Ryerson Professor Winnie Ng Suports Notable Con-Artist Kevin Annett!

Winnie Ng- Conned or part of the Con?

We have a new actor to discuss in the International Socialist’s cast-of-characters. Today I introduce to you Winnie Ng, a professor at Ryerson University who currently holds the chair for the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy. Winnie’s seat was previously held by, darling of the Black Bloc Judy Rebick!

The deeper I research into these people, the more it seems to me they are involved in a sinister conspiracy to take advantage of Canada’s indigenous communities…

Here’s a good video that will give you an idea of Ng’s connections:

As you can see, the video is a “who’s who” of the International Socialists and Canada’s Rabid Left. There’s No-Hawk Con-Artist Jayson Fleury (future story coming on this guy and his connections to David Eby & Harsha Walia), Judy RebickBridget DePape, Farrah Miranda of the treasonous No One Is Illegal, and Clayton Thomas-Muller, of the Soros Funded promoter of Uprisings, Indigenous Environmental Network!

Faux-Hawk Jayson Fleury of the Harsha Walia Band

The credits at the end of the video say a lot too. First, it mentions the sponsors- Black Bloc promoters CUPE & supporters of riot gear on autistic children OPSEU! The credits also include a rather questionable statement, calling Canada “Turtle Island”. This is a direct attack on our country’s sovereignty that one could imagine is a treasonous statement.

Well, Jayson Fleury isn’t the only con-artist with connections to Winnie Ng. It appears she is also connected to notable con-artist Kevin Annett!

My regular readers will know the story about Kevin Annett. He’s the schmuk who faked the discovery of a mass grave on the Six Nations reserve and later went to Occupy Toronto, pulled the bones ‘of children’ out of his pocket and waved them around like a fool. If you read the comments section of my letter to Annett, you will see there is no doubt that he is pulling a con.

Curiously, Kevin Annett is also a member of the International Socialists! Kevin also has deep connections to Harsha Walia through his work people in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side including Ricky Lavallie.

So, one has to ask the question- what is an esteemed academic like Winnie Ng doing promoting a defrocked con-artist who has spent the past few years defrauding the indigenous community? Well, it seems that Winnie is deeply connected to the International Socialists, Bolsheviks, Trotkyists, Marxists and other members of the ‘usual suspects’ who are connected to No One Is Illegal’s attempts to promote a native uprising!

I’m sure most of my readers will agree that there needs to be an investigation into these people and their intentions. It is just too dangerous to write them off as crazy socialists because it is obvious they have a very sinister plan- and this plan is not good for the future of our country, nor for the indigenous people they claim to represent….

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