Con-Artists Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Contradict Each Other!

Would you buy a story from these guys?

While a number of people have turned-around and stopped believing Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman, there are still some people who haven’t made up their minds yet. So, I’ve been continuing my research to make sure I can convert the stragglers….

I’ve discovered a major contradiction between Jason’s story and Kevin’s. Jason says (quite explicitly) that only he and Kevin are listed as complainants on their phantom law suit. Curiously, Kevin says that there are a number of people listed. Is there something else about ex-parte that I don’t understand?

Guys, seriously, give it up now! It is time for you to fly your white flags, apologise to all of us and move on! There’s not much wiggle-room left for you now…

Here’s the video!


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