Macdonald Stainsby & Harsha Walia Called “Lowlights” Of The 2010 Olympics!

MacStain- NDP Hitman & Pie Thrower…

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote an interesting article after the Olympics outlining the highlights & lowlights of the 2010 games. And, of course, one of the Lowlights was given to Macdonald Stainsby’s & Harsha Walia’s shameful Black Bloc Incident…

It was Harsha Walia’s Anti-Poverty Committee that led the way for the Black Bloc incident- it was the single most damaging thing that had happened to the Vancouver activist community in many years. Once this happened, all of the ‘non-professional’ activists went back home to the suburbs and the movement was over.

Harsha Walia working on a devious plan!

After this event, when David Eby ‘criticised’ the Black Bloc contingent, his friend   Macdonald Stainsby attacked him by throwing a pie in his face! Many people involved believe it was simply a piece of street theatre to cover-up for the fact that Eby had mysteriously withdrawn his legal observers. The result of this withdrawal was they couldn’t be used to testify against the Black Bloc.

David Eby Looking All Smug

Stainsby is also the low-life that the NDP sent to do a ‘take-down’ on Tezporah Berman after she criticised the NDP’s policy on Carbon Taxes. Mac was also sent to attack me while I was writing about Harsha Walia & David Eby during the Black Bloc violence incidents at Occupy Vancouver.

Tezporah Berman- Also Attacked By MacStain

I spoke with Tezporah about this incident a few weeks ago- we both found it amusing how they sent the same hitman after us. She actually stated that “The Scariest thing I ever did was speak-out against the NDP.” I can relate, they really lashed out hard on me too!

Have you been ‘hit’ on by Macdonald Stainsby? I’d love to hear the story! Together, we can stop scumbags like him from hurting others…

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