My Response To Kevin Annett About The Bones (and a few more issues)

Kevin Annett, defrocked priest & con-artist

Kevin Annett, defrocked priest & con-artist


Yes, it was presumptuous of me to call you a psychopath- I have no medical evidence of this. That said, much of your writing appears to follow the traits of a psychopath. Or, at least someone who is deeply disturbed, self-serving and a bit of a megalomaniac…

I have a few questions for you Kevin- but, first, I will address the three points you outlined in what you wrote in response to my article about the current status of the excavation in Brantford:

1.) Having an ‘archaeologist’ look at the bones to determine if they are human or not is a good first-step, but a rather meaningless effort- regardless of how sharp of an eye they have, there is no way they could determine this fact without DNA tests.

It would cost $450 and would take 7 days to complete a DNA test- you have had the bones for many months so why haven’t you done this yet? Do you have a shortage of funds? Perhaps you could forego one of your flights around the world and put the money towards this important activity? Because, your excuses for not doing these tests are incredibly weak Kevin.

2.) Had you conducted a successful DNA test by now there would be no opportunity for the “confusion and infighting” to occur. I’ve spoken to people connected to the site and they were quite surprised how easy it would have been for you to avoid this. It is a cheap trick to blame this confusion on people who ask question why you haven’t- don’t you think?

3.) Sorry I didn’t mention the buttons & clothing fragments but, I just didn’t see that as any sort of real evidence. I’ll bet that if you do an archaeological dig at any school playground you will find buttons and shreds of clothing, don’t you think? To be honest, I’d be deeply surprised if you didn’t. Considering that, this ‘evidence’ is rather circumstantial isn’t it?

Now, I have some questions for you Kevin:

1.) In the video you recorded at Occupy Toronto in November you say, without hesitation, that the bones you were waving around in the air are those of “children”- despite the fact that there were no scientific tests. Is that not irresponsible? Regardless, why haven’t you released the reports where the archaeologists ‘confirmed’ the bones are human? Wouldn’t that be a good start to gaining people’s trust?

2.) You mention that the bones were sent for testing to “a leading forensic specialist at an American research facility during late December.” If it only takes 7 days to conduct a DNA test, why haven’t you provided us with a definitive answer three months later?

3.) In your response you wrote to my article you said that you had the support of ten Mohawk elders. However, in previous accounts, you said you have the support of nine elders. Why is there a conflict in your story? And, why did you neglect to mention that a number of the elders in Brantford don’t believe your story at all?

4.) You represent yourself in a rather grandiose way with the name “International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State.” A tribunal is defined as “a seat or court of justice” or “A committee or board appointed to adjudicate in a particular matter.”

Yet, the webpage for this organization is all about you- and individual who is making certain allegations. This doesn’t compute- can you please explain where/how your ‘tribunal’ was issued authority to oversee these issues? Or, are you simply being over-dramatic to give the impression you have such authority?

You mention that your tribunal has a headquarters in London in the UK. Can you provide us with an address for your offices there? How about a government registration number for your organization?

5.) On April 9th you made a request for people to help you by sending funds to “1000 Walker St” in Holly Hill, Florida. This address is for a private home in a trailer park. Is this not a little bit strange? It doesn’t smell right at all to me…

6.) You wrote on May 31st of 2011 that you were “arrested and detained in an immigration prison at Stansted airport last night for over 12 hours, and then deported from England without due cause.” Did you have a visa to do your speaking gig in the UK? If so, can you please produce some evidence of this? Because, under UK law, you would have been required to have one- if you didn’t, then UK Immigration would have been following the rules to deny you entry.

Kevin, as I wrote to you, and to people who work with you, I WANT to believe you are doing the right thing. I am totally with you on your work about the horrors of residential schools- and, if the story about mass graves is true, it is essential that the people/organizations involved are brought to justice.

That said, the more I look into your history of outlandish claims, the less I believe you are speaking the whole truth here. And, if you are speaking the truth, it seems to me that you are doing a disservice to the people you claim to support by not treating this investigation with all of the care and expediency that is due.

So, I leave it to you to prove to us you are telling the truth. And, if you are, I will be one of your strongest allies…


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