviously it is people like you who dont believe and are in denial that make it difficult to bring the truth out! I am a witness so please tell me that I am a con artist and a liar! At least Kevin has the balls to stand up for the aboriginal people in Canada when many are still in denial as they are afraid of the truth and what Canada has done to the indegenous people all in the name of the Queen! She hasnt fufilled the treaty of 1900 and therefore she owns nothing of Canada but a legacy of lies and cover ups by the church, government and people with attitudes like yours! I dont know you to write to you harshly like this but I also know you cant be spreading lies either unless you represent the Aboriginal Community in Canada and I know many have given Kevin permission to speak on thier behalf! This doesnt make him a liar! But an advocator for the truth!

    1. I’m not an authority on aboriginal issues- far from it. I’m only just beginning to learn about this area, but I am determined to learn more. What happened at the residential schools was a crime. It makes me sad for my country every time I think about it.

      Kevin Annett cheapens the quest for justice each time he lies about things like this court case. He desensitises people from caring about the truth- this is almost as much of a crime as when he asks people to send money to his dad’s trailer park in North Florida. The guy needs to be stopped…

      • Standing Water on July 6, 2012 at 11:47
      • Reply

      All political identity, aboriginal, canadian, etc. etc. is at worst fraudulent and at best theatrical. Part of the problem is that people like Anett tend to prey upon those who are unaware of the constructed nature of their identity—these people will often have undergone traumatic events wherein that identity is imposed, as in Residential schooling, either of oneself or one’s relations. The basic residential school paradigm is _the_ industrial paradigm for child-rearing. Children are to be industrialized, or they are to be removed from the control and custody of their natural parents, to be placed with state-approved industrializing influences.

      The issue is not so much that horrible things did not happen but that they continue to happen; let the dead bury their dead. There is much more necessary work to be done protecting the living. A natural grief process is well and good—but that is not what Anett is selling, and my view is that people who’d fall in with him are more interested in the dead than the living.

    2. Neoline, appeals to emotion and appeals to vividness are not going to win you an argument I’m sorry to have to tell you. You are accepting conclusions that are not proven and then using these conclusions to bludgeon your opponent (Greg) into accepting that they are wrong by way of emotionally based fallacies. You should try using inquiry based conclusions in your thinking process instead of the opposite, which is conclusion based inquiries where you try to make the facts fit the preconceived conclusion. This is exactly how guys like Kevin Annett (and the modern schooling system which is really to blame) have and will continue to be so successful into tricking people into the wrong way to think about events and phenomenon. Greg has provided lots of examples of the contradictions that follow this Annett story around, and are not ever resolved by Annett. If you cannot clear the contradictions you cannot get at the true facts and ultimately at the truth of reality, or in this case the truth surrounding Annett’s real motives and story.

    • carollois65 on July 6, 2012 at 17:17
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    He didn’t lie about the court case. When Jason got went to file, he was told that some more papers needed to be done first. A misunderstanding, not a lie. He “desensetizes people from caring about the truth”??? what on earth does that even mean??

    1. Who told you that- I think you got your facts wrong…

    • carollois65 on July 6, 2012 at 17:30
    • Reply

    You expect that it would be resolved by now? End result? Its still all very much in progress – what makes more sense: fueling anger, assaults and mistrust at Kevin for making mistakes as he tries to navigate this nightmare? or fueling it at corrupt institutions that perpetuate corruption, child abduction and torture, etc (we all know this list is long), in order to make them STOP their ongoing heinous torture of all of humanity? its way easier and far less dangerous for you to aim it all at Kevin, of course.

    1. Kevin’s lies are cheapening any valid efforts to fix the problem. Consequently, he has become a part of the problem. The Six Nations elders have renounced his work- we should respect that and ask Kevin to stop…

    • EDWIN SANDY on July 12, 2012 at 00:31
    • Reply

    Are you working for the government? Why are you trying to stop him from bringing to light some pretty bad crimes that were committed by the Government, the Churches and the RCMP? Survivors are speaking out. My mother was there for six years, my uncles, my aunts, cousins. Lives were ruined. The world has to know what they’ve done. I’d hate to see kevin’s work ignored by the people he’s trying to help. The Government will be doing that. Get off your ass and learn something a bout what actually happened TALK TO THE SURVIVORS!

    1. I was speaking with one of the survivors today- their take on things is that it is likely Annett is working for the government. By lying, and making a mockery out of the fight for good, he is weakening the case for justice for these horrible crimes…

  3. I was at a meeting at Six Nations about two years ago when a young female (one of Annett’s flock I expect) asked us if we knew of anyone with the surname ——- since she had a reliable source at Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory who told her that two children of that name were buried here. Well, her pitch didn’t go over well. The name she gave is not a Six Nations surname (Grand River or Tyendinaga). Then two of the female Elders who had attended Residential School at the Mohawk Institute (known to activists as the Mush Hole) politely told the intense young woman that the whole Residential School business is very controversial at Six Nations. The young lady seemed perplexed so the Elder said, “At home we were beat, went hungry and learned nothing; at school we were beat, were given three meals a day, and learned something”. Wow, you could have heard a pin drop. This was definitely not what the young woman and her leftist friend (one of the Six Nations solidarity supporters who shows up at any event portraying aboriginal people as victims) expected to hear. But the facts should not be ignored since the world has been brainwashed into seeing only the negatives, not the positives – such as the fact that at one time most of the teachers at Six Nations were educated at the Mohawk Institute.

  4. I’m not disagreeing with much of what you said except the reference to trying cases under admiralty law. I’m not sure how your courts work in canada in respect to counter claims (I realize we are not talking about a counter claim here but humor me), but in a US court that does operate under admiralty law, one can bring a counterclaim and introduce any law they want to the court, something a lot of people do not know. So for instance you can introduce common law into a counterclaim when you receive a hearing or a trial and appear before a standing court in the US. Just a point of detail is all. These guys are clowns first of all, maybe they got too high and confused their filing of a claim with an actual court date? At the end of the day they appear to be relying on misdirection and irrational thinking to steer the crowd of followers and funders who have been tricked by this psychopathic clown Annett.

    1. I consulted a lawyer on many of the legal concepts. Canada has a different system than the US, and as Annett’s deceptions exemplify very well, many pseudo-law Canadian freeman types show their lack of legal knowledge by simply cutting and pasting concepts that were created by their US brethren. From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of Canadian freemen have been making this mistake.

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