Occupy Toronto And The DTES FauxHawk’s Sacred Fire! (Featuring Harsha Walia & David Eby!)

Can You Recognize This Man? (don't worry, he'll be unmasked in a moment)

One of my more memorable moments at Occupy Vancouver was the day when two indigenous men from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) lit a ‘sacred’ fire in the middle of our camp. I didn’t know it at the time, but both these men had a long history working with Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal. I wrote one of my earliest stories on this incident- labelling it a sacred provocation

You can imagine how surprised I was when I arrived at Occupy Toronto and learned that they had a sacred fire incident too! Well, in fact, they had three sacred fires- the first two were provocations, only the last one was set properly.

Like the Vancouver sacred fire, the Toronto fire also had links to Harsha Walia! This time through a rather unsavoury character named Jayson Fleury. I’ve mentioned Jayson a couple of times before- it’s hard not to, if there’s a lefty march going on, chances are you’ll see Jayson marching along with them.

Jayson Fleury- Unmasked!

It was said by a woman named Jacqueline Homan that Jayson Fleury lit the fire, other people say that he was only there guarding the fire. Regardless, Jayson was presented to the media as an ‘owner’ of the fire. And, I’ve been told by many people that Jayson was always near the fire.

Here’s a video of Jayson talking with the press about his reasons for attending Occupy Toronto, and his thoughts on the fire.

I’ll get more into the details of Occupy Toronto’s sacred fire(s) in a later article. But, for now, I’ll leave you with a question- isn’t it curious how both Occupy Toronto & Occupy Vancouver both had provocational sacred fires? And isn’t it even more curious we can trace these fires back to Harsha Walia?

What’s the connection to Harsha? Well, Jayson had a foster-sister, Mona Wilson, who was a victim of the DTES Missing Women’s scandal, and Harsha has spent the last several years exploiting it. As has Jayson…

Jayson with Harsha's Anti-Poverty Committee at a missing women's march


You see, Jayson doesn’t appear to be a very nice person. Many people have told me they feel he has been exploiting his foster-sister’s victimization for too many years now. And, apparently, he has used her memory to fleece a number of women for money, time and other resources. Here’s one account (of many):

First, there is the question of his authenticity- is he a Mohawk, Fauxhawk or a No-Hawk? There jury is still out on this one, as I’ve had four people all give different opinions on if he really is a Mohawk. Here’s the take from someone in the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation:

The reality is that Jayson is a Saulteaux-Cree from the O’Chiese reserve in Alberta. That said, he spent most of his life living in Vancouver, and the DTES has been his centre of gravity of many years. Basically put, Jayson is a DTES Fauxhawk.

Jayson is also a professional shit-disturber, and it is curious to see how, like Adam Smolcic, the Vancouver shit-disturber who mysteriously turned-up at Occupy Ottawa, Jayson has some connections with David Eby! The coincidences are too similar to be ignored.

Jayson being arrested at Occupy Toronto

Eby & Fleury appear together quite often in the media. One example would be a story from the Seattle Times where Eby & Fleury are interviewed about the DTES Women’s Enquiry. Another good example is where Eby & Fleury are interviewed back-to-back on a radio show run by Jay Peachy (a member of Occupy Vancouver, and leader in the Farmed Salmon protests).

Jayson marching at the Olympics next to No One Is Illegal & The Council of Canadians

I first ran across Jayson at the first Robocall rally. Living up to his reputation, Jayson used the rally as an opportunity to do some ‘cop baiting’, getting up-close into the cop’s faces and waving sage smoke onto them. Luckily for him the cops didn’t take the bait.

Jayson Fleury cop-baiting at the first Robocall Rally

Jayson also appears in a video I posted in my article about No One Is Illegal trying to spark an indigenous uprising. Listen closely to the lyrics in the background where they say “take back the land, kill the White man!”

This is all rather scary stuff, the more deeply I look into it, the more obvious it is that there needs to be a formal investigation into these actions and what is actually happening here. We seem to have a group of ‘professional protesters’ related to the International Socialists who are hell-bent on inciting violence. I can say with confidence that this is not the will of the 99%.

In an upcoming follow-up story coming soon, I will write about the indigenous occupation of the ‘mounds’ at Toronto’s High Park, and the parallels with a similar site in Vancouver. There’s an interesting connection that, in both cities, the same designer built BMX tracks right on-top of land claimed to be sacred burial sites.

With any luck, I’ll be able to get an interview with Sara Blythe at the Vancouver Parks Board, as I believe she may have some information to share on this matter…

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