Jason Kenney “Outs” Harsha Walia’s No One Is Illegal!

Yes, David Eby, I look at her just the same way! (but unlike you, I don’t support her)

It’s not every day I agree with Jason Kenney- but, after reading his statement on No One Is Illegal a couple of days ago, I feel a sense of affinity with the guy. He really hit the nail on the head after commenting on a protest they recently held against him…

Here’s what he had to say:

“It is basically led by Black Bloc anarchists who believe that Canada is an illegitimate state and that we should have no limits on immigration and we should not even deport violent foreign criminals. I take the fact that they are protesting to heart as a sign that we are on the right track.”

Exactly Jason, I couldn’t put it any better than that! I suddenly feel a sense of brotherhood with you now! After all, I’ve been attacked by Harsha Walia and No One Is Illegal several times myself. And, each time they attacked me, I too knew I was on the right track.

Unfortunately, no arrests were made at the protest. That’s too bad- because each day a member of NoII is off the street is a day that Canada is a safer country. Oh well, one can dream…


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