Action Plan: Help Us Stop Kevin Annett’s Fraud!

After three articles, and a very long debate, Kevin Annett’s credibility is no longer. He has been uncovered for lying, changing his story multiple times, and his rather dodgy charitable collections to a trailer park in Florida…

I believe, with the exception of people who are too deeply invested in Kevin’s stories, most reasonable people have come to the conclusion that Mr. Annett is a con artist. So, I hope you all agree that the time has come to shut this man down.

Kevin has a rather unorthodox method of collecting revenue & donations:

There are a few problems with this:

1.) Most legal charitable organizations would not only have a non-residential address to send money to.

2.) It is not legal to deposit donations to a charitable organization into a personal chequing account.

3.) There is no mention of a tax number or registration number for the “Intetnational Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State”.

Considering this, taking-down Kevin will be an easy job. All we have to do is report his illegal intake of cash to the US & Canadian tax authorities and they’ll do the rest of the work for us!

The trailer park where Kevin collects his donations to…

People who have donate money to Kevin’s cause will have the most clout in their complaints. That said, if enough people who haven’t donated money to Kevin make complaints, the authorities will have no choice but to start an investigation. I’m in the latter group, and I have just registered a case with the Canada Revenue Agency this afternoon. It was simple, I just called into their Informant Leads Program and they took an anonymous report from me.

Here’s their contact information:

Tel.: 1-866-809-6841 (toll free)
Fax: 1-888-724-4829 (toll free)
Office hours: 8:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Mailing address:
National Informant Leads Centre
St. Catharines Tax Services Office
32 Church Street
Post Office Box 3038
St. Catharines ON L2R 3B9

For US residents, or people who wish to report in both countries, the IRS has a form you can use to report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity. There are a set of check boxes in Section 4- after reading through the instructions I would suggest you check the “Unreported Income” section. Make sure to include the banking information in the screenshot above, and I would suggest you mention both “William Annett” and “Kevin Annett” as the suspects.

Once you have completed filling-out the form, you need to mail it to the following address:

Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888

So, do you want to be a part of the great Kevin Annett take-down?  File your complaints today! Together, united, this scam artist will be defeated!

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    • Terry on April 20, 2012 at 15:15
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    I take donations wihtout a tax number and only a residential address, we are change takes donations without a tax number, infowars takes donations without a tax number, pressfortruth takes donations without a tax number.. I could go on and on here. Does that make myself and/or those organizations con artists? Are you going to report on every organization who brings in donations for a cause without a tax number as well? As I have stated on your articles before. I have zero bias in either direction here.. But this is just getting petty and quite honestly rather sad.

    1. I understand what you are saying here. But, you aren’t making false reports of mass graves- are you? I also believe you are doing something good- that said, it is important to make sure you have your shit together when taking donations or you will have a critical weakness that can be used against you. (I’d hate to see that as I appreciate both organizations you have mentioned.)

      Oh, and I believe there is a minimum amount you need to take before you are forced to take donations, so you may be okay. Kevin is asking for 10’s of thousands of dollars and is taking money across borders (probably for a nefarious reason…)

        • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 13:56
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        why do you keep saying that the mass graves are false? Most survivors speak of their existence at the the schools and they’ve even been confirmed (finally) in several “official” forums.

        1. I’ve not said they are false- I’ve said they are unproven. This is an important distinction!

            • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 14:08
            • Reply

            you said false – “you aren’t making false reports of mass graves- are you? ”

            John Milloy (trent u) of the ‘royal commission on aboriginal…. (can’t remember the full title or year)” and the trc “working group” looking into the deaths and graves said a few years ago that “children were buried 3, 4, 5 to a grave” (he also said the churches were being outright obstuctionist in handing over records, despite their frequent public claims of openness)

            1. I’ve said that Kevin is making false statements that he has found a grave- not that the concepts of the graves is false. This is another important distinction…

    • Terry on April 20, 2012 at 15:30
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    Thx Im not trying to discredit you arguement but just trying to make sense of it. I am American native.. Know first hand of the crimes that have taken place around the world against aborigainal populations. And I have to say I have not seen solid evidence on either side of this. But have been to the digg site, have spoken (in person) with the people involved. If he is a con artist there must be solid evidence of that. Not just that things are not being handled in a way, that any of us on the outside looking in. Thinks it should be. It is very easy to stand on the outside and critize, but ultimatly we have zero knowledge of why things are being handled the way they are and I can honestly understand why some info is not being made public yet. But keep up the work. We must question everything :)

    1. Your remember that we need to question everything warmed my heart. If only everyone thought this way, we’d have a much better world. :-)

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on April 21, 2012 at 10:31
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    My husband, Royce White Calf – full blood Oglala Lakota – has asked that I speak for him with regard to this matter. It will be to the grave dismay to Mr. Annett that he lives at home with me, his wife of 20 years, and our two sons. Mr. Annett has in desperation among 18 years of other accumulated lies, for which factual proof rests with our attorneys, attempted to misinform deliberately the international community that my husband and I are ‘estranged’. Royce is a humble but beloved leader to his People and speaks for his Elders in international capacity. He wishes me to state on his People’s behalf that proof of Mr. Annett’s grand international fraud has been exposed to Native Elders and spiritual leaders in North America. They have chosen to remain non-confrontational so as to deny him attention (that he so craves). All agree his crimes are eggregious, and his behavior is clearly pathological. It is an accepted social moray to assess pathology without the assistance of psychiatry – though all agree psychiatry would be a wise avenue for Mr. Annett. My husband has asked me to speak up here to invite any that desire information and factual proof of Mr. Annett’s fraud and documented slander, lies, theft and crimes to Native Peoples in North America and Canada to contact us via this site. Royce has chosen to speak up now due to the nature of the crimes regarding lies perpetrated about mass graves – and at his Elders behest. I have always served my husband in this capacity as assistant. It may be noted here that I have already- among countless other good people- been labeled by Mr. Annett as a “BLACK OPS”, whatever that means. Finally, my husband and I were chosen as honorable jurors for the IHRAAM Tribunal of 1998, where we met Mr. Annett. Our participation during the Tribunal has been gravely lied about in his most recent ‘book’, DISROBING THE EMPEROR. Careful planning and strategy to protect ourselves and all other Native Peoples from this terrifying predator ( I am Caucasian) has led us to proceed with grave caution. Thank you.

      • carollois65 on April 23, 2012 at 19:43
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      Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on April 23, 2012 at 20:07
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    Kevin, there is nothing but compassion in my heart. I wish this beauty for you. It is beyond words, the beauty of love.

      • carollois65 on April 25, 2012 at 15:10
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      Nothing but compassion in your heart while you publicly lie your face off and call him a “terrifying predator”. Nice one, Lyd.

      1. He is a terrifying predator. Just ask his victims…

    • Seriously? on April 25, 2012 at 20:02
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    I presume that you’ve read the details as issued by the Six Nations Council that unequivocally states that the claim of child’s bones being found on their land is false and that no graves were found.

      • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 14:02
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      Federally funded and controlled band councils… need we say more?

      1. So, do you recommend that we cut all of their federal funding?

          • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 14:09
          • Reply

          I’m saying that they are controlled by their funders.

      2. Carolois.. If the federally funded band council’s are such a bad thing then why has Kevin broadcast their support of him? Back to the case of the donations… Where are the financial reports promised for May 1?

    • Marcie Lane on April 26, 2012 at 01:36
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    And this article was published in 2008. The current investigation started in late 2011 so this proves what exactly?

      • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 14:12
      • Reply

      No, it was published in 2011.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on April 26, 2012 at 11:33
    • Reply

    .No, Kevin, ie. ‘Marcie’, ‘Karen’, ‘Carollois’ , the article was NOT published in 2008. It is not just the pathological lying that is evidenced for the world to see (Marcie’s statement is the norm – and your relentless sock-puppeting all over the internet), it is your moral depravity that becomes evident with any sincere interaction with you. I missed it all those 14 years because I was never face to face with you. And all the lies you had perpetrated to the world had just caught up to me by the time I reached London, where I still tried to help you on many many levels, despite knowing the truth (including the lies you had been telling the world about me).

    Yes, for one who does dearly love our human family, I have great compassion for the spiritually deformed. I have been taught for 22 years now by the Old and Great Ones, the Iche Wichasa, to pray for those that hurt you and your family…walking the Red Road of Compassion. The more terrifying the predator, the more that person has our prayers. My sons have been fasting for you since September 2010 (following their spiritual protocol, and good hearts). Kevin Marcie Karen Carollois, I would have told the world the truth, which in itself is so volumnous it would be a book – about you – if I did not have great compassion. I would not have witheld the truth about you from your bi-polar, alcoholic father in order to protect his and your hearts both…With what I know, I could have destroyed your ‘career’ (which is only a career of self-promotion), but underneath the predator is a small, crumpled, pathetic, horribly injured child that deserves great sorrow and care. What injured you to behave to the good of the world in the way you do, you did confide in me….I do know what destroyed your soul before you had a chance to try to become a man. And for those horros you shared with me, I am truly sorry. No child should endure what you did.

    If only you could have the courage to be honest now – be honest with the whole world…you would find redemption and peace and discover the great heart of the human family I speak of, for it would only enfold you in the flanks of its great heart. That is its nature. I appeal to you to find courage and do this, regardless of who you have really been an agent for all along…do it, Kevin. Stand with truth for yourself. I have always been your sister. I told you I always would be. Perhaps I am the only one who can reach and soften your heart.

    Six Nations sets record straight on Woodland Cultural Centre search: PRESS RELEASE

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011 12:00:00 EDT


    • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 14:01
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  1. Kevin Annett is posting BS again. He just released a so called breaking news article entailing another Sept 15, date.

    First we will all be waiting breathlessly for the undeniable proof about the bones, that Kevin Annett announced and extended would also be coming in Sept after advising that that information that whether the bones were human or not would be in March/2012.

    Second, Sept 15 seems to be an embedded date with Kevin Annett. Just last year he had released a breaking news BS article about being armed with the power to arrest and sentence the pope, the queen and the PM of Canada. Nothing happened. There is apparently a list of demands made to the Catholic church.

    It should be noted that on April 26, 2012, a supporter of Kevin Annett’s ( Marcie) had posted as a response a link which was the names of the ITCCS executive council. It was the grand total of nine names including Annett’s with the title of executive order.

    You can find that information on this blog at this link

    Well lo and behold on this BS article there is only three ITCCS signatories including Kevin Annett. All the proposed legal professionals are not named or signed on the article. The people named on there are not from five countries only two. Annett the Con Artist, Liar, Cheat and Thief From Canada and Two people from Ireland.

    It is interesting after Marcie made such a grand standing of that post of hers, that several names have been dropped in under two weeks. I am wondering if Marcie feels duped right about now. I mean it seems to me the person she supports Kevin Annett hadn’t updated her on the fact that the ITCCS has been downgraded including at least one from a survivor of Irelands abuse. It also showcases the desperation of Kevin Annett, that he doesn’t even bother to update those few that support him.

    If you want to see the BS post of Annett’s just mozy on over to the ITCCS

    Then if you want to click on tribunal members, there are still only two names listed as members. What is even more baffling is that one of the names on the list has now been dropped as a signatory on Kevin Annett’s most recent BS article.

    I personally think this is a smoke screen, because Annett promised a September date for answers to if the bones that he is disrespectfully and with blatant disregard keeping and waving around is human or not.

    September seems to be a big month for Annet, it remains to be seen, because out of experience we all know that Kevin Annett is a liar and has made grand announcements time and time again with nothing coming out of it.

    I just wanted to point out those differences.

    1. It sounds to me that he’s helping the revolution- pushing things back to after the summer uprising…

    2. And then there was one… Under the name ‘secretariate’…. But on other action alerts, press releases calls himself a field agent…. Who’s the black operative now?

      1. Indeed. Kevin is most probably here to create chaos and division- if not, he’s doing a great job at it anyhow. The people who want to see division in the indigenous community must be thrilled!

  2. However last year he had the same commencement date Sept 15 and again nothing came out of being armed with the power to arrest the pope, the queen and the pm. I wouldn’t call that helping, I call it leeching. As the Survivors themselves state he just picks up bits and pieces then tries to twist it like he is part of the great uprising when that is not true. It is not true that he was the one that brought Indian awareness to the forefront, several victims/survivors did and they state that ongoing throughout their written statements. They did the work and Kevin Annett stole that work and took credit. The survivors in their written statements also said that their cause was downgraded once they started hanging out with Annett. I see no reason for the Survivors to lie or make up things, had Kevin Annett benefited them they would have appreciated him and they would have public-ally supported him. So to me and with my own thought that any cause that Kevin Annett is part of or becomes involved in will be downgraded and lost. That is not helping, Kevin Annett only helps himself for hils need for glory. Let’s see what happens in Septemember. Like I stated there seems to be a big month with the finding of the bones and now this smirk story he just released. Have a nice day.

    Quote from those that truly deserve the credit to brought awareness, note their credibility went down because of Kevin Annett. I dont’ see why the Survivors/Victims would lie. They had no reason to do so as I stated. Kevin Annett has reason to sensationalize tabloid untrue materiel for his books and films and his five min of fame grab.

    Mrs Michel spoke about these experiences to this newspaper because she wants other Survivors to be warned of what has happened in the past. “We’ve been working on human rights and land rights issues for 20 years. He made our credibility go downhill after we started hanging out with Kevin, and we soon found out we weren’t the only ones.”

    • justthinking on June 1, 2012 at 02:59
    • Reply

    I am confused…..I hear from many of you that Kevin was not the first person to bring the horrors of the residential schools to our/or the public’s attention and that he is only” in it” for himself. Of course he was not the first person to hear about the schools …most likely many other people heard it first-hand , BUT …..did they do anything about it ?
    ……… The hero is not the one who simply listens with a truly caring heart but the one who listens full heartedly and has the courage to uncover the truth to all. Even at the possible expense of job loss, title and or family. Not many possess this rare attribute ….Ask youself if you have ever really risked that much to help someone else.. and would you do it for a stranger? I doubt any of you bloggers have.

    ……you say he’s only after money ????? he lost his job …was that a good financial move for him ? And you condemm him for asking for financing to carry on with his human rights work around the globe. I was very involved in human rights …for 6 years I gave almost 100% of my time and what little money I had to a cause not so unlike Kevin’s. The only reason I stopped was that I could no longer help because I was broke and needed to work……my cause was to stop the drugging of children ..ritalin..prozac..etc…more so with foster children. I paid a heavy price but i would do it again if I could.

    I also had the pleasure of speaking to Kevin once . I was doing research on the Duplessie Orphans. and Kevin had posted some info about it on his website. Thank you Kevin… for you inspired me and gave me courage to fight for those too young to fight for themselves.

    Can I remind you al…….. that we ALL need a Kevin at some point in our life and we ALL need a Kevin at some points in our life to help us where we cannot help ourselves.

    Without Kevin’s help , how far would the truth about the schools have gotten by now ? Maybe forgotten forever. At least give him credit for that .

    1. There are some people in this world who are worth of feeling sorry for and Kevin is not one of them… Not everything is a conspiracy, but in today’s society if we holler that the government is out to get us and the church is out to get us and there’s corruption in every corner of society that gets a lot of head bobbing. If you read everything that Kevin writes… its a litany of ‘poor me’s’ and ‘the world is out to get me’… It gets a little sodding old after a while. Grow up Kevin and stop blaming the world for your mistakes. If your going to arrest the queen and the pope and the pharmaceutical companies and Stephen Harper, I just wish you’d bloody well do it or shut the hell up already.

    • paganmedia on June 7, 2012 at 21:29
    • Reply

    The Truth At Last About the Bones That Kevin Annett LIED About.

    I don’t know if anyone has read Annett’s latest self gleaming while he plucks his over rated peacock feathers and personification of himself as being the one and only savior of Indians, however, his most recent literary work praising himself included the actual findings of the first dig, the first bones. Turns out Annett states the bone samples was animal remains MIXED with PROBABLE Human bones.

    Hellooooooooooooooo animal bones mixed with probable human bones. In other words the bones were animal bones as most suspected and Kevin Annett and his crew ran around for months making statements of conspiracy, that they couldn’t trust official professionals, sent the bones to USA etc… and yet the first archeologist in Canada was right, they were Animal bones. I mean Annett was careless in how he handled those bones, he really didn’t care because he knew all along they were NOT human.

    Here is what Annett has said in his own recent address on the ITCCS website.

    The first successful uncovering of apparent mass graves at a former Indian residential school in Canada began in October, 2011 at the “Mush Hole” Mohawk Institute: the former Church of England (Anglican) facility in Brantford, Ontario.

    Based on this discovery, the ITCCS teams sunk two small test digs which revealed positive evidence of burials. These included remains of clothing and buttons positively identified as coming from school uniforms, as well as bone samples which turned out to be primarily animal mixed with probable human remains of small children.

    The truth at last Kevin Annett LIED!

    The truth at last Kevin Annett LIED! After months of holding up people, assurances and sending his peanut gallery to argue with anyone that dared questioned Annett on those first bones they were conclusively animal bones with probable human remains. Give me a break please. This ends the fact that Kevin Annett is a fraud , a liar, a cheat and a thief in my opinion.

  3. Originally i was pleased to meet and try and help Kevin Annett back in the autumn of 2010 but since i have discovered i was conned – indeed, trying to raise money for him by promoting his appearances of him at various locations promoting his film “Unrepentant” {which hadnt been out that long} and his new book i took seriously, reeling of emails and letters to venues hoping theyed let him speak to promote his wares. I travelled to a friends home in N. London, and met him there, and duly took part in the proceedings as we all did then, with Annett, and together a group of us went to Lambeth on the day the pope visited the palace there. I wish i hadnt bothered doing anything – going to Lambeth ended up in an unnecassary altercation with the police,who issued “stop + search” paraphernalia on me – for no reason other than to be a nuisance i believe, issuing the paperwork on me apparently because i had a carton of raspberry juice, and a video camera – both of which they considered “dangerous weapons”. You couldnt make this stuff up. My official complaints shortly after about those interractions with the police to the IPCC {the old Police Complaints Authority} citing that i believed 3 police officers had abused my Human Rights by issuing unnecassary and irrelavent s+s papers were to be a complete waste of time, the complaint returned “unfounded”, thus leaving the “stop + search” paperwork valid. The importance of getting the “s+s” papers quashed is because on receiving 3 “stop + search” papers one can be taken from anywhere anytime for no reason and held for 24 hours by the police – the consequences of which can obviously be debilitating, and unnecassarily intrusive. This intrusion into ones life came under the auspices of the new terrorism laws brought in over the past few years. Getting an end result of nothing being done by the IPCC took months, and the 3 police officers i cited in my official complaint, who harrassed me on 2 days running at the time actually, were left free to hassle other innocent bystanders anywhere so as their names go on a database of {presumed} “activists and agitators” who are deemed “undesirables” at the end of the day by our wonderful authorities. It is of course an outrage.
    Anyway, i digress and on seeing these now prominent sites apparently exposing Annett for what he is comes as no surprise {} , as id heard various stories since 2010 regarding certain things concerning him. For instance, i arranged to meet Annett and a couple of other supporters at the abode at Wimbledon where the pope was rsiding during his uk visit in 2010. The purpose of which was for Annett to serve signed papers on him { – not the actual summons for the court appearance regarding various crimes connected to his not reporting paedophilia by priests he was made aware of to the authorities in the mid ’80s when he was in the position to do so} I took pics of this event – 1 pic being in the following video I made to promote his work at the time – Annett is holding the forged signiture paper served on the pope @ 30 secs. into this video, the pic being taken on our visit to the Wimbledon residency of the pope then =… 2}. The nun at the big place the pope was staying kindly came out to received the signed papers from Annett. It was only later we discovered that the signiture on the papers was not genuine. It was not signed by the person it was purported to be of, another activist in Canada belonging to the indigenous people there. Apparently Annett had used the printer of the owner of the house he was guest of to print these papers up to be given to the pope and had forged the aforementioned persons signiture himself – unbeknownst to us – and the popes people also, i hasted to add. The entire affair was a farce, and completely bogus. I just wonder what else in this characters entire catalogue of so-called “activism” is suspect. No doubt we will find out in good time. What is serious is that many deaths of persons who have been close to Annett, in Canada alone, have occurred. Johnny “Bingo” Dawson’s life was taken in suspicious circumstances, as was William Coombes
    Lets hope more truth comes to light to finally expose what is the truth….butlincat

    1. Not sure what proof there was of William Combes death being suspicious other than that he was a more radical writer than most.. And if anyone has serious proof that doesn’t somehow lead back to something Kevin or Bill Or Jeremiah wrote, I might take it seriously. Exopolitics blog is hardly a credible source….

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  2. […] seeing these now prominent sites apparently exposing Annett for what he is comes as no surprise {} , as id heard various stories since 2010 regarding certain things concerning him. For instance, i […]

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