Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s Phantom Court Case, A No-Show Today…


I went to the courthouse this morning, and waited there all-day. It turned out to be a waste of time- Jason Bowman obviously was not enough of a man to come and make an apology. Instead, he cowered at home, hoping that this would all fade away. But, it didn’t, and it won’t…

I wasn’t the only person there today, so it wasn’t only my time that was wasted. If people are going to treat the alternative media this way, they should automatically be labelled as schmucks. I’d recommend to other members of the media to not waste their time on these guys in the future.

While waiting, I did make some good use of my time though. I went up to the clerk of the court’s office and did a quick interview with them. I asked about Annett & Bowman’s interpretation of the phrase ‘ex-parte’, she laughed out loud and confirmed that this was not the truth. I also got her to confirm that there was no mention of either of their names in the records of upcoming court dates.

Here, have a look at the video:

Later in the afternoon, a fellow reporter gave a call to Bowman’s published phone number. Bowman answered, and confirmed that he wasn’t going to the court today. He then denied that there was ever a court date set. That’s funny, particularly when considering these two screenshots from Annett & Bowman’s webpages:

Statement from Bowman’s page

Statement from Annett’s page

When he was called on his bullshit Bowman reacted in a way that is typical for con-artists. He hung-up the telephone without saying goodbye. What an ass! Of course, most of my readers already knew he was an ass- a lying one at that!

I’ll be writing more about this case today and tomorrow- including a story on Annett’s links to the Marxist/Socialist world (and they run to the very top), and a story on my motivations for pursuing this case. Until then, if you have donated money to Annett, now is the time to file a complaint against him. Basically, he has committed fraud.

If anyone who has donated money to Annett and wants some assistance in filing a complaint, I would be happy to help with this. You can contact me, confidentially, at [email protected]


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  1. lmao what a joke, these people will just continue to squirrel away, they are so honest they behave like PR managing politicians.

    1. Or, behaving like cowardly con-artists! Lol

    • brotherwolf1 on July 10, 2012 at 09:16
    • Reply

    They didn’t show up ? SHOCKING i telz ya, utterly shocking ……… NOT . There are way too many loopholes in their collective stories that a first year law student would decimate their claims in ten seconds flat.

    1. I’ve never been to law school, so it took me 10o minutes! Lol

    • Jayelle Farmer on July 10, 2012 at 14:24
    • Reply

    I am following this case with great interest. If all this is true, then I am deeply shocked. There is a world of difference between bringing a legitimate court case against certain named parties versus a cheaply hyped media stunt – so which one is it? Maybe some comments from Jason Bowman could clarify the situation here?

    1. Indeed, there is a world of difference. I’d suggest that Annett and Bowman do more than just say what is happening – they should either produce stamped court documents, or issue a public apology…

    • Jayelle Farmer on July 10, 2012 at 14:47
    • Reply

    Thanks for your reply, grenouf, and yes, I agree with your comments – put up, or apologise. I have been friends with Jason for the past couple of years and this case is deeply troubling for me. I’ve been deliberating with myself for a couple of days now as to whether or not to post on here, but due to the serious nature of the claims, I feel obligated to do so. To claim litigation against Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope is not a trivial matter – and then to not show up, and then for there to not even be a hearing on July 9th? I personally need some answers here. I’m sure Jason is reading your pages, grenouf and hope he will respond to this page. Thank you.

    1. Thanks again for taking the time to read and understand what I’ve been putting together here. I’ve been working on this story since I first heard about it when I arrived in Toronto in February.

      I’ve got a lot of flack for my research – many of Annett’s supporters have had a hard time reconciling the truth. Your recognition means a lot to me. :)

    • Jayelle Farmer on July 11, 2012 at 03:29
    • Reply

    If Annett’s supporters are stirring the pot because of your exposition of this media hype, then it would appear to be because of their disbelief that their cherished icon has been exposed as nothing more than a media scammer.

    I found the dialog on your video concerning “ex parte” to be particularly enlightening. The enlightening bit being that *some* people who are disillusioned with the state of the world and have taken the decision to commit themselves to exposing the genuine injustices, deceptions and dishonesty that world governments and leaders continue to perpetrate (BTW, a very honorable vocation and stand to take IMHO) would then go on to indulge in a huge media scam – a scam that claims to be an “ex parte” action against the Queen and the Pope.

    In other words, what they are trying to say is that they are going out to get these people, but the objects of the action are not going to get the opportunity to respond to litigation because it’s “ex parte”? SO HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT? NOT!!!

    Furthermore, as you mentioned, grenouf, and proved in your publishing of some previous documents in another of your articles, it is not even possible to litigate against the Queen and the Pope – so just how FdU is this media scam? Who needs to go to Harvard to arrive at this destination?

    Jason Bowman is probably one of the first people on the planet I would think of to be involved with trying to right all the wrongs in this world, but then, suddenly…. the oppressed becomes the oppressor via ex parte? THAT is so very uncool, IMO, because it shows the person in a light that is no better than the very people whom they are campaigning against. Even *attempting* to disallow the Respondents a defence and response because of an alleged “ex parte” action is abhorrent. That would then also mean that the parties are not even Respondents, as they would not have the opportunity to respond, given the situation to be ex parte.

    I don’t think that anyone would need to take a deep breath to absorb the enormous and serious implications of these actualities, and yes, grenouf, your comment, recorded on the video, in the context of ex parte, that Canada does not operate “Kangaroo Courts” like some countries do, was really spot-on. You responded correctly at the right time. Jason looked really rattled when you said that, and then later came back with his defensive “quid pro quo” comments. He looked none too happy, and then some.

    Jason Bowman needs to be seriously considering his position and affiliation with Kevin Annett at this present time. How on earth did he allow himself to be succkered into this major media scam? I reckon that the only way that Jason can redeem his reputation from the current sewer of shame is to recognise his error in affiliating with Annett in the first place and make a public apology.

    For Jason to not make a public apology, and just continue on as if nothing has happened, just hoping to keep his 5000 friend audience on FaceBook, would indeed be truly a great pity.

    • Jayelle Farmer on July 11, 2012 at 18:16
    • Reply

    So now, Jason Bowman attempts to silence the freedom of speech of others by trying to get this article of grenouf’s removed.

    Typical far-right hypocrisy of the text book kind – by people who claim to be on the left in their own self-image – while allowing for themselves what they choose to deny to others – by trying to silence the opposition when the opposition comes with documentation that this whole affair is nothing more than media hype.

    And then Jason starts to add insulting comments onto my FB Wall and sends me private messages which, presumably, are intended to intimidate/frighten me. Well, I’m shaking in my boots here – NOT. Jason has shown by his actions today that he truly believes in this particularly sad action of media hype that he has become embroiled in.

    Myself, OTOH – I’m not embroiled in anything – I am simply a commentator on a blog article.

    How clever some of these types of people think they are in trying to turn the tables around in a vain attempt to prove that anyone who disagrees with them, or exposes their actions, are the true villains – and how many times have we witnessed this fascist type of behavior by some people who claim that they are civil rights activists who are acting on behalf of the right and good, when in reality, they are individuals who are simply often caught up in their own raging hate of the system and sometimes may (very unwisely) choose undesirable and unfortunate ways to go about attempting to right the wrongs in this world.

    I have not made a media appearance in Toronto claiming to be litigating against the Queen and the Pope by an impossible-to-do “ex parte” action and I have not failed to come forward with court-stamped documents proving such action, when reasonably asked by people to do so – JASON BOWMAN DID – and by doing so he has gone out on a limb and now tries to silence the very people who are talking about this event and defining it for what it is.

    I previously commented on this blog in a genuine and complimentary manner towards Jason. What did I say? I said “Jason Bowman is probably one of the first people on the planet I would think of to be involved with trying to right all the wrongs in this world….”

    How sad that it has descended into an abyss of doom in that the media will be unlikely to forget this event. All in all, a sad state of affairs. My advice to Jason is this – quit trying to silence those who have exposed this event for what it is. Get over your anger and redeem yourself by making a public apology. This cannot be just pushed under the carpet with fingers crossed that it will all be forgotten – because it is serious and is unlikely to go away.

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