A Tribute To Vivian Krause…

Vivian Kraus’ work helped open my eyes to the issues of George Soros and the TIDES Foundations’ extraordinary impact on Canadian politics. Vancouver has been overrun by he TIDES Foundation, they provided the majority of funding for the Mayor- and other political hacks like David Eby. And, a great number of people involved in the hijacking of the Occupy movement are TIDES funded…

Vivian left us with a 32 page open letter about unanswered questions on TIDES Canada. I figured the best tribute I could provide to her would be to publish this letter and encourage my readers to dig into the questions she has left for us. Perhaps we can help answer some…

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  1. actually those are some damned good questions. Notice the david suzuki foundation (he stepped down recently, I wonder why), notice that graph with how much money is going elsewhere (none LOL!) to non-tides canada org’s. And notice sierra club is on that list as well, at 700k for BC. The whole structure of these NGO’s needs to be seized by government and these watermelons from there and transition town both need to be heavily watched.

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