Professor Anthony James Hall: The Truther With An Aversion To Truth!

Anthony James Hall in his funky sport jacket- The Don Cherry of the truther set

One of the people connected to the Occupy movement who confuses me more than others is Anthony James Hall– a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Besides dressing like the Don Cherry of the truther movement, he is also a man who loves to throw hate at people on Occupy Facebook pages.

He confuses me because, being someone who relentlessly pursues the truth, I usually get along quite well with truthers. Of course, I base this on the assumption that Professor Hall is actually seeking truth…

Today, this genius of the Alberta academic set decided to attack me for the article I wrote on Indigenous Racism and the June 21st uprising. Now, I have no problem with someone questioning what I write, but I do expect a certain amount of logic & intelligence to be applied to any criticism- particularly from a university professor, and a man who claims to live in pursuit of the truth. Unfortunately, it appears logic is a problem for Professor Hall, and truth is not all that important to him.

Have a look at how he began the conversation, it was truly bizarre:

As you can see, Professor Hall either isn’t that bright of a man, or he lets his political views cloud over his pursuit of the truth. Either way, this isn’t a sign of a very good truther. He also tried to take a cheap shot at me by implying my work in Russia was part of a ‘make work project’. Well, he was totally off base on that one- it is doubtful Ernst & Young hired me as an expatriate IT Director to build jobs of the Russian economy.

I wasn’t the only person who saw through his foible here:


But, that wasn’t good enough for Professor Hall- he decided he needed to try to take another shot at me:

What’s wrong with this guy? Considering he made it as far as being a professor (even in Lethbridge) I’m going to make an assumption that he isn’t as stupid as he sounds. But, it is confusing a truther would be so politically motivated that they try to bend the truth- isn’t it?

Checkmate- or, at least, one would think that the conversation was over. But, no, the good professor decided he’d take another shot at using flawed logic and deflection to try to weasel his way out of the hole he dug himself into!

I haven’t heard from Professor Hall since this, it seems he has slithered back into his hole to lick his wounds. The only thought I can leave you with now is how glad I am I never registered at the University of Lethbridge…

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