Con-Artists Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Contradict Each Other!

Would you buy a story from these guys?

While a number of people have turned-around and stopped believing Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman, there are still some people who haven’t made up their minds yet. So, I’ve been continuing my research to make sure I can convert the stragglers….

I’ve discovered a major contradiction between Jason’s story and Kevin’s. Jason says (quite explicitly) that only he and Kevin are listed as complainants on their phantom law suit. Curiously, Kevin says that there are a number of people listed. Is there something else about ex-parte that I don’t understand?

Guys, seriously, give it up now! It is time for you to fly your white flags, apologise to all of us and move on! There’s not much wiggle-room left for you now…

Here’s the video!


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    • Notfooled on July 8, 2012 at 09:40
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    First – the serious stuff. These guys are first class flim flam artists! I could never go out in public and out and out lie like that! Or in private either! It’s shocking! They belong in the first class liars anonymous hall of fame! But how awful for the legitimate victims – because there are legitimate victims.

    Second – I love the creative part of the video – the music choices / editing / verbiage is top notch! My only remark would be at the end, I think you could roll with the music and leave your logo on for a few seconds longer. I absolutely LOVED the parte on dude bit about Jason – this is a good example of how you can edit something to really bring home a point.

    1. Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed my video- I enjoyed making it. And, thanks for the advice. I’m just learning how to put together videos, they will continue to improve as I go on. The recommendation to leave the logo on longer is a good one…

  1. I agree they are first class flim flam artist and I hope you finish exposing them for our own good (as painful as it might be for some who got suckered into all this and have invested alot into the guy, you know who you are). I took a hit trying to expose this guy, lost a decent friend out of it, but I guess that’s the price one pays when dealing with this sort of material. oh and greg try sony vegas it might make things a little easier for you. You can do limited 3d and frame by frame export and get things pretty snazzy between that and photoshop (cuz photoshop does some 3d)

    And yes indeed, these people are hurting legitimate victims and misleading them.

  2. They can’t seem to keep their stories straight. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.

    1. Indeed, this is typically how con artists get caught…

    • kevin kush on August 15, 2015 at 11:44
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    I cant belive how much jason bowman has riped off the niagara cannabis club in st. Catharines my mothere kelly kush is one of the nicest people you would ever meet….and then there is this piece of garbage jason comes in and takes total advantage of her….wow what a coke head. I guess he should get back to making gay porn and pay the club back

      • cory on August 15, 2015 at 12:59
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      Jason bowman says he went to do “harvard law” and he makes himself look like an idiot throwing words around he doesn’t even understand hoping nobody eles does either he’s a theif a liar and a con steals from poor and sick defensless people milk you dry and move on to the next person. He’s a druggy and should avoid him by all costs

        • cory on August 15, 2015 at 13:02
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        Oh and he rented out a hotel in niagara falls and smoked meth all night with his boyfriend ripped so many people off that the hotel kicked him out because so many people were out to get him

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