An Open Letter To Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman



The gig is up for you both, and tomorrow it is time to put-up or shut-up.

I’ve called you on your ‘top-secret’ ex-parte court filing and proven that you have misused the term- Canadian courts never hide a filing from the accused. Perhaps this is true in some fascist dictatorships- but, in Canada, the accused always has the right to see the accusation.

I’ve called you on your claim that you are suing the Queen- despite the fact this is not possible under Canadian law. And, I’ve also called you on your claim that you are suing the Pope, which is also not possible. I’ve produced documentation from a previous court case that makes it very clear your claims will get nowhere in any court.

I exposed the fact that you have been denounced by the Six Nations elders Kevin, and the fact that they have revoked your ‘indian name’ due to the havoc you have caused in their community. The only name you can claim now is Walking Eagle. And I have exposed how Kevin is working with a disreputable televangelist who calls himself the Antichrist.

I’ve exposed a major gap between both of your stories of who is listed as a complainant in your phantom court case. And, I’ve published a conversation with one of your closest supporters Kevin- a man who openly expresses his doubt in you, and disclosed what seems to be a lie that you are holding the DNA evidence of the Brantford bones on behalf of the elders.

Meanwhile, Jason has expressed surprise that you have been denounced by the elders Kevin…

You have stated that tomorrow you will be going into the Toronto Federal Courthouse for a hearing with a Judge. This hearing is not listed on the official docket for the court- by now, most reasonable people seriously doubt that both of you have been telling the truth about this. As I said, it is time for you to put-up or shut-up.

If you actually have a hearing tomorrow, you will then have documentation that proves this hearing occurred. A number of us will be waiting for you at the courthouse tomorrow Jason. We will be expecting to see copies of this documentation that proves both of you are telling the truth.

It’s simple really. Produce the documents tomorrow- a copy of your filing, and the hearing records you will be given by the clerk of the court. If you can’t do that, then come to us ready to make an apology. I will promise to deal gently with you- or, at least with the person who stands-up honourably and finally tells us the truth.

The things you say you are representing are way too important to be screwing-around with. If you want the world to take you seriously, you must show us all that you are not trying to avoid the truth.

(And a lot of other people who are watching now)

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  1. ooooh hell yeah, how much you wanna bet this court challenge is a no show? And I’m sure there’ll be an excuse for it too in order to try and keep the hokum going.

    • Standing Water on July 9, 2012 at 13:39
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    What is very interesting is how Annett’s behavior mirrors that of many purportedly statutory administrative tribunals that do not use proper due process, rules of evidence, summons, etc. etc. It is naive to think that con artists like Annett have not from time immemorial gotten into Government and set up little hidey-holes where they can, in relative safety continue the same sorts of Cons that men like Annett continue elsewhere.

    1. That’s so very true. I saw a lot of this in my management consulting work- charlatans who were equally dishonest, only with a real organisation to back them as opposed to a self-made website. People like Wally Oppal come to mind…

      • Brad on July 9, 2012 at 21:56
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      Are you that naive to think that Kevin is a con ?? 20 years of his life ? Losing everything ? To give a voice to those who had none…I thought there was no end to the limits of human stupidity and you’ve proven it . Does the black hole where your heart used to be echo ?

      1. It is my belief that Annett is a con-artist because I’ve caught him in a multitude of lies, and because of the over 1600 links I found on Google where he asked people to send him cheques and money orders.

        That pretty much sums it up for me.

        Are you okay with this sort of behaviour? If so, how do you justify it?

    • MauSusan on July 9, 2012 at 16:05
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    Thats all what the Original Mohawk Worker Elders apology an acknowledgement that his actions were too hastily, that he explain himself..and refused several times even with the women..he shows no respect for any authourity or partnership that disagrees with him…he will not discuss conflict and uses avoidance tactics. He will get rid of anyone who will not play by his rules..I hope the few people who authourize him, will start to question him

    1. A lot of people would be happy with only an apology. Unfortunately, it seems this is beyond his capability – how you describe things sounds a lot like what I read on the United Church’s defrocking. They offered him help, and were willing to work with him, but he absolutely refused it and got quite aggressive with him…

        • MauSusan on July 10, 2012 at 19:47
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        Patterns of behaviour dont change..they do follow you, just the different people you meet up with. I’m glad you have done this research..I started noticing the patterns. I have met him as well and I was taken in by him, believed he was true and honest..but then I saw conflict and watched how he handled it. Looked into his background at church..noticed patterns. A leopard cant change its spots right?

    • MLC on July 10, 2012 at 13:20
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    Greg you are operating very dishonorably…first off…what is it that you do not comprehend about a case not being on the docket until the day or…what is it you don’t comprehend about the fact that Jan Longboat is an infiltrator paying the Original peoples she can snare in her web to turn on each other? You are a menace trying to put a snag in good works…but it’s not going to matter…this is much bigger than you.

    • Misty on July 10, 2012 at 15:20
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    Thank you again. We need more people that take the time to find out the lies we are fed through alternative media who lie that they are trying to help us get to a better place and expose all of the crooks but all they’re really doing is working for the same people they pretend to loathe. It all disgusts me daily just how far they take things, to keep us “occupied” with the mind and as the lying peice of scum alex jones alway says, it is a war for your mind. That is EXACTLY what it is ALL about. Don’t believe in anything these pathetic people who don’t give a damn about humanity, and certainly don’t give them your mind nor any money. This is why we were given the interweb in the first place, to keep us “occupied”. It sure isn’t to “educate” us with any truth as all that matters is what you do today.

    1. The lesson here is that, when presented with outrageous claims, we must ask hard questions. This applies for everything – from Annett saying he is suing the Pope, to when George Bush told us it was necessary to invade Afghanistan.

      Think of all the lives and the pain that would be saved if we all did this…

    • Crystal on July 22, 2012 at 21:45
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    To Jason: Come out of hiding and answer the questions on the table. It is sad that you have “worked so hard” on this whole thing and now, you are letting things fall apart. If you were really for any cause… I mean any cause at all… that’s what you would do… SO DO IT!!

    To Kevin: Just answer the questions… if mistakes were made, they are much easier to understand when the “leader” takes things by the reins and shows with vaild proof what is truth and what is not.

    1. Agreed. Come out while it is still possible to make amends. If you stand-up honourably people will respect you for it…

    • brotherwolf1 on August 14, 2012 at 09:33
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    ” … Are you that naive to think that Kevin is a con ?? 20 years of his life ? Losing everything ? … ”

    Brad, the answer is that yes, he is a con artist and one of the very best. He seemingly lost everything, seemingly gave up everything as part of the con to make his story more convincing to the average person. However, a little digging shows clearly, as Greg has shown, that indeed, Annett and Bowman are both full of shit. Con men like this have long ago stopped knowing where the truth ends and the lies begin because their entire lives are based on lies and the perpetuation of those lies.

    The sad thing is that they could easily remedy this by simply coming out and admitting thier crimes. yes, that would mean that a lot of people will be pissed at them but in time, this would pass and at least they would also be known as people who were willing to come clean. They CHOSE to perpetuate their lies , they were caught .

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