Letter From A Fauxhawk (featuring Jayson Fleury!)

Jayson Fleury- From Harsha Walia's Fauxhawk Nation

I woke up this morning to find I got a message from Jayson Fleury- you may remember him from my story about Occupy Toronto’s ‘sacred’ fire. If you’ve been around activist circles in Toronto or Vancouver, chances are you’ve run across this guy.

Have a look at his letter, and my response below. This could be interesting…

Dear Jayson,

Thanks for writing! Though your letter is full of assumptions and incorrect allegations, I do appreciate your attempt…

First, unlike yourself, I have no bosses. I work independently. You should try working for yourself sometime (other than when scamming helpless sick women), you may find it to be a refreshing change from taking your marching orders from Harsha Walia!

Jayson, if anyone has been busy causing division, I’d propose that you are in Division 1. I’ve never seen an incident where you weren’t out there cop-baiting, and causing a division between the police and the activist community. Do you realize how dangerous this is to the people around you?

You mention you have a problem with our technology. If so, can I ask what you are doing using a computer to communicate with me? How about those eyeglasses you are wearing? And, how do you travel across the country so often? Do you use cars, buses and/or planes? If you believe what you are saying, shouldn’t you be walking or on horseback?

Turtle Island is an Iroquois and an Anishnaabe name- by using it, are you saying that they should have domain over the country? How about the other nations? How about those who were born here? What about Harsha?

While we’re talking about other nations, let me ask you a question? What gives you the right to speak on their behalf? I’m sure many of them don’t want to be associated with you and your tactics Jayson. For example, look at this message  a member of the Musqueam posted on the Occupy Vancouver Facebook page- it was clearly pointed at the Harsha Walia nation, and it sure seems like they disagree with your tactics.

In this video (where you appear a few times), the music says “take back the land, kill the white man.” And, in your message to me you say “as soon as we take back the land.” I’ve spoken with dozens of people in indigenous communities who have said just the opposite- that they don’t want to take people’s land away from them. Do you disagree with them? If so, how do you propose to take it back, and where should the people residing on it now be expected to go?

Thanks for writing Jayson, we’re all genuinely interested to hear what you have to say on these issues. I look forward to your response…


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  1. racist people. I won’t be going home to europe I was born here. I will fight for my right to live where I WAS BORN. I am not her majesty’s subject I am a sovereign just like the indians would be if they didn’t have a bunch of corrupt cheifs and tribal councils telling them what to do. Why not try to work with the whiteman to take back the land for US ALL. We know her majesty’s government is the problem for us both but why on earth fight when these people afterwards will wish to “kill whiteman” and send the “whiteman packing back to europe”.
    If I had the free student loan that doesn’t need to be paid back, well I wouldn’t have had my life ruined by the system giving the loan to a crook and holding me responsible for it even though not once did my fingers touch cash or cheque nor any product of value given.
    Furthermore, I do not get a pay off at 18, sure wish I did, that’s a hell of an opportunity for someone to get in life just because of their GENES.
    I’ve talked to natives whom think their own people are incredibly racist, especially towards whites, and if given the opportunity to do the same to us there are MANY, MANY natives who’d do the same to us and perpetuate a cycle of hate. Everytime your people poke me in the chest and say whiteman is to blame is exactly what will make sure that there is a perpetual cycle of suffering between both of our people.

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