Professor Don Cherry- The Truther Academic Who Got Suckered By A Con Artist!

Anthony James Hall – A.K.A. Professor Don Cherry

I’ve written about Professor Anthony James Hall before in my article titled The Truther With An Aversion To The Truth. If you ever felt bad for people who had to go to Lethbridge University, reading about this guy will make you feel even worse for them! If this guy is indicative of the quality of professors at this school- god help their students!

Professor Cherry took another shot at me today on Facebook- it seems I was right about my assumption he has an aversion to truth- this guy is one messed-up truther. So, I decided to dig-in and do a bit more research on this guy and found an interesting new fact about him.


Yep, you got it- Professor Cherry is another fool who got sucked into believing notable con artist Kevin Annett! What a maroon! Considering he’s both an academic and a truther, wouldn’t you expect he would look into the facts before he gives his support to someone? Or, is that just too much to ask of a flamboyant professor from the University of Lethbridge?

Coincidentally, it seems that Patrick Ross (whose video I posted on my blog yesterday) has also had a run-in with Professor Cherry. Here’s a link in his article on The Nexus Of Assholery

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