An Angry Letter From Jason Bowman’s Mother…

Jason Bowman- getting excited about reacharounds!

I’ve been working on the Bowman case and, wow, is this ever a juicy story! The ex-parte court case isn’t his first scam, he’s been doing this for a while. He’s a bit of a fool, so hoping he hasn’t taken too much money from people. And, it seems that his mother is really pissed off with him…

As a teaser, here’s a letter she wrote him in June. I think it says it all…

More to come soon! Quid pro quo my friends…



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    • paganmedia on July 11, 2012 at 19:30
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    Not only is Jason J Bowman a Liar, A Con Artist and a Fraud he is totally disrespectful towards his own mother. That letter was something personal between him and his mother. What does he do he not only shares that personal letter and disrespects his mother. He puts it on a social nework and share it publicly for everyone to see. Families fight, children and their parents will have arguments, disagreements, however when a person can disrespect their mother in that fashion and the grotesque dimension that Jason J Bowman Con Man, Liar and Fraud just did today, that really showcases him as a person. If he doesn’t care about his mothers feelings, he doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. As I stated on FB, what a man, a little man I mean!. Totally disgraceful action by Bowman and one that will not be forgotten by many!

    • Notfooled on July 11, 2012 at 23:47
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    Pagan when she says “I can’t say this to you because I will cry” that is the voice of HURT. This is someone who has loved him and bailed him out over and over again. This is someone who has stood by him when he went through as she said hair brained scams that never panned out – and still stood by him . . . When his father is working 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day – and this NUM NUTS is hanging out with Kevin Annett making phony court announcements . . . And he posts this on Facebook and accuses his mom of being under the spell of Big Pharma? He must have been smoking some really whacky weed. Actually, he sounds like a spoiled rotten brat who manipulates to get what he wants, shits on his family, and just looks for attention. He is a right wanker if you ask me. I feel sorry for his parents. I hope his Mam and his Da give him the boot right out the door with a one finger salute for good measure.

  1. I know Jasons parents. His mother is a caring woman. Ive eaten at the same table with her. His father is a hard working man with good ethics to say the least. I know his father fairly well and that is just the way it is. I feel sorry for his parents because of Jasons lack of morals. I would take my son off this planet and go to prison before I had to put up with shit like that. Please do not blame his parents for his actions. It is easy to do. Where I was raised people tend to blame parents for kids like that so please do not fall into that crock. He has outscammed himself an entire province. It is over for Jason. Do us a favor Jason and just end your life. Better yet, do your poor mother and father the favor. Sure , they will be sad for some time, but in the long run you would save them years and years of suffering at your hands. I will buy you the rope myself, and even kick the pail out from under you if you chicken out at the last minute. It is the least I can do for your dad and mom! Like I asked before, just end your life Jason, It is much less embarrassment than the way you live! Call me a bully if you want, cause I do not care. I am entitled to my opinion, so now you have it. Like it or not, some people are a waste of human skin and air, and Jason you are the poster child for waste! God will get you. Sooner or later you reap what you have sewn!!!!!!! Maybe the Natives that you screwed will catch up to you and save me the headaches of buying you rope? One is allowed to have a dream are they not? Can you tell I am a little bitter? Just so everyone knows, I was raised in the home of law enforcement, taught to respect the laws of the land. Thank my dad for that because if he had not raised me in that fashion I would of ended Jasons life a long time ago, in person! People do not take kindly to being put at risk by some moron like Jay. Dont be surprised when you reap what you have sewn Jason!!!!!!!!

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