Is Kevin Annett A Con Artist?

In case you missed it, I’ve attached a copy of Kevin Annett’s response to my latest letter to him. Reading it I am left with little doubt that Kevin isn’t telling the truth. I was honest and fair in my letter and he responded with profanity this time…

So, I must say, anyone  who expects others to believe magical stories like the ones Kevin tells must really want to believe what they are hearing. Because, all it would take is $450 and 7 days to sort this for once and for all.

So I ask you, my impartial readers, do you still believe what Kevin has been saying about the bones? I’ve put together a poll below. FYI, my answer is “Hell Yes!”

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    • Drink the Kool-Aid my sheeples on April 16, 2012 at 11:59
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    I can’t believe so many people believe this guy! The number one clue was him waving around the “human” bones and carelessly tossing them in his pockets. What a turd of a man.

    1. It seems that they desperately want to believe. Either that, or Annett is working a plan to pervert the results?

    • lloyd on April 17, 2012 at 16:26
    • Reply this entry seems particularly ridiculous. It reminds me of all those people who made up fake holocause stories (there are alot of them unfortunately.. the Misha book about being raised by wolves and the book the boy in the striped pajamas are two that come to mind that are complete fabrications meant to profit from a tragedy)

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on April 21, 2012 at 10:36
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    My husband, Royce White Calf – full blood Oglala Lakota – has asked that I speak for him with regard to this matter. It will be to the grave dismay to Mr. Annett that he lives at home with me, his wife of 20 years, and our two sons. Mr. Annett has in desperation among 18 years of other accumulated lies, for which factual proof rests with our attorneys, attempted to misinform deliberately the international community that my husband and I are ‘estranged’. Royce is a humble but beloved leader to his People and speaks for his Elders in international capacity. He wishes me to state on his People’s behalf that proof of Mr. Annett’s grand international fraud has been exposed to Native Elders and spiritual leaders in North America. They have chosen to remain non-confrontational so as to deny him attention (that he so craves). All agree his crimes are eggregious, and his behavior is clearly pathological. It is an accepted social moray to assess pathology without the assistance of psychiatry – though all agree psychiatry would be a wise avenue for Mr. Annett. My husband has asked me to speak up here to invite any that desire information and factual proof of Mr. Annett’s fraud and documented slander, lies, theft and crimes to Native Peoples in North America and Canada to contact us via this site. Royce has chosen to speak up now due to the nature of the crimes regarding lies perpetrated about mass graves – and at his Elders behest. I have always served my husband in this capacity as assistant. It may be noted here that I have already- among countless other good people- been labeled by Mr. Annett as a “BLACK OPS”, whatever that means. Finally, my husband and I were chosen as honorable jurors for the IHRAAM Tribunal of 1998, where we met Mr. Annett. Our participation during the Tribunal has been gravely lied about in his most recent ‘book’, DISROBING THE EMPEROR. Careful planning and strategy to protect ourselves and all other Native Peoples from this terrifying predator ( I am Caucasian) has led us to proceed with grave caution. Thank you.

    • Deckard on April 23, 2012 at 16:33
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    How sick to wave bones around. Like that, It’s disgusting.

      • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 12:36
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      How sick to have killed children and toss their remains into unmarked/mass graves. Nobody seems too upset about that part, tho.

      1. That’s quite an assumption! Personally, if the story is proven true, I will be completely outraged! That said, Kevin Annett makes it very hard to believe the story…

  1. I was looking at the sample affidavits on Kevin Annett’s site. It is very plausible that he scanned those signatures from blank pieces of paper. Even his own signature is NOT the same on any of them. Some of the signatures are not even legible. In fact they are all over the place. It is not just plausible, IMO upon looking at those signatures that is exactly what Kevin Annett did. Go and look at them at the end of each page. Further since Kevin Annett plotted to use those personal difficult true stories of Survivors he can’t be a witness to those affidavits by law. It created a conflict of Interest and both parties should have a their party witness either had the agreement notarized or had a lawyer. A notary is the least expensive. Both parties should have been present in view of the third party legal witness, to ensure the Survivors fully understood that Kevin Annett was going to use those stories in his self gain book. In ending the Survivors have NO REASON to lie about Kevin Annett. I believe their statements that he stole those stories, that coupled with the sample affidavits he has on his site that is very telling that he scanned signatures onto the documents of the Survivors stories. I am sure an expert could verify what I just said. The living Survivor could very well Sue Kevin Annett.

    I should add that there were three sample affidavits that he put on there that didn’t even have a signature.

    The survivors statements are above on this thread that they never gave Kevin Annett permission and again I believe them. Go look at the signatures.

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