Letter to Judy Rebick: Are You Leading The Canadian Black Bloc?

Dear Judy,

Back in January, at the height of some of the attacks against me coming from supporters of Black Bloc, I decided I would make an effort to contact high-profile people who’ve spoken out against Black Bloc tactics in the past. So, I got onto Google and began my search for someone who could help me…

You were one of the most prominent people amongst this group. It was an interesting coincidence too- because you were following me on Twitter! A few months later, I must wonder to myself why were you following me? You only follow 1,000 people after all, so why me? Could this be because I am one of the most vocal anti Black Bloc writers in Canada? Please explain.

Even more curious was your direct and immediate response, as shown above. And, then, your final suggestion to me on who I could talk with about this issue:

Look, Judy, you are no dummy, you are a professor, widely published author, and a close personal friend of David Eby’s- so, I must tell you, it totally floored me when you directed me to one of the key enablers in the Black Bloc incident at the Olympics. Say what?

It was from this moment that I feel I went to the wrong person asking for help. Because, regardless if you are deeply involved with Black Bloc or not- your relationships with Bloc practitioners are undeniable.

Judy,when you spoke out against the Bloc after the G20- doth the lady protest too loudly?

Next, let’s address your deep friendship and working relationships with Harsha Walia and Alex Hundert. How is it that an outspoken anti Black Bloc professor at Ryerson University is so close with two of their most prominent leaders?

This is beyond comprehension, is it not? Both are on record supporting the Black Bloc, and both have publicly expressed that there is a necessity for activists to be violent. Judy, this just doesn’t compute.

How about your relationship with Dave Vasey and Krystalline Kraus- two other people who are on record supporting Black Bloc during the Occupy movement. You are deeply involved with them both. And, like all of your other associates mentioned in this letter, they have both come after me with ad-hominem attacks.

Judy, what’s the truth here? Why are you so incredibly close to all of the main Canadian players who promote & exercise Black Bloc tactics? Is this just an incredible coincidence, or is there much more to the story? Can you please let us know?


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