Why Are Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Lying About Filing A Court Case?

Jason Bowman holding a copy of the court’s rules on July 4th (not a court filing)

Because they have already been laughed out of the courthouse once…

I’ve been sitting on some documents for a couple of months now, waiting for the right time to share them. Considering all of the fuss being made about Kevin’s fake court case, the time seems to be right. These are the (unpublished) filings in the court from Annett’s real court case that was filed in December. They are quite a good laugh!

First, let’s begin with the only part that was published by Annett- the front page of the court filing:

(click to expand)

I got the link to this document back in March after a prolonged conversation with Christelle Jolicoeur on the Occupy BC Facebook page. I explained to her how this was only a small part of the filing, and was meaningless without the rest of the pages. Unfortunately she got all defensive, and refused to disclose the rest of the document.

This made me very curious, and equally suspicious. After all, when people refuse to give full-disclosure, there is usually some reason for that. So, I pulled-out my researching gloves and got started looking for the truth. My suspicions were confirmed when I found more through documentation. The court case was a sham.

First, there was the response from the Pope’s lawyers. I covered this in an article a couple of days ago. Basically, it is impossible to sue the pope, because he has diplomatic immunity. So, when Annett & Bowman say they are suing the Pope now, they obviously can’t.

The response from the crown was also quite telling. They immediately filed a motion for the claim to be denied. Their reasons were simple:

1.) The filing failed to provide material facts to support it. (it was bullshit)

2.) The issues it raised were entirely without merit and could therefore not be tried. (it was bullshit)

3.) They forgot to mention what they were asking for! (money, injunction, what?)

No wonder Annett’s people didn’t want to share their filing- it was complete gobbledygook! I get the feeling that the people representing the crown were laughing their asses off when reading this filing. It was probably the most incompetently filed document they had seen in their careers!

The court ruled on their side. And, to my knowledge, they were merciful and didn’t assign costs to the people Annett conned to put their names on it. Lucky for them.

I’ve attached a copy of the court document below. Feel free to have a read if you are in need of a good laugh. There are lots of official sounding words and phrases. But, basically, it is meaningless gobbledygook. But, what you would expect from something connected to a man who runs around Toronto waving animal bones around in front of cameras!

Kevin (Walking Eagle), the gig is up…

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    • Occultpie Myass on July 8, 2012 at 12:28
    • Reply

    That’s an embarrasment! A complete and utter fail.

    1. A massive fail…

  1. Mr. Annett – what part did you play in the deaths of William Coombes, and “Bingo” Dawson and others? You have friends in high places, indeed.

  2. Bowman is a moron. His own mother does not like him, read the letter she wrote him. His only defense, brought forward by bowman, was she takes pills. I am sure she needs many pills after dealing with that moron cause I sure as hell did. He has burned every bridge he has had. He is scamming the Lionz Herbz Society in Toronto right now.The phone # there is 888-958-0274 or his cell is 289-501-3733. Call the piece of crap. Call his bosses and let them know just how loony that SOB is. I am going to. Bowman was just fired from his last job for theft. He was fired for theft from the Niagara Seed Bank and the St Catherines Cannabis Club. there may be more? He may be ripping off his latest victim right now. Ask Lionz Herbz if he has stolen from them yet? He stole from me and then tried to extort money from my company so I know!

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