Why Did Vancouver Cop Watch Post An Occupy Toronto Arrest Of Jayson Fleury Today?


I just saw this posted on Vancouver Cop Watch’s Facebook page. One has to wonder why they would put-up an arrest of Jayson Fleury from last year at Occupy Toronto. This is indeed interesting- here’s the video of the arrest:

Fleury was the public face of Occupy Toronto’s sacred fire. Curiously, I established links with him and Harsha Walia and David Eby. Even more curious is how Occupy Vancouver’s sacred fire was lit also by people connected to Harsha.  This is the reason I’ve covered him so much.

Fleury is also connected to his foster sister Mona Wilson, one of the victims of the Pickton affair. Cop Watch’s Bonnie Fournier claims to have witnessed Pickton picking someone up. That said, after her detailed explanation to the people of Cop Watch of how to use ‘car 87’ to stop me from writing- Fournier’s credibility is pretty much shot these days. I’m expecting to be contacted by Dr. David Ostrow of Vancouver Coastal Health about this issue this week.



If anyone has seen, or does see, Jayson hanging out at Stanley Park could you please let me know?

In related news Christelle Jolicoeur, a former supporter of Kevin Annett who began distancing herself from him today, posted a very interesting video on an Occupy Vancouver Facebook page. It seems that there is an ‘Emergency All Nations’ gathering being planned on the Six Nations reserve (Kanata) in Brantford on July 15th-20th. I’m still figuring out what this all means- but, my Spidey senses are tingling.

Here’s the video:

Notice that you will find Occupy Toronto’s Dave Vasey in this video. We live in interesting times…

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  1. “For all indigenous people’s?” No I am not booting the queen and having tribal council replace her. I am sovereign, I’ll help anybody that in the end will give me sovereign status on the land WHICH I WAS BORN. This lady sounds like she knows what is going on, government is out to steal everything that people have. Voluntary participation is the KEY to creating a government everybody wants to be associated with. Because I won’t tolerate a brand new tyrant taking the tyrant’s place.

    • Misty on July 10, 2012 at 15:43
    • Reply

    Cointelpro has been trying their damdest to get people to rise up both in Canada and the US for at least 2 years now. They are now on plan LMNOP or even QRS, whatever, all they want is an uprising! Donnot fall for it. Once people begin to really protest, they will start the riots and begin to take people to the internment camps! I didn’t even think about the native people, but this is exactly what they want. They haven’t been successful with occupy, except for our minds. People need to see through ALL of the agendas, and have peaceful noncompliance. Don’t fall for anyone that preaches this crap, it is not in your best interest period. Most of these are actors plain and simple. Same actors you see on that tv, are the same in the alternative media. Fake and liars pure and simple. It takes a sick mind to do this willingly on innocent people all for a buck. Sellouts period and disgusting creatures that will in the end be the ones paying for their pathetic compliance to do this stuff against us.

    1. I’m not sure ab”cointelpro” but, these people have an awful lot of connections to Marxist organisations. And, it is undeniable that the Marxists are exercising an agenda to shake people up with the intention of creating anarchy. That’s their whole intention – and the many Trotskyists believe there must be violence.

      Scary people…

    • Erika Theriault on January 16, 2020 at 14:42
    • Reply

    Jason Fleury drugged, rapped, and scammed me in 2009. He is dangerous and should in no way be trusted.

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