Kevin Annett And His Marxist Roots…

Many years ago, back near the days of the Waffle, Kevin Annett joined a small, but exclusive, circle of Marxists called the International Socialists.  Officially, Kevin has left this group and is no longer a socialist- that said, he has more connections to this group of Trotskyists than Trotsky would if he were still alive himself.

There are many reasons I dug into the Annett case. First, because I was disgusted by the video I saw of him at Occupy Toronto pulling what he called children’s bones out of his pocket and waving them around like show-and-tell. But, more importantly, because Annett is the key to exposing the nefarious actions of Canada’s Marxist/Trotskyist community.

You see, the Marxists believe that they can only get in-power through revolution- and, their Trotskyist philosophies say that the only way to do this is through violence. What better of a way to encourage Canada’s indigenous communities to rise-up than to sensationalize stories of the residential schools with stories of mass graves?

They are also using environmentalism as a tool for this. Watermelon organizations (green on the outside, red inside) like the George Soros/TIDES Foundation funded Indigenous Environmental Network and Macdonald Stainsby’s Tar Sands protests are great examples. Canada is at war, but the majority of Canadians don’t know it yet.

Take the Endbridge pipeline as an example. If the pipeline goes through BC then the oil will flow to China- and, if it doesn’t, the oil will flow to the US. Canada is the new Belgium- a country where other countries fight their wars. Also think of it as the new Afghanistan- because, if the Americans didn’t control that country, it could also be used to pipe oil  to China.

I’ve covered Annett’s connections to most of the people on this chart before. But, there are a couple of new players- and, they are both heavy-hitters in the socialist world. Let’s start with Barry Weisleder- he was a leader of the Revolutionary Marxist Group, and is currently a leader of the League of Socialist Action. Weisleder was also an NDP Member of Parliament for Thornhill Ontatrio- that is, until his ass was kicked to the curb for being too radical.

Here’s a video of Weisleder enthusiastally introducing Annett at a Socialist Action meeting late last year:

If you thought that Weisleder was a big fish- he’s nothing, I’ve got much more. George Galloway, an associate of Weisleder’s, and a world-famous British Member of Parliament has also promoted Annett! This guy is a giant fish in the Marxist world. In Canada he is most known when he was denied access to the country because of his support of the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Barbara Jackman, a lawyer who is also associated with Socialist Action tried a the case to contest Galloway’s banning.

Here’s a video of Galloway enthusiastically promoting Kevin Annett:

Listen to the lies that Galloway shares about Annett. First he says that Annett’s movie was ‘award winning’ yet, he omits what award that was (was this something that Annett made up?). Also, he says that Annett was voted as ‘one of Canada’s top ten people’. Then he let’s Annett get away with calling Canada a ‘very closed-down and racist country’. Galloway is not a stupid man- there is no way he’d have taken all of this verbatim from someone without an agenda.

George Galloway

But, of course, Galloway comes from the radical socialist side of Britain’s Labour Party- the UK equivalent of Barry Weisleder’s connections to the NDP Socialist Caucus. Can you see the pattern here? And, of course, Galloway and Weisleder are both vehemently anti-Zionist, supporting the side of the Palestinians. By making a similar case for Canadia’s indigenous people, they are helping further their agenda on Israel.

So, though Annett may claim to no longer be a member of Weisleder’s socialists- they are most certainly in a symbiotic relationship. The socialists use him to further their agenda, and Annett uses them to get credibility and to amplify his voice. If there is a reason behind Annett getting so much global attention, the socialists are the key.

Let’s hope that the indigenous communities realize that both these parties have been using them, and that they respond accordingly. Hateful people like this need to be stopped…

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