A Bizarre Interaction with Jon Allan of the Robocall Rallies!

Jon Allan talking from the back of the Al-Quds truck during a Robocall Rally

I just had the most bizarre interaction with Jon Allen on Facebook a few minutes ago. First, he came to me with a response to what I wrote about the rallies yesterday- this isn’t the unusual part, but it is rather telling. Here’s what he had to say:

Let me address some answers to Jon here, as he disappeared before I could answer directly:

1.) You are correct, the International Socialists do have some righteous ideals. That said, they also believe in Trotskyist ideals which say that one can not have a revolution without having violence! Can you see how this is a problem for most Occupiers? But, you haven’t answered the question if you are working with them or not- are you?

2.) Great to know you are friends with him- but, you still haven’t answered the question about who asked for him to show-up and speak on the Al-quds truck. Was that you, or him, or another organization? I’ve asked you this question four times- why are you being so elusive?

3.) Last time we talked you said that Sherif was a Coptic Christian, and this time to say he is an “Arab” Coptic Christian. Can you please explain the difference in what you are saying now?

4.) How did I take his words out of context? I even shared the video where he said them, so not sure what you are trying to say here.

5.) It is the fascists I’m worried about Jon. People who call for a new election before there is a full investigation scare the Bejezus out of me. Why do you still think it is acceptable to do that?

6.) Jumping a bit quickly onto the ‘racist’ card aren’t you Jon? This is not an issue of race, but of the credibility of the organization. For a simple ‘community centre’ they sure have a lot of controversy attached to them, don’t they?

7.) If you read what I wrote carefully Jon, it was that Judy Rebick is on the advisory board of LeadNow.ca. Acting a bit over-defensive, aren’t you?

I’m not sure where you see any distortions here Jon- the only one is see is you continuing to scream out to the crowds that there were ‘six million calls’- despite the fact that the 6 million number is completely unrelated to this issue (those were calls promoting the CPC.)

But, Jon, there isn’t even evidence that a single one of these 6 million calls was meant to persuade voters not to vote- and there isn’t even a single complaint about this. So, what sort of BS are you taking about here?

So, I tried to make Jon understand he is way off-base. And here is where things started getting weird. Watch his response:

Why is this weird? Well, first, Jon totally ignored the fact he is full-of-shit about the six million calls. But, more weird was how he threatens to charge me with harassment if I respond to that he just said to me. Talk about being desperate to have the last word! And, Jon was the person who came to me!

And, then, he goes all Krystalline Kraus on me and yells about non-existent harassment. Jon must have been drinking or taking some really good drugs- because, he was the person who came to me, I was only answering to a conversation he initiated. WTF?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the part where he accuses me of being a ‘government agent’! What sort of drugs is this guy taking?

So, Jon, I will be at the rally this weekend for-sure. And, if you continue to tell mistruths in an effort to overthrow our government without due-process I will continue to write about you.

I don’t do this because I am a ‘government agent’ but because I am a concerned resident of Canada who doesn’t want to see our concept of due-process and fairness disappear in a partisan effort to over throw the government. As an ethicist, I’m funny that way Jon….

Besides, who could imagine that a government agent would give a damn about the truth! lol

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  1. what a dimwit, if he feels harassed there is a block button, it’s there to be used. This guy is a tool, thank god there are people like you to expose em. I expect you will keep asking but this shill won’t answer because he has been trained to distract and diffuse questions pertaining to the totally fraudulant nature of this shill. Their tactics are always the same. Answer the fucking questions Jonathan Allan. Prove your credibility by answering a few simple questions. Stop being a bullshit artist evading questions.

  2. maybe this goof will do what occupy vancouver did and just post an announcement to call the cops on you for harassment when you are doing nothing of the sort, in order to instigate a cop to harass you for a non-crime. These occutards are cyber bullies and I am just posting this considering we know this to be one of their tactics. There’s a fucking block button if a person feels harassed the solution is only a mouse click away.

  3. I nearly bust a gut laughing when Jon started with this harassment stuff- after all, he was the person who began the conversation! What a long, strange, trip its been…

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