Another Video Of Kevin Annett Lying!

Kevin Annett Pretending To Be A Priest

ALFRED WEBRE: You Owe Me An Apology!

It seems that, once again, Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman have got their stories mixed-up. Annett was on an interview yesterday with Alfred Webre yesterday (a freak who things that Barack Obama was born on Mars). He says clearly in the video that Bowman was going to court that day, and he says that Bowman met with a judge on July 4th.

This doesn’t jive with Bowman’s side of the story. He said that there was no planned court date yesterday, and that it would be rescheduled for a future date. Considering what I heard from a 3rd party yesterday, that Bowmanexpressed doubts about Annett, it seems that the two are going through a schism. The rats are scrurrying…

There’s not been a peep out of Annett of Bowman since I’ve busted them. Both of their websites are stagnant, with no explanation of what is happening. Isn’t that a bit suspicious? Looks like they are cornered!

Here’s the video…


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    • Notfooled on July 10, 2012 at 23:21
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    This Annett character is unbelievable. At least with Bowman, his brain might be fried with too much “parte on dude” whacky weed. But Annett is a total FRAUD. It’s hard for me to believe that ANYONE defends him. My dog knows better!

    As a side note, may I recommend the Beck song “loser” for future episodes?

    Thanks for the updates. I am glad that you are exposing this depraved con artist !

    PS Nice cut away to the blog site with music rolling. Perfect!

    1. You are right about people defending him being frauds- many are. I’ve just found an article from Alfred Webre (the crazy guy who thinks Obama’s birth certificate is from Mars) defending Annett. This guy is not only a fraud, but a total nutcase. Will be writing about him soon.

      I was going to use the Beck song, but I’m a Beatles fan, and I liked the line “I’m not what I appear to be”, it seemed so appropriate!

        • Standing Water on July 11, 2012 at 11:23
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        I don’t see Bowman/Annett as being any more or less of a fraud than your average Lit Crit/Cultural Studies professor—and at least Bowman and Annett aren’t financed by wages stolen from workingmen under the guise of lawful taxation. They do their conning directly, honestly, to use a silly contradiction. If only the University System were as honest as these guys. They also have not set up public grooming facilities where psychological abuse is employed against individuals who won’t “go alone” with Bowman/Annett’s whacky views on life, the Universe and Everything.

        So, Greg, great articles, but maybe you can apply this same methodology to the real criminals, instead of the law-hanging fruit like Annett/Bowman—they picked up their methods somewhere, and it is naive to think it wasn’t within public institutions.

    • bonnibrai on July 10, 2012 at 23:35
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    Bones LOL Sounds like something out of Goodfellas.”He made his bones before coming to the G.A.”

  1. Webre is a lunatic who got sacked by the Examiner because he made stories up – the Examiner run a “pay – view” system by which the person has a page at the Examiner site, and one is paid by the views one gets on that page – so the more ones story pulls the viewers in, the more cash one makes. I have seen the figures when Webres sacking was publicised on the internet back then that states it was about 4c per view then, and Webre was getting a few grand per month depending on how many people viewed page with his fanciful stories. Webres stories about extraterrestrial life and the like were so fanciful, to attract views to his page, the Examiner sacked him, probably because the real UFOlogists could see he was talking bs.! – see this – the sacking letter from the Examiner, and why – -…and more = – The thing now is Michael Salla has taken over from Webre, but Salla and Webre are VERY closely linked via the “exopolitics” scene, and always have been. “Exopolitics” is the study of the effect of anything that isnt from earth, on the earth and humanity.
    The problem is some people who write about ufology embellish and fictionilise the entire subject via fantastical stories which are completely untrue to make cash via books etc, and write fanciful articles which go on sites like the Examiner. Webre was sussed and sacked for doing this – and ufology is a better place without fairy stories too, or the breadheads who write them.

  2. how about “afro circus” from madacascar 3? That seems appropriately wacky for the nutjob.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 11, 2012 at 22:02
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    Butlin…Webre’s strategies sound identical to those of Annett’s – only Annett see the unfortunate Native Peoples as the canvas for his fantasies for profit.

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