Indigenous Racism And The June 21st Uprising…

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Last week I had the (dis)honour of having one of my articles republished by one of the most radical & racist websites I’ve run across. It warmed my heart to see how they labelled me as ‘a somewhat infamous White participant in the #Occupy Movement in Kanada’. That said, they should have done their research, I quit the Occupy movement a couple of months ago– tired of the focus on political correctness over making change…

The racists who run this site publish a number of hateful articles about subjects like Howard Zinn’s left-wing White patriotism, and White Working Class Gross Parasitism. Well, it seems they have thrown some of that racism towards me- how nice!

The comments that have come to this article are very enlightening, and they seem to confirm what I’ve been writing about the possibility of a native uprising on June 21st. This is unfortunate, because it would most certainly be suicide for Canada’s indigenous communities to attempt armed insurrections in Canadian cities. The last thing I’d want to see is people getting hurt.

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This first comment displays a bit of a racist tinge- that said, it isn’t as bad as what comes after. More important, it confirms who the players are. I’ve written about some of these groups before- the George Soros funded Indigenous Environmental Network  who have made a lovely video predicting the uprising this year, the infamous American Indian Movement, and fauxhawk Jayson Fleury’s  Native Youth Movement who are famous for their video saying “take back the land, kill the white man”.

The other organizations are on my list to research now. After a quick peek around, I can say that the Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood look rather concerning. Have a look at this image I found on their page:

These people are seriously confused. Why can’t they see that the vast majority of Canadians feel great regret for what happened to indigenous people? It also confounds me how they spend so little time discussing how they are being used by their own leaders…

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As you can see from these next couple of comments, it appears to be an insult to be accused of being a white liberal in these circles. I can understand the part about liberals- I’ve read enough Chris Hedges to understand the weaknesses of the liberal class. But, judging people by their race/colour is so 1950’s! But, also, it gives carte blanche to those who are racist against people of colour.

This is totally irresponsible behaviour…

I’ve left the best part of their comments for last- it is probably the most important part of the story, because it confirms the rumours that something big is being planned for June 21st! Have a look:

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The writer, Michelle Festus, is a feminist activist from South Africa, and plans to be coming all the way to Toronto to ‘support some actions’ on the 21st. Not only does this confirm that something big is being planned, but also shows us that people are coming from other countries to join in the racist mayhem! You can learn more about Michelle’s politics going to her website click here.

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This last comment has really piqued my curiosity. I don’t know what she means by “ACTION’s stand in Ontario”. If any of my readers know what this is, please let me know.

So, as June 21st nears, I’ll continue my research- and will be sure to share my findings with you dear readers. This could be a very interesting summer…

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    • xtofury on June 6, 2012 at 01:54
    • Reply

    “This last comment has really piqued my curiosity. I don’t know what she means by “ACTION’s stand in Ontario”.”

    Oh I know what it means. These are soros operatives and they are referring to a plan being rolled out not just by these native movement networks soros has setup, but the whole bloody network.

    It is called ACTION network. Expect there to be more than just natives doing this, whatever it is.

    1. Do you have any links about this group you can share with us?

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