MediaWatch: David Eby Loses His Last Bit Of Credibility…

David Eby – Legal pimp for DTES troublemakers…

It didn’t take long for David Eby to get himself involved with that happened last night at the Vancouver Asseroles (sic) march. Of course, that is to be expected- if there is any anti-police grandstanding to be going on, Eby will most certainly want to be a part of it…

David P Ball wrote one of his most hackish stories I’ve read to-date, it was just published on the Tyee. First, he tries to make a connection between the arrests and the fact that Officer Vogue, Sargent Athans, recently went to Montreal for training. Stealthily regurgitating the logical fallacies that some of the Asseroles were spouting out last night on Twitter and Facebook.


Anushka Nagji – Occupy Victoria Hijacker


Ball then gives a quote from Anushka Nagji (who I’m told by my sources was a hijacker at Occupy Victoria). “All I was doing was being at a protest, using my right to freedom of assembly and free speech. Yes, we took the streets, but the police (usually) surround us, block traffic and stuff like that.”

Let’s have another look at the way the demonstrators were behaving yesterday:

One can only assume that either Ball doesn’t dig deep enough into his stories, or that he is writing with an agenda. Because, what happened yesterday was much more than people simply using their right to freedom of assembly. And, Anushka forgot one of the key words from the charter- it actually reads ‘freedom of PEACEFUL assembly’. This is an important distinction.

And, this woman is a UVic Law student– god help us all…

Things aren’t looking that good for the Canadian legal profession today. David Eby decided to jump-in, grandstanding before he understood the facts again. This time he said to Ball “I think most people can see the difference between a civilly disobedient, peaceful protestor and a violent, repeat offender criminal. Treating the two the same is akin to criminalizing dissent.” Indeed, David, but most credible lawyers would also check out what really happened before they started criticising the police.

At least, most lawyers who don’t have cop hating agendas…

Notice how Eby uses the phrase “criminalizing dissent”? Curiously, these are the exact same words used by Lauren Gill last week. They are also the same words that radical SFU professor Stephen Collis used in his seemingly politically motivated article about the incidents on Can anyone say “Talking Points”?

My Spidey senses are telling me that there’s a bigger plan in-motion right now. I’ll continue my research and will keep you updated as things progress. We can’t let these people get away with this nonsense. People need to begin standing up and speaking out against these idiots….

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    • Occultpie Myass on June 28, 2012 at 22:13
    • Reply

    Why the hell is the woman who is assaulting the police officers not being arrested? This is a disgusting display of animal behaiviour. No wonder people are so fed up with “activists.” This reminds me one of my favourit children’s story; The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    These overgrown children are not cute and need to grow the hell up.

    1. This is a big part of the problem. For some reason, the police put up with this crap- eventually, it only will get worse…

  1. hahahaha anushka! There goes the PAOV they are defeated! Hoooraay!!!!

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