Pssst- Wanna Invest In a Zimbabwe Gold Mine? (feat. Jason Bowman)

Shifty Eyes Bowman…

By this point, based on what we can see Bowman appears to be a fraud. After all, if he was really telling the truth, and he really had skills as a prosecutor, he’d be suing me now instead of taking lame attempts to get my blog taken down. But, I’ve gathered a lot of information on him, so I figured it would be best to share it.

I have a lot more on Annett too- soon he will be seeing the inside of a federal penitentiary. With any luck, he will be housed in a cell with Alex Hundert. After all, I hear that revolutionary Marxists tend to take care of each other. Then, in that way, he will not have to be worried about being taken care of by the angry indigenous community…

As Bowman’s mother wrote, it seems that he has got himself involved in a lot of harebrained schemes- that said, they are most probably more fraudulent than harebrained. I’ll wait for any victims to come out of the woodwork before I cast a final judgement- they always show up.

In this case, we’re talking about a scheme Bowman calls Victis Unlimited. A ‘company’ that is selling investment opportunities in Asia & Africa. Bowman named the company using his superior knowledge of Latin- it looks like it is standard modus operandi to make people think he is smart.  (is his ‘Harvard’ degree in Latin perhaps?). Here’s how he tells the story:

“Victus is Latin and is from vīvō (meaning ‘live, survive’). Its meaning refers to living, way of life, nourishment, provision, or diet; that which sustains life”

I love how, in the screenshot below, he claims to pursue ‘collective prosperity’- this is typical language of a con-artist, don’t you think? I certainly hope he’s not…

(click to expand)

And, it seems that Bowman’s version of ‘sustaining life’ is to make gold mines! I bet I know one person who would disagree- our old friend, and another habitual liar, Sakura Saunders! After all, how is mining related to sustaining life? Here’s another screenshot:

Let’s hope that not too many people gave money to this clown for his ‘venture’. Tomorrow I will have another one of Bowman’s ‘ventures’ to share with you all. But, of course, you can’t trust me to tell you anything- apparently, I am a “Rouge Agent”….

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